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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Eleven


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Eleven



As the podium comes crashing down blockinoutg the only exit, the Fire grew more wide spread as nothing but Black smoke Obstructs my View, Like a Vacuum my Lungs inhale the thick black harsh smoke as my Throat dries up and cuts off the circulation of oxygen as I let out a Violent cough, the Fire Grew more ablaze burning everything in sight to ash, my eyes Darted To the Elevator, I Sigh to myself it was risky and dangerous, the Fire might have already breached to Elevator, one step in I'll Roast like Joan's Thanksgiving dinner in a microwave, my eyes darted to the stairs, the carpet was already melting without thinking I ran through the Small confined Space as the Rail of the Stairs breaks down and burns and drops in the middle of the Stairs, the Confined space trapped the Heat in the stairs as my violent cough continues and I took off my the outer Jacket beating down the little spark of Fire as it died down and I resumed my mission running up the Stairs, I had one of those Life Flashing moments as my life literally before my eyes flashed the event of about how I met Gold and how I hated her, how she Spilled coffee on me and our Awkward encounters together, how we both slept on our Bed, it's just being more than a week but it feels just like yesterday, our first kiss in the Elevator, How she Confessed, I don't know what I feel, but when I'm around her, I feel possessive around her, I want to hold her in my arms forever and kiss her till we pass out and sleep with her forgetting her worries, all that will come crashing down if Gold Dies in this Fire She won't Die, no I won't let her Die, not when I'm still breathing, my breath hitched as I hastened my steps all I could think about was Gold.

I slowly got up Coughing, that Bitch just burnt The Building, this is going to cost me a Fortune, Some People were coughing trapped in the other side if the Room as the Fire Barricade them.
"He's Awake Richard Help Us!!!! " I traced my Mother's voice to the Other end of the room she was Trapped with the Set of People trapped in the A barricade of fire as I raced to the Other side of the Room, the Fire was Blazing hot as a chandelier came crashing down and I jumped to the other side of the Room before it comes crashing down on me as I got up on my Feet as Gold out of nowhere Made her way in the room and ran to where Nana was trapped.

"Nana.... Richard...?? " She spat spotting me.

"Richard Help... " Nana Yelped my eyes darted to the exit and back to Nana, I can't risk my life as I got up and ran to the exit.

"Richard where are running to.. " Nana yelped in Disappointment
"Sorry Mother, if you Die it makes no Difference you've lived a long Life, I still have a Company to run... " I Said not looking back
"Bastard..." Gold Yelled at the Top of her voice as I ran through the stairs.

Battling through the stairs as my steps hastened I was almost to the first floor as I saw a Figure trying to run down the Stairs, I looked up hoping it's Gold but the was the Devil himself as he made his way down to the bottom of The Flames of the pit of Hell literally, our eyes made Contact as we both stopped.
"You've come to Die didn't you??.. " He Grinned

"Get out of my Way, you Bastard... " I yelled as I try to ignore him

"And why should l, she's just an object" He said

"Gold isn't an object" I spat angrily
"Love is Stupid, you are Risking your life to save her go ahead I won't stop you, but just know, she'll die with the rest of them... " He said as my eyes grew wide in Shock as I clenched and Tightened my Fist and punched him on his face.

He grinned as Blood started dripping from his Distorted nose.
"Keep Throwing your little blows, like a Bastard you are she'll die Faster.... " I looked at my Hands burnt he isn't worth it, Gold is more important as I shouldered past him to the Top Floor as The top starts crashing down
"Gold..... " I yelled at the top of my Voice as her eyes darted back to me as she Ran towards me.
"Aiden... " She jumped on me as my arms as i welcomed her in a bear Hug.

"Let's get out if here... " I said as I took her by her hand
"No, Nana and some people are still in here the Fire is keeping them barricade from escaping... " She points at my Mother and some other people as the place starts coming down.

"Gold listen to me we have to get out of here.." I warned as she shook her head

"And let Nana and these innocent people die.." She yelped.

"Gold the place is coming down.. And The exit is being blocked just come with me.. "

"She's your mother, I don't know why She hates you or what beef you guys have, Richard just ran leaving Nana, she needs you now Aiden...." She was right she is still my Mother as I took Gold my the Hands and ran towards Nana and the others barricade, my eyes ran across the room as I spot a Fire Extinguisher on a stand as I picked it up and removed the pin and darted it to The Fire Barricading mother as the Fire Died down.
"Everyone, there is a Hatch at the Stairs leading to the top of the building, that is our only exit the Firemen set up an Air bag so we could jump to safety, now go... " I said as they All ran to the Stairs opening the Hatch, as Gold went to Nana who was Stunned.
"I'm sorry, Aiden For everything, and you too Gold, I brought this all on You both,.... "

"Nana, don't say that it isn't your Fault we forgive you... " Gold said in an attempt to hug her but Nana Stepped Back Stranding Gold.
"But I don't forgive myself, I'm sorry, Aiden if You don't get her out here alive I'll never forgive you..... " She said as she took off her rings from both finger and pushes it past me and Gold's Finger as she Brought my Hand in contact with Gold.

"They say Blessings from an Elder to Support Love Lasts Forever, I'm not coming with you, no matter How Far you are your love will never break and your love will Last till the End, I give you both my Blessings... " Mother said as steps back.

"Nana.... " Gold Screamed as I pulled her back as the top of the Building crashes down on her, burning her ablaze.

"Nana.... " Gold Screams as Nana went Limb and burnt slowly before our very eyes as I tried pulling her back.

"She's still alive Aiden, we need to save her... " Gold said as I pulled her back.

"She's Dead... She would want you to get out of here... " She said as I gripped tightly to her Hand as we went to the stairs, climbing the hatch that led to the Top as we both went to the edge as I waved violently indicating we are still up and ready to Jump.

"I'm not ready.. " Gold chipped in backing up.

"Why not?? "

"I'm afraid of Heights" She cried as I pushed strands of her hair back
"Close your eyes.... " I said hoping it would work

"I can't Nana's Dead, all I'm thinking about is her, it's my Fault she's dead, I'll never be able to live... " She blames herself as she steps back and I Took a step forward and pulled her close as she Rest her head on my Shoulder.
"Nana won't forgive you if you die, and if you die we both die... " I said as she gripped tightly to my Hand.

"Let's jump... " She said faintly as we weigh at the End of the Building and took a Leap as She Screamed the entire time we went down as we Safely land on the Air Bag as we were handed towels.
We both safely made our way down to the Floor as Ambulances surrounded the place and trying to put out the Fire.

Joan ran To us as she Hug the crap out of us as We both cough.
Gold on the other hand was Quiet and Calm.

"What's up with her.... " Joan asked

"Mom's Dead.... " Joan as as she choked and tears start racing down her cheeks as she surrenders into Jayden's arms as he Hugged her.

Soon we heard Yelling which stole our attention as me and Gold Held Hands as we made our way to the front to see Richard who's face was Half Burned he Looked like the Exact definition of Fire Lord Zuko from Avatar.

"My Face.. " Richard Cried as I Felt Gold release her Grip on my hand as she head to Richard and held him by the collar with tears coming down her Cheeks.

"You Bastard you are nothing but a Coward, You Left Nana to burn to Death, Your own Mother, you never deserve her, you are the reason For all this, Nana always said you were dear to her heart she could die for you and instead of you Saving her you let her Die, karma didn't pay you enough you arrogant fool, you should have burnt too.... " She sobbed as she started Coughing.

Everyone eyes were stuck on the Drama as Gold Coughed until blood started Coming out of her mouth.

"Gold.... " Joan yelled at the top of her voice as she escapes Jayden's grip and pulled Gold to her.
"Nana is Dead... " Gold breath heavily as she Gaps heavily and Went limb and Pass out in Joan's arm.

I raced to Joan, and Lift up Gold and Carried her in Bridal style as a nurse asked me to place her in a Stretcher in the Ambulance as they put her on Oxygen.

"She isn't Breathing..... "


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