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Restless-Episode 59

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

The man took two steps forward and then suddenly turned back again, this time with a torch pointing straight to Jenny’s direction. He couldn’t see fully because of the leaves of the tall grasses covering, but he was sure there was something there. His torchlight fell on Jenny’s face and he saw her eyes. He took out his whistle and blew it.
“Damn!” Dave cursed out loud. He jumped up to his feet and charged towards the man pointing the torch.
The man had not seen him but only Jenny and did not expect anyone to come out from that direction. He pointed his torch at Dave and tried to pull out his gun but before he could do anything, Dave already dived towards him, grabbing him by the waist and sending him crashing to the ground. Dave sat up on him with his knees placed either sides on the floor and sent three punches to the man’s face and chest. He pulled out the man’s gun from his waist side and threw it towards Jenny who was already moving out from her hiding place.
The men stationed behind the fence were already coming quickly towards the man that called their attention with the whistle. The only three men who had guns among them I took them out.
The gun landed beside Jenny and she picked it up quickly. She flashed a glance towards Dave and he was also looking at her.
“You can only shoot outside, you can’t shoot when we get into the facility,” Dave said to remind Jenny and also in a way advise her to use the gun wisely.
The man took advantage of Dave’s distraction and pushed him away quickly.
Dave landed on the side but got back up immediately at the same time with the man. The man threw a punch but Dave caught him by the arm and replied him with a headbutt. He followed again with a punch in the belly. The man threw another punch and Dave bent to dodge and then sent an uppercut to his chin.
Jenny rolled into the very bushy part again immediately she cocked her gun. She saw the men from the fence coming towards Dave and the fighting security man. She began to aim at them.
She fired at the first one and the bullet entered into the man’s lap. He fell to the ground with his gun falling off his hands. The second closest man who was without a gun stopped running and looked in direction of where the shot came from, he couldn’t locate it and before he could run into hiding, another bullet proceed from Jenny’s gun and met him in the chest. The fourth man who was on his way there located the direction from where the shots originated but could not tell the exact spot. The reflection of the lights from the fence at where Jenny was hiding was so faint and the bushes also helped keep her in darkness.
The man began to run very speedily in his right direction to prevent whoever the shooter was from getting a clear aim at him and also away from the direction of the fighting men to avoid misfiring towards them and killing his boss. He began to fire towards the suspected place with his gun.
Jenny had to roll away quickly as the bullets hit the bushes beside her. She stopped at a particular point and aimed at the running man carefully. He continued running in the same direction and that was his undoing, she aimed a distance in front of him and fired two shots. He ran into one of the bullets and fell down dead immediately.
She turned her gaze towards the previous direction and saw some of the men still going in Dave’s direction, she could also see the man who she first shot struggling to move away. Just as she tried to get up to change position, she looked up and saw another man firing in her direction from afar. It was certain from the way he was shooting randomly that he could not tell where she was shooting from exactly, neither could he even narrow it down to a short section. She repositioned herself carefully and aimed at him. The shot missed him and he changed position immediately, she aimed at him again as he began to run. He stopped and hid behind a concrete block. She turned her aim to another man who had joined the man who was fighting against Dave, the bullet brought the new man down immediately.
The first place Henry stepped indoor was an empty place. He noticed that the floors were tarred with concrete and the walls were made of insulating and fire resisting materials. He began to hear sounds and he knew immediately that people were already coming for him. He rushed in direction of the sound and before he could get to the entrance, dressed uniform men already rushed out to meet him.
He stopped and waited for the first man to come. He dodged the blow and grabbed the man by the arm close to his armpit, he grabbed him by the belt and then flung him to the floor heavily. He grabbed another man by the fist and twisted the arm, he pulled him closer and sent a kick to the belly with his knee. He bent and then grabbed another man by the waist immediately, he lifted and flung him to the back.
He grabbed two men coming from opposite directions by their fists and twisted their arms, he pulled them both closer and grabbed them by their necks, then slammed their heads together and let them fall to the ground. He met another man with a kick to the chest, slammed one on the face with the back of his hand and then leaped and rolled a kick to the chest of another.
He balanced himself for a second and looked around, some of the men who had fallen to the ground were rising up already while some more were coming from the inner entrance.
He let out a crooked smile as he stretched out his arms wide and beckoned on them to come closer. Three of the men rushed to him at once from different angles.
He moved towards the one coming from the left and met him with a kick with both legs on the chest. The man staggered back and fell on his butt. Still in the air, Henry rolled swiftly and struck a kick with the back of his leg to the face of the man coming straight. He landed on the floor on his feet with his head bent to dodge a blow, he grabbed the third man by the belt and drew him closer, he sent a punch into the man’s belly, totally disorganizing his system. He bent his neck to dodge a kick and turned swiftly to strike another man in the belly with his elbow. He turned again and made a rotating sliding movement with both legs, taking two men off their feet totally to the ground.
He rose up quickly and pulled back his head to dodge another blow, he grabbed the man around the elbow and pulled him aside as he pushed another man to the ground with a kick on the chest. He twisted the arm of the man whose who he held as he dragged him to the other side and passed under his arm to kick another man in the groin and followed up with a kick with his knee to the face.
He held on to the arm of the man as he grabbed another on the neck, he pulled him up with one hand and threw him against a different man running towards his direction. He dragged the man whose hand he held closer, he punched him in the stomach before he grabbed the man by the neck with his right hand and grabbed him in the groin with the left hand.
The man screamed as Henry lifted him up and turned. Henry struck the faces of the other men coming closer with the feet of the man he rolled in his hands. He slammed the man’s back on the head of a man and turned to hit him against the chest of another behind, then he finally flung the man to the body of another man charging towards him.
He took another brief pause to look around. Most of the men were totally down sprawling on the floor and groaning in pains, few of them were struggling to get up to their feet.
Daniel and Vincent stepped out of the office to meet Stan and his assistant walking towards them in the hallway.
“Stan, has he been stopped now?” Daniel asked.
“No sir,” Stan replied. He and his partner stopped in front of both men when they got closer.
“Who the hell is he?” Antonio asked.
“We are yet to identify him, and he doesn’t seem like anyone we know.” Stan answered.
“And why hasn’t he been stopped?” Antonio asked again.
“He’s an expert and he’s quite dangerous from the way I see him,” Stan replied. “He’s single-handedly brought down nothing less than twenty of our men.”
Antonio raised a brow and exchanged glances with Daniel.
“The boss has ordered for more men to join us here,” Daniel said. “But for now, we need to make use of the men in the production rooms to tackle this intruder.”
“Let’s go stop the production operations now, we have to stop the intruder first.” Antonio added. He was about to turn but Stan stopped them.
“No sir, I’d have to tell the men to stop the production operations myself. Right now, you two have to make your way out of here now, that’s Mr Kahn’s order.” Stan said.
Vincent glanced at Antonio’s face. “We can’t leave here now, we still got loads of work to do and by the way, I spoke to Kahn and he didn’t ask us to leave.” he said and turned to leave.
“You have to leave Vincent,” Stan said in a stronger tone and then turned to face Antonio. “The two of you have to find a way to leave now, Kahn called me a minute ago and asked me to get you two out successfully first. That intruder is not just an ordinary man, he’s here for a big purpose.”
“But we can’t all run away because of a single intruder,” Antonio argued. “We can take him down together and find out who and where he is from.”
“I’m afraid he’s not the only one,” Stan stated. The men raised their brows. “He’s got company and we don’t know how many they are.”
Vincent was about to argue again when his phone beeped. He let out a breath as he took it out to check the text message, it was from Elvis Kahn and it was ordering him and Antonio to leave the place as soon as they could.
“We got to leave here Antonio, the boss says so.” Vincent said to his partner resignedly.
“How do we leave? Which of the exits is the best to follow?” Antonio asked.
“The back exit,” Stan replied and immediately began to lead the way to the back exit.
He had just turned with them into another hallway when his phone rang. He answered the call and continued walking but stopped all of a sudden. He turned to stare at the faces of the men behind him.
“And the lights have gone off?” he said into the phone. He ended the call after getting a response from his caller. “I’m sorry, we’ve got to take another way. I was just told that we’ve also been attacked from the back exit.”
“And what other exits do we have?” Antonio asked.
“None other, every point of entrance and exit is under attack.” Stan replied.
They all stared at each other’s faces silently for a while.
“How clear is the front entrance?” Vincent asked.
“We have only one intruder there, he was the first one.” Stan replied.
“Since we do not know how many intruders are at the other exits we’d go through the main entrance because there’s only one of them there,” Vincent said and turned to Stan’s assistant. “You run to the production room now, some of our best fighters are there. We’d get them to keep that one intruder busy while we leave through the main entrance.”
Stan’s assistant turned and hurried off immediately. Vincent’s idea seemed like a good one to the other two and none of them objected.
Vincent took out his phone and turned, he dialed Elvis Kahn’s number.
“Boss, why do you want us to leave here? Why don’t you let us combat these intruders together with the men?” Vincent said into the phone.
“Those intruders are dangerous, we suspect they’re the same men who murdered Elkim Nuel. They seem to be out against our executives,” Elvis Kahn’s voice sounded from the other end through the phone’s speaker. “You and Antonio are executives and would be their main targets, we have to give them no chance to meet at all with you.”
At the back entrance
“What the hell is going here?” one of the men sitting at the centre of the camp with the others complained as the big bulb at the entrance which was the major source of light went off.
A man rushed out of the bathroom with a towel around his waists.
“There are people around,” he alarmed. “I saw the figure of a lady moving back there.”
All the men outside got up to their feet and gathered together immediately, about two others rushed out of their rooms with swords, most of them were without shirts and few were on shorts.
They turned back as they heard a loud groan from behind. They saw one of their men at the opposite end of the camp drop to the floor and a brief image of an intruder running out of sight. The men sprung into action immediately. Some ran into the rooms to get their weapons while some ran in direction of the image they saw. None of them had guns at the back camp as the place was close to the production section and any shot could cause an explosion.
The man who had the towel around his waist entered into his room quickly to put on appropriate clothes but he was shocked to see the back window of the room opened. He began to search around quickly with his eyes to spot the intruder but before he could see everywhere, something heavy hit him at the back of his head and he staggered forward and fell on his knees.
Samantha hit him the second time with the plank and he fell to the ground unconscious. Another man rushed into the same room as Samantha turned. He rushed to her but she dodged his attack and lifted him from below, she toppled him to the wooden table behind. She reached for the chair quickly and before he could get up, she struck it on his head.
Cole jumped into the room through the window, there was no one in it. The first thing he did was strike the faint bulb at the center of the room with the rod in his hand. The light went off and he quickly hid himself beside the wall as he heard voices at the door.
Two men rushed into the room, one of them ran to the switch by the wall to turn on the light but the light did not come on after he turned it on and off. He turned back and pointed his Torchlight up and discovered that the bulb had been destroyed.
“Shi*t! Someone has gotten into this room,” he said as he began to point the torchlight around. He screamed and staggered forward as something suddenly hit his neck from the back. Before he could turn, it hit the back head again and then his back as he fell to the ground.
The second man spotted Cole as he was trying to take his sword out from where it was hidden. He was able to pull it out before Cole got to him and he swung it in Cole’s direction but Cole bent and caught him by the waist, crashing him to the ground. Cole grabbed the right hand of the man where the sword was with his left hand and delivered two quick punches to the man’s face with his right fist. He noticed someone else had entered into the room, so he quickly took the sword from the man and rolled away to dodge the attack of the new man.
The new man with a long piece of wood struck at Cole where he was on the ground again but Cole met the wood with the sword and got it stuck and pierced past halfway. Cole rose immediately and sent a kick into the man’s belly, pushing him away and withdrawing the sword. He bent to dodge a stab from the right and struck the man in the belly with the sword, the man let out a loud groan.
He jumped up and and followed after the man he kicked. The man tried to strike him with the rod in his hands but the impact of the sword on it when they hit the first time made the rod divide into two with the other side flinging to another direction on the floor. Cole swung the sword across the man’s chest and it made a line across his shirt even as it cut in through his skin. Cole followed him driving the sword into the man’s belly. He pulled it out as the man fell down and quickly turned to drive it into the side belly of the man behind.
After many jabs, punches and kicks, Henry had over twenty five men lying down helplessly around him. He looked around and quickly spotted one of them that was still able to move. He first picked up his cap which had fallen before he moved quickly to him and pulled him by the neck up.
“There are two Wolves executives in this place tonight, where exactly are they now?” Henry asked, tightening his fist around the man’s neck.
“The production hall,” the man managed to say, pointing in the direction.
Henry dropped the man and quickly proceeded through the entrance. He was conscious that anyone could try to get it out of the building through the another exit and go out through the gate, so he had taken the keys of the gate from the three men he first met. He however knew there would be a spare key somewhere and that the man had probably discovered through the cameras that had the key.
Just as he turned into another long hallway, he saw at the other end a group of nothing less than ten men coming forward. They were led by three men in front. He recognized one of the men in front instantly. He had seen the face in a picture from his research while they were investigating details found on Elkim Nuel’s devices. Whether the man was a Wolves executive or not, he wasn’t sure but he knew the man could provide answers to the questions they had.
To confirm his suspicion that the three men in front were the senior officials among them, the three of them changed direction by turning into another entrance while the rest charged towards Henry.
Henry knew he had to go after those men immediately but he had seven others to deal with first.
The first man that got to him received a heavy blow that sent him flying and landing about three metres away. The other men paused briefly in shock at the impact of the blow and stared at their colleague on the floor for a moment, it seemed to instill some fear in them. Another man who looked huge and almost the same size as Henry stubbornly proceeded towards Henry.
He struck a blow which Henry caught confidently and replied with a heavy punch to his mouth, the man could hear the sound of his teeth shattering. He followed up with a punch into the man’s belly and left the man to crash heavily on the floor.
The other men stared at the huge man on the ground for a while. The stared at each other’s eyes and seemed to agree within themselves silently that the best way to get Henry was to attack him together at once and three of them charged towards him at once.
Henry landed a blow on the face of the man in the center, he rolled his chest upward back and downward to dodge an attack from the left. His hands touched the floor and he made a quick lift backwards. The men followed him but he was swifter than they were.
His blow landed first on the face of the man attacking from the left and he bent and swerved forward, he grabbed another man tightly with his fingers in the belly and caught a grip of his belt, he pulled him forward and kicked him in the groin. Swiftly again, he dodged and turned, delivering a heavy punch into another man’s belly with sent the man flying to hit his back against the wall behind.
The jabs, uppercuts, kicks and slams continued for one more minute until all the men were sprawling on the floor in pain. Henry remained quiet to listen and he could hear the sound of the gate opening. He turned back and rushed out of the place quickly. By the time, he got to the corridor of the building, one car had already left and he could see another rushing out through the gate. He searched quickly and for his backpack where he kept it and picked it up. He hurried to where he parked his motorcycle, opening his backpack on the way. He could see some men rushing out of the building as he climbed the motorcycle. He quickly opened the box he had taken out to show the security men at the entrance and tore off the seal. He took out three balls there and flung to different angles in front of the building.
The balls began to emit gas. The emission wasn’t explosive but he needed to use the balls to distract the men from coming after him. He kick start his motorcycle and sped out crazily through the still opened gate.
The men who came out in pursuit of him all ran back to save themselves immediately they saw the smoke.
“Hey! It’s only a natural gas emission,” one of the men announced loudly after two minutes of hiding without any explosions.

All the other men ran out of hiding and they grouped themselves in twos and each group selected a vehicle each.

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