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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 19(Kill the action)



the incarnate - Chapter 19(Kill the action)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Biitka was now living his wildest dreams, he just felt he was being haunted, but in the physical realm, He just met a mysterious guy who seem to know almost all his secrets…Really weird you know!!
“Ah, how did he get to know what I was thinking at all? Who is he and what kind of man is he that he can read my thoughts?”
He was scared, but showing it on his face was the last thing he can ever think of doing, it will only expose his weakness.
Milly Brown on the other hand was running bananas, he was sitting quietly at an apartment she managed to rent after Biitka had paid her the cash, reflecting on how deal with the current happenings around her, especially the Uber Driver. She was desperate to get a ride a ride from him once more, who knows, maybe pushing some bank notes into his wallet will make him shut the f**k up.
Then there was a thump behind her window, she immediately knew she wasn’t alone, she grabbed a club she acquired for security reasons. She heard the intruder slowly walking behind her door, she aimed the club ready to smack it at anyone who appears, she could see the shadow of the person, and she could see that person was wielding a gun…
She didn’t blink once before smacking the club across the face of the intruder who came falling face flat on his face, he was not dead, but passed out,Milly was a graduate nurse, but left it for some kind of reasons that she herself cannot explain, so she knows when someone is dead and when someone is dead.
She tied the intruder into one of her chairs and poured chilled water across his face which forced the guy back to consciousness, his head was swollen, but that was better than him dying..
Milly: Who sent you?
Intruder: I will kill you
Milly: That will be after I scorch off your eyes from its socket
Intruder: I know you can’t do anything like that
Milly was soo challenged by this comment that she drove a pocket knife into the thigh of the guy, he shouted on top of his voice, but Milly pushed some pieces of cloth into his mouth to prevent his wails from drawing attention.
Milly: So let’s start again…Who sent you?
Intruder: I will kill you!!!
Milly this time pulled his nipples with the pliers she had in her hand, torturing wasn’t something that needed tutorials, if you need to get information from someone, you will do the wildest thing to get it.
The intruder was soo much in pain he starting confessing
Intruder: Okay okay…Biit, Biitka sent me
Milly: Ad what is the mission?
Intruder: S2K
S2K is a code they use which means “Shoot to Kill”,Milly took the guys phone from him before driving the knife into his chest aiming his heart, this was not the first time she has killed, so doing it again wasn’t a big deal to her…She will do it over and over again in other to safe herself.
Milly deposed off his body in the bush, she set it on fire to prevent the police from getting any traces that might lead to her arrest.
She was now much aware that, Biitka was after her head in other to clear his name, because if Milly is alive, then the possibility of her succumbing to threats from Fletcher and exposing the is going to be high, so taking off the scene was the best option on his side.
Biitka’s plan seem to be nullified by Fletcher, he was planning on doing anything possible in his means to either terminate the unborn children before they puld see the lights of the day. Maybe they could just give her a couple of blows in the belly to stop all life activities going on there, but now, he is more exposed…So it was a mission aborted.
It’s been two days, the guy Biitka sent to kill Milly has not reported back to him,he didn’t even consider him for dead, because he knew there was no way that guy would be overpowered by Milly, he called his phone a couple of times but to no avail…
He was still fidgeting with his phone when a text message came through.
“Milly KIA”…..The message brightened him up….KIA means killed in Action.
Milly had learnt some of the secret codes and language when she used to stay at Biitka’s place, it was this book she found, and it had some secret code language and sign languages. She managed to steal a few into her collection.
Fletcher was trying to bring Sena and Dorcas to calm, the two were having a heated argument, this was not their first time arguing, but this time, it was just heated.
Sena was pushing for a further investigation into the death of Chief and Biitka, but Dorcas was protesting against that in the name that, Sena should mind her business because she does not form a part of the family. Neither she. So that shouldn’t be their business.
The argument went on with the two ladies following each other and shouting on top of their voices, it continued till they entered Chief’s restroom. The room in which he dead…
Fletcher had been wanting to get the chance to enter this room, he remembers Chief kept his tinny pen camera somewhere that captured every activity that happened in the room, he looked round and there was nothing.
The two ladies stopped arguing and looked at his direction, he was lost, so he did not realize they were looking at him. Getting that secret camera could set some heads rolling.
He came back to his senses when the doorbell come to life, Dorcas had to go get the door.
It was someone none of them had seen before, even if they had, which they have. The face was forgotten.
Dorcas: Hi, how can we help you?
Frank: Errm, I think you guys need my help
Dorcas: You think?
Frank: Nope…I know
Dorcas: Help about what?
Frank: It’s about what killed Chief
Dorcas was again surprised, how some random guy can just walk from somewhere nowhere and come with information surrounding Chief’s death, she quickly thought of sending of the guy in other to prevent the any other push into the matter. She is a culprit.
Who is there? Sena asked whiles coming towards the door
Dorcas: Oh it’s nobody
Frank: Hi Madam Sena, it’s me
Sena: How did you know my name?
Frank: At least invite me in, I am thirsty, I have to walk here from afar
Sena invited Frank in and served him with some water, and later some chips and fruit juice.
Fletcher: I think I know you from the Clinic
Frank: Yeah you are right
Fletcher: You are the laboratory technician, who was killed in an attack some time ago, aren’t you?
Frank: Yeah I am
Sena: Whaat? Killed? And what the hell are you doing here in flesh.
Frank: They did shoot me, but I didn’t die…
Dorcas: Oh okay…So why did they target you
Frank: It all happened when, hmmmm!!!

To be continued

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