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Restless-Episode 57

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

EPA Hill, Bexford.
“What else do we need to get approval to arrest Mr Daysman?” Evelyn voiced out.
She, Steve and Daniel had been at the table for over thirty minutes, drawing out facts from results of their investigations.
“We need concrete proof against Mr Daysman to bring him over, we almost got into trouble with the chairman for doing so the last time.” Steve answered her.
“I think we may have to take the option of questioning him at his home,” Daniel suggested.
“No,” Steve disagreed immediately. “Without concrete findings, our questions would not only be limited but we’d give room for him to cover more tracks by exposing the little details we have discovered.”
“But… We’ve gotten quite some proofs to show that Agent Elkim was involved with the Red Wolves, we also have seen more details of Daysman’s involvement. How come we’re yet to see Paul Edward’s connections, apart from his visit to the Magic Complex the day it was last visited by Agent Elkim and the phone records?”
“What do you expect?” Steve shook his head. “Paul Edwards is the FOX boss, no one else knows more than him in hiding tracks, we may have no choice than to question him about his visit to the Magic Complex for now, maybe we’d get an headway from his answer.”
“Can’t we do it right away?” Evelyn suggested.
“You’re here again to see me, I hope it’s some good progress report you have for me.” Paul Edwards said after asking them to sit.
“Not actually sir,” Steve replied with a brief smile. “We are actually making progress but this morning, we are here to ask some brief questions. We hope you do not mind sir.”
“Questions concerning the case?” Paul questioned.
“Yes, especially pertaining to Agent Elkim’s murder,” Steve replied.
“Okay, you can ask.”
“Thank you sir,” Steve cleared his throat. “Firstly, you were one of the last persons Agent Elkim called before his death, you already explained that he called to ask about your missing cousin but we’ve never really asked if you noticed any strange thing about his conversation that day.”
“There was nothing strange about Elkim that day,” Paul Edwards asked, squinting his eyes.
“Agent Elkim also called Mr Daysman and two other people, we would like to know if you have any idea of those calls.”
“No idea,” Paul replied, shaking his head.
“We also tracked some of his visits before the day he died, one of the suspicious and unclear ones is his visit to the Magic Complex,” Steve paused a moment, his eyes met with Paul’s but Paul looked slowly. Steve took out a document from the file in Evelyn’s hand and handed it to the Chairman.
Paul Edwards stared at the documents, it showed a date and carried some black and white pictures.
“Sir, we are aware that you were at the Magic Complex at the same time as Elkim that day, you also left with him almost at the same times.”
Paul took a moment to understand the documents in front of him and even requested for more.
“It must be a coincidence Steve, I never knew he was there at that time.” Paul said after scanning through the documents.
“Sir, you were without your FOX men escorts and Agent Elkim was also without them. Was that also coincidence sir?”
Paul smiled. “I had some quick personal things to settle in there and I did not need to go with escorts.”
“What sir, did you go into the complex to do that day?”
“I told you already, some quick personal things which is none of your business.”
Steve swallowed in at his response. He also shook his head slightly.
“Sir… I would not like to bother you really, but it’s only paramount that we get every necessary detail we can get, and from everyone possible.” Steve tried to explain.
“Listen Steve, . I want you to get this job done and that’s why I haven’t taken you out yet but it’s unnecessary to question me like a suspect. If I do have information that can help your investigation, I’ll be first to let it out to you.”
Steve took a breath in. “Sir, may I ask more questions?”
“Yes, you may. I’ll answer you if I can.”
“One of our major suspects was also at the Magic Complex, the same time you and Agent Elkim were spotted there…”
“And that is who?” Paul cut in.
“Mr Ernest Daysman,” Steve answered. He stared at his boss’s face for a moment to see the reaction before he continued. “I don’t know if you by any chance ran into him and noticed anything.”
“No, I didn’t run into Daysman, I never had an idea he was there just like I never knew Elkim was there. ” Paul paused and leaned forward. “I think what we need to confirm here is the link between Daysman and late Agent Elkim,” he suggested thoughtfully, with his eyes squinted at Steve.
“Yes sir, and that’s what we’re already trying to do but from the surveillance cameras footages, you’re one of the possible links to them.”
Paul was taken aback and he leaned back immediately, staring at Steve with his eyebrows slightly raised and his lips slightly apart in surprise. Steve had suggestively linked him to suspected criminals.
He placed his chin on his palm and stared at Steve. The young man was already discovering too much and would possibly get himself into trouble with the way he was going about it, he thought.
“I think you need to work more and pull out more facts, because if you really do think I’m a link, you’re wasting your time.” Paul said dismissively and opened up his laptop to start something else.
Benuit, Bethanna.
“Carl Winston must have a team of more than four people if they were four at Elkim Nuel’s house,” Kahn said to Hutton who was sitting in front of a table with a laptop on it. He had different pictures displaying on the dashboard of his application.
“Well, I can’t predict how many team members he could have presently. While Carl Winston and Rex H.C worked together, they worked with very few men as team mates but I can’t tell now that he probably heads the team alone.” Hutton said, leaning back on the backrest and running his hands through his hair.
“Of course, he heads the team alone. He can’t possibly work with Rex HC, and Elkim Nuel always said also that even when Carl Winston worked as one man without Agent Rex, he always did with few men.” Kahn added.
“We need to identify some FOX men who worked with Carl Winston when he headed a mission alone. Some of them may be aware of his return and may be working with him,” Hutton suggested.
“Elkim used to be our main man there,” Kahn said, suggesting that it could be difficult to get the information they needed.
“We have other men there, remember?”
“Agent Elkim was the most senior,” Kahn reminded him.
“Yes, but can’t we get the information directly from Paul Edwards.”
Kahn narrowed his gaze thoughtfully. “Yeah, you’re right.”
“Is she the one?” Doctor Alan asked, looking into Henry’s phone from behind.
Henry glanced back at the man with a smile. He had noticed earlier that the man was approaching but he didn’t know the man would stop behind him to see what he was doing. He had been staring at the picture for more than a minute, remembering the brief time he had been with her.
“Yes, that’s Sheila.” Henry replied. He placed his gaze on the man as the man turned about his seat to the sofa beside him.
“She’s beautiful,” Doctor Alan commented, still looking at the picture on the phone’s screen.
“Yes, she is.” Henry smiled.
“And you love her, don’t you?”
“Hun?” Henry squinted at him.
“Yeah, you’re in love with her.” Doctor Alan insisted.
“No, come on,” Henry refuted with a giggle. “I still haven’t gotten over the death of my wife and child, I can’t be in love with someone else.”
“Yes, you are Henry. I’m sure,” the Doctor smiled as Henry frowned his face. “I can see you’re afraid of admitting it, you don’t want to get her hurt.”
“No, no,” Henry shook his head in denial. “She is just a good woman and a benefactor to me, nothing else, nothing more.”
“I won’t argue with you Henry, I know how delicate your present mission is.” Doctor Alan said. “I’ll let you finish this first.”
Henry let out a sigh.
“By the way, my family got to the UK safely already.”
“Oh, good!” Henry smiled. “That keeps them safe from us and anyone else who tries to hurt them.”
“They’ve always been safe here Henry,” doctor Alan said, his face looked blank. He didn’t like the idea of having his family too far away from him but Henry had insisted they had to be far enough for them to continue the mission together. It had taken a while for him to convince his wife and last child. He had only two sons and the first child was already working in a neighboring country.
“This is different Doc, we’re fighting against the FOX. They know your family and can easily get to your family when they find out you’re against them.” Henry explained.
The doctor was about to talk again when Cole stepped into the living room calling Henry.
“I’m back boss,” Cole announced as he walked in. He was sweating in his white shirt. A black backpack hung behind him.
Henry got up immediately. “We’ve got some work to do Doc, we’d talk later.” He said as he picked his phone and turned away from the doctor.
“What did you confirm from your research?” Henry asked as he and Cole walked into the control room.
“Boss, you were right.” Cole replied as he took off his backpack and dropped it on the table. “There’s only one place in Bethanna where we have abundance of those acetic acid mixtures occurring naturally.”
Henry walked to the master computer and turned it on from the CPU.
“So, that means you went around all available stores in Bexford without finding any that has the material?” Henry asked.
“Yes,” Cole answered. “They kept referring me to the same particular location – the town Enox in Southern Bethanna.”
“Yeah, that’s the only place that possess those acetic mixtures naturally and in abundance.” Henry said before taking his seat. The computer was fully booted. He opened up a text application and a document in which they had extracted some of the conversation gotten from Agent Elkim’s devices. After reading for some seconds, he turned again to Cole who was now standing close to him and holding a small carton in his hand. “That particular acetic mixture which was requested from Agent Elkim’s device is used to produce a very dangerous explosive. If we get the particular individual supplier which it was requested from, we can get the man who receives the supply and delivers it to the explosive manufacturer. We can trace and get a lot other people through that link.”
“So, is that what we go for instead of getting the men whose contact we found on the device?” Cole questioned.
“Yeah, we only suspect those contacts we found, we cannot ascertain who they are yet. Agent Elkim was always careful enough to clear off his messages. He probably anticipated a day that his messages would be read by a third party.”
“So, what’s our next step and how soon do we go?” Cole asked.
“We only need time to study the map and area and come up with a workable plan, this should take less than five days.” Henry replied. “It is however certain that we’re on our way to unravel a bomb production factory.”
March 26, 2016
Deo Cafeteria
El Deols, Anthanna.
Sheila let out a laugh at another of Adrian’s funny remarks. It had been that way for almost two hours. She had finally agreed to hang out with Adrian that afternoon and they had chosen the Cafeteria to meet. They finished with lunch and decided to wait and spend some more time with each other.
For Sheila, it had been fun time as they had different intelligent discussions ranging from politics, technology, education and even social media.
“So, Sheila, why haven’t you been in another relationship since you broke up with Tom?” Adrian put in a serious question even in the jolly atmosphere.
Sheila flashed a quick look at him and the look on her face changed gradually to a serious one.
“Well,” she shrugged. “I guess it isn’t time for another, I’ll get into one when the right time comes.”
“Sheila,” Adrian called in a cool calm voice and stretched his hand on the table to hold hers. She looked at his face. “I’ve been in love with you for so long, right from high school but my pride never allowed me admit. I know the jerk you know me as might not be the man you see as the right man for you, but the Adrian sitting here…” He paused and let out a silent sigh. She was looking down already but raised her head after he went quiet. “The Adrian here with you is someone who might not be totally different, but have gone through some trainings and things in life that have changed me.”
He paused again and reached out for the right hand, he held both palms in his across the table.
“Sheila, I ask you for a chance in your life. I promise I’m gon be that man you want,” Adrian concluded. He had a serious and passionate look on his face.
Sheila stared into his eyes for some more seconds before she withdrew her hands.
She shook his head gently and blinked. “I’m sorry Adrian, I don’t think I’m ready for this.”
“I know,” Adrian smiled calmly. “I’ll give you sometime to think about it but I want you to know that I truly love you.”
There was no response from Sheila. They remained calm and silent for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes.

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