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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode 0ne


Billionaire's Bride -Episode 0ne



"Brrrrgh......" I Jerked up awake at the Loud awakening of my Alarm Clock, I got up from my Bed and stretched after that sleep my Back still Aches like I'm 40, why won't it Ache when I do a Three Days Job to make Ends meet while my Dad Sits around Drinking and Sleeping his Ass out, while I do all the Damn Work.

"Another Stressful Day" I Sigh to myself I need to be at My First Work by 07:00 am it's 06:15 I have less than an Hour to go to Work Struggling to out of my Messy Room and Heading to the Bathroom to take a quick Shower.
I made my way to the Bathroom Downstairs as I try to open the door but it wouldn't open as I try to Push past the Door only to see Bottles of Different kinds of Beer on the Floor as I try to make a clear path to the other side of the Bathroom.

"Another To-do list" I Cursed out on the thought I have to clean up after my Dad like he was some Kid, Speaking of him where is He? I just ignore the bottles as I took of my Towel and Took a quick shower and Toweled myself and head to my Room and picked up my Phone.

I went to my Contacts and Smashed Penny's Number with my Towel on as I try to pick out a less Godamn to wear today.
"Sup Goldilocks... " I sighed at her attempt to nickname me.
"Morning to you too, please.... " She cuts me off

"Don't worry I'll cover up for you But make sure you get your ass in here" I sigh relieved she already knew what I wanted before I even asked.

"Thanks So Much I'll be there Soon.." I said as I cut the Call and threw my Phone on the Bed and wore the Least Dreaded outfit and Went to the Kitchen which was exactly the same place with the Dinning room and the Living room but at one Cubicle of the Room.

I head to the Kitchen, the Cupboards are all empty Leaving only a Box of used Pancake Mix, I just remembered I was so tired yesterday I forgot to Restock the Kitchen.

I pulled out the Box as I sighed.
"Guess I'm not having Breakfast... " I Sighed again trying to make Breakfast for My Dad why do I do it even when what he does all day is Listen to the Radio on his Favorite Channel Sitting and Drinking His Ass all Day and waits for his 19 year old Daughter to Take Care of Him instead of me to be in Medical School Studying Medicine, it's Because he's has AD, a Mental Disorder I guess and Everyone Left Him, Even Mom and all our Relatives Turned on him it isn't his Fault he didn't ask to me Mentally Disordered and so I Stayed, took Care of Him But it Gotten Nothing but Worse, not a Single Improvement sometimes I say to myself

I can't leave him now he needs me and if Bringing my Dad Back to the Man he was, to Escape this Abnormality I'll Stay.

I'm Done making Pancakes as I Spott my Dad making his Way back to his Recliner and Channeling his Radio listening to his Radio, You know what??? What the Heck Does He Listen To.
I Dropped His Breakfast on his Stool as he tries to search for my face.

"Good Morning Dad... " I said as he just only Nods sometimes I wonder if he Thinks I'm His Daughter or Some Nanny assigned to take care of him he never even Say Thank you, I Head Back up to my Room and Checked out once again if my Outfit is Appropriate and Pick up my Phone.

I widened my Eyes in Shock as I Picked up my Purse.

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"Goodbye Dad I'm off to Work. " I Half Yelled as he Nods almost done with his Pancake as I Slammed the Door against me heading To work as Fast as my Heels could carry me.

"Welcome to Mordecai Modern Inn, You are Late..." Miss Mordecai said Disappointed as I tried to come up with a reasonable excuse.

"I.... I.... I woke up late...." I think I heard my Heart Slap my Brain what was I thinking using the old Waking up late Excuse I'm so Fired.

"Pffft..... Just Go Change and attend to that Table I'll Deal with you Later... " Miss Mordecai said as she Hands me a Menu and went back to wear my Uniform as I head out to the Table.

"Finally Some Excuse for Service... " A Young Man probably In his Early 20's Hissed still reading his papers on New York Times puts His Papers Down as I Saw Something Familiar on the Paper, I just remembered Tonight's my Shift to Work at The Casino, Because of the Undying Stress and Work I haven't been able to attend work for some Days , Life Why me.

"Hey Kitty... " The Man snapped me back to reality and now Facing me as I Gawk at the Handsome Man before me he's so Handsome I think it's a sin to be this Gorgeous.

"Stop Drooling and Go get me my Coffee, Where's Your Manager... " He Half yelled as I snapped back and took Down His Order
"So What's your Order Sir...." I Finally spoke.

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"You weren't even Listening.... Hello I want to See The Manager.... " He Yelled as he Purposely Slammed his Hands on his Table and Miss Mordecai came to my Rescue as she Sent me Back to the Counter.

I sighed now I'm in a big Mess Wait to Go Gold.

"What's The Ruckus??... " Penny Came to Join me at the Counter as I point her Directly at the Chaos.
"OMG is That Aiden Knight.. " She Starts Drooling like I was Minutes ago.

"Yeah What's up with the Dude Anyway he acts like he Can Buy Me....." I Hissed.

"Because he Can, Don't You Know, He's the Owner of the Biggest Casino in New York, I thought You Know this By Now you work in one.... " She Said Playfully hitting me.

"Yeah but I'm Praying he isn't My Boss he's So Arrogant... " I Cursed.
"But He's Single... " she rings in my ear.

"Forget it there is no way I'm Dating someone as arrogant and Hotheaded as him besides I'm a Nobody and he's a Billionaire and I get the Feeling he Doesn't like me at all... " I Said as Penny Fills up a Cup of Coffee.

"Nothing is Impossible besides you can just be Friends and maybe he can help you out and you can finally go to College that you won't stop Yapping about besides Second times the Charm... " She Hands me the Cup and points at Aiden's Direction.

"You are aware he hates me right and I already hate him too" I gritted in between my teeth
"Stop Being a Baby.... " She says as Miss Mordecai and Mr Aiden walks up to me and Penny pushes me as I spilled the Hot, I repeat hot cup of Coffee on Mr Aiden.
"Fuck... " I said silently to myself as Miss Mordecai gave me two Hot Slaps.

"What Is The Meaning of this Miss Gold, that was Stupid to Spill Hot cup of Coffee on Mr Aiden Now apologize... " She Spat out Harshly.
"I'm Sorry Mr Aiden it was an accident...." I didn't Finish my Sentence until a Hot Slap Landed on my Left cheek.

I Gasped quietly with the Rest of everyone in the room even Miss Mordecai looked at me with pity.
"I Have never seen any kind of poor Service in a Cafe all my life until now, is this how you treat Your customers especially me, I could Buy you and your Entire Extended Family if nothing is Done about this I'll make sure I shut down this Cafe... " Mr Aiden said as Miss Mordecai looked at me with Eyes Full of pity.

"Ma'am please.... " I managed to sob.

"Pack your Things and Get out... " Miss Mordecai Said Harshly but I could see pity in her eyes for me as everyone took out their phones to video the Commotion as I picked up my Purse and my Phone.

Penny Felt remorse I could see it she wanted to come Forward to bail me out but I Signalled her not to she need this Job too.

"I'm Sorry..." She Mouthed as she Hugged me and I tried to ruffle my Cheeks Dry from my Tears, I could See Every one as they looked me with Pity Except the Mr Aiden I already hate him he's an Arrogant Prick.

I was about to head out before Mr Aiden called me as, it took everything in me not to release the Devil in me as I turned to Face him.

"Take off the Uniform you are no longer an Employee.. " He says with a smirk.

"Fine I'll go change at Back... " I said but he Grabbed hold of my Hand and pulled me back to him.
"No Pull it Right Here Right Now.... " He said and I'm asking whether he's lost it.

"But Sir I can't do that in public I need to change at Back... " he came close to me as our Nose brushes slightly it was irritating.

"you are Afraid everyone will see your Dirty Underwear, Take it off Now..." He Whispered only for me to hear as his lips brushes my Earlobe which sent a Shiver down my Spine.

To be continued

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