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story: LARA'S DILEMMA episode 6



Episode 6

Stephanie's POV

I know you all must be wondering who I am... Well my name's Stephanie and I am Jason's girlfriend or should I say ex..?.. I met Jason two years ago in America.. he was good looking, hot and Rich... We became friends and two months later, we started dating.. I was so happy with him that I even thought we would get married.. but one day, he showed up at my house and broke up with me for no reason...
So when I heard that he left the country and came back to Nigeria because of a woman.. I was furious, and decided to take my revenge.. I have been gathering information about his whereabouts and that of the lady..
Hey Bby, welcome...I said smiling,
Stephanie?.. how... what are you doing here...he asked still shocked, I guess... Is that how to welcome your girlfriend? I asked walking up to him.. oh j I have missed you so much..I said trying to kiss him.. but he pushed me.. Stephanie I don't know why you are here.. but I made it perfectly clear to you that it was over between us..the sooner you realize it.. the better for you.. now please I want you to leave my house or I'll be forced to throw you out.. he said with no expression on his face... I laughed.. such a jerk, I knew this would happen and so I came prepared.. you love Lara don't you? I asked.. yes and am gonna marry her.. he replied with a grin.. I scoffed..then I guess you won't mind if I send this to her? I asked showing him my phone.. he looked at me confused.. I sighed and played a video..

Jason's POV

She played a video on her phone and showed it to me.. oh fuck!.. it's a video of us having sex.. that video should be more than a year old.. why does she still have it on her phone.. she obviously wants to blackmail me.. I sighed in frustration... Okay.. what do you want? I asked her in a quiet tone.. I will tell you later.. but for now I want to feel your touch on every part of my body.. she said walking closer to me .. she placed her hands on my chest.. and was about to unbutton my shirt..

Lara's POV

I entered the house and Saw the girls chatting and laughing.. good evening guys I greeted and dropped the shoes and teddies on the floor.. wow someone had a great day.. Dassey said in a mocking tone.. how was it? Berlin asked.. it was awesome.. I replied smiling.. oh something tells me there is more to that smile..she retorted and narrowed her eyes at me.. okay fine, we are back together.. I announced .. Dassey immediately drops the Teddy she was holding and jumped up happily.. awwn am so happy for you Lara.. can't wait to wear aso-ebi.. Dassey said, who said anything about marriage.. I asked her with a raised brow.. shey you guys have settled.. Berlin chirped in.. so? Pls I need to rest.. I said and walked out.
Am finding it hard to sleep.. I just hope I didn't make a mistake.. I think i should tell him about the child, before someone else does.. I will just do it tommorow.. I turned to pick my phone from the side table.. I scrolled down my contacts.. no Jason.. oh I don't have his number.. I miss him already, should I go over to his house...I checked the time.. 7:40pm.. it's not too late.. I rushed out of the room and walked to dassey's room, she was watching a movie ... Hey.. I greeted.. hey wats up.. she replied.. uhm do you know where Jason lives.. I asked her in a quiet tone.. yea sure, I do visit Davis there... Great so, can I have it..I asked..
I parked my car beside the gate..and introduced myself to the guard, but he refused to let me in.. so I called Davis.. hey Lara.. wats up? Am fine, am at Jason's house, but the guard won't let me in.. uhm am not at home though.. but am almost at the house, just hold on.. he said and hanged up ... So I stood there .. some minutes later I saw him coming.. immediately the guard saw him, he opened the gate and we both walked in... So just go up the stairs .. the second room by your right.. that's Jason's room..he said, okay thanks.. I replied and walked towards the stairs.. wow his house is so much bigger than mine..

Jason's POV

What? No way... I half yelled and pushed her hands.. okay then.. she replied and started typing on her phone.. okay wait.. I said already frustrated.. I'll do it .. I said angrily..
Good boy... She said and dropped the phone.. she walked towards me and pushed me on the bed, she sat on me and started kissing me .. I couldn't kiss her back... I can't do this.. I held her waist and was about to push her when the door flung open.. we both turned to see Lara standing by the door.. with anger and confusion written all over her..

To be continued


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