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Restless-Episode 58

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

March 27, 2016
Enox, a small beautiful city located in Vincil, a state in the southern part of Bethanna, was a beautiful town and a tourist attractive center. It had few major factories in Bethanna hidden in it because of the closeness to source of natural resources for production.
Henry and his team members sat in car, five of them in total all dressed in black leather jackets and black pants with black face caps covering their heads.
Henry was at the front seat with Dave who drove them, he looked up into the rearview mirror to see the faces of the three others sitting at the back. They all looked ready as usual but he still decided to remind them of some of the instructions he had given them already.
“Remember guys, the facility we are about to go into is an airtight facility. The reason we have no guns with us is to cause no explosion that would take our lives along. Try your best as much as you can not to cause any ignition in whatseover way,” he took a brief pause again and looked at them through the mirror. “Make sure you keep in touch with your partner and the rest of the team when necessary.”
Henry glanced once again into the mirror and nodded to himself in satisfaction. He then reached for the handle of the door and opened it. The others followed suit and they all stepped out of the car almost at the same time. Jenny moved clsoer to Dave at the front while Samantha stuck close to Cole close to the boot of the car. Henry stood alone where he was and looked satisfactorily again at his team. He strapped the backpack he held on his left hand to his back.
They had split according to their plan of breaking into three groups for the operation, with only Henry left without a partner. The three groups are to gain entrance into the facility through the three different sections. They had taken time to investigate the facility and couldn’t find out much about the interior but knew some of the basic things they needed to know. For ease of movement after the task, they had also placed four different vehicles at different spots along the routes leading in and out of Enox.
Twenty Minutes Later.
“I’m close to the entrance already, where are you?” Henry said into the mouthpiece hanging on his shirt as he approached a gate on his motorcycle. “Notify me when you get there, I may not respond to you though.” he added after getting the first response from Cole.
He stopped his motorcylcle in front of the locked grid gate and pushed his horn. He took a quick look at both left and right side of the fence and saw different signboards displaying the warning against smoking around the vicinity.
In few seconds, a man stepped out of the room close to the gate and towards the gate to check who was there. The lights on the fence and at the gate were bright enough to reveal details about every visitor outside.
The man was putting on a grey coloured khaki which got him identified at once as one of the security guards.
“What do you want here?” the man shouted out as he approached the gate.
“I need to deliver a parcel to Stan,” Henry replied back in a loud voice.
“What parcel?” the man asked, scrutinizing Henry on the bike from behind the gate.
“Tell Stan, he expects me tonight.” Henry replied.
Two other men dressed like the first man appeared behind him to check what was happening at the gate.
“Stan, you say?” the first man asked to confirm as he took out his phone.
Henry nodded in reply.
The man dialed a number and put the phone close to his ear.
“Someone is here to see Mr Stan,” he said into the phone after the call was answered. He paused to listen to the receiver. He turned to Henry as he took the phone off his ear temporaly. “From where?”
“Elkim Nuel,” Henry replied. “The man requested I deliver the parcel to him before he died.”
“From Elkim Nuel, he claims the man sent him here before his death.” the man said into the mouthpiece of the phone after taking it back close to his ear. He listened for some few seconds and took the phone off his ear again. “Where is your identity?” he asked Henry.
Henry dipped his hand quickly into the inner pocket of his jacket and took out a black round leather card which had a silver coloured logo on it. He displayed for the man to see.
“Yes, he’s got it.” the man said as he put his phone close againt to his ear.
He rounded up the call and returned his phone into his pocket. He took out a car from his breast pocket and inserted it into the lock of the gate.
He opend the gate wide enough for Henry to drive in.
Henry raised his gear and rode in. He stopped beside the two other man who waved him down.
“We have to check you,” one of the men said.
“Oh! Sure,” Henry replied and turned off his motorcyle engine. He made it stand as he dropped off and took off his backpack.
“Please open your bag and take out the contents slowly,” the same man who spoke before said again.
Henry squatted and placed his backpack down on the tarred floor. He opened the larger section and took out a sealed carton.
“This is the parcel I gotta give Stan,” he said as he raised the carton up to the security men.
One of the men took it in his hand and checked it. He wasn’t satisfied with the check but did not want to ask Henry to open it because it was sealed.
After a minute of checking the backpack and Henry’s body, he was allowed to proceed and was directed by one of the men to the car park beside. He was told to proceed in through the main entrance after parking.
Henry heard the sound of a phone ringing as he rode to the place he was directed. He parked his motorcycle and turned back, he noticed the man who had opened the gate for him was staring in his direction. He knew at once from the look that the man had probably got another call informing him that he was probably fake. The men inside must have confirmed from another source that Elkim Nuel did not get to make the request before his death.
He pretended like he noticed nothing and looked towards the main entrance where he was directed to go in through. There was a large corridor surronding the main building. It couldn’t be seen from where Henry stood if the corridor was extended to the back of the building. A short flight of stairs of about three metres long and a metre wide was directly opposite the main entrance door and it provided a platfrom to climb to the corridor. There were handrails at both sides of the stairs and also through out the edge of the corridor.
Henry saw with the side eye as the three men began to rush towards him after the first man told the other two something. He proceeded hurriedly towards the entrance.
“Hey, stop!” one of the men ordered as Henry got close to the short flight of stairs leading to the verandah.
Henry glanced at them but did not stop. He continued up the flight of stairs.
The men increased their steps and ran quickly up the stairs to catch up with him.
Henry with a swift movement, moved to the left side immediately and grabbed the top of the handrail with both hands. He leaped and swung swiftly over the rail, landing a double kick on the chest and face of the second man climbing up the corridor. The man staggered and hit his back against the rail at the other side before falling and rolling down to the last step of the flight. Henry landed in front of the third man behind and before the man could realize it, a heavy blow landed directly on his nose. He fell back straight and tumbled to the ground.
The man who got up the corridor first turned to attack Henry but he was caught by the fist just as he threw a punch. Henry took a quick grip of his belt head, lifted him up and flung him down the corridor towards the garage.
Stan hurried through the hallway with another man by his side. He had received a call from one of his surbordinates in another section of the building informing him that the messenger from the late Elkim Nuel had come. It got him confused for a moment as he remembered his last conversation with the agent which took place only three hours before the time the man was reported to have died. He thought about it and deduced that organization Elkim Nuel was supposed to contact must have closed operations by the time of their conversation. He had picked his phone quickly to make confirmations and he got to find out that Elkim Nuel never contacted the organization few hours before his death. The organization in fact claimed that the last time they had any contact with the agent was a month before his murder.
“Boss, the intruder is no ordinary man,” a man coming from the opposite direction of the hall shouted out on seeing Stan. “He’s taken down three of the men outside already, I ordered more man to attack him.”
“Who is he?” Stan asked. They all stopped as they got close to each other.
“He’s unidentified yet,” the man replied. “But we must stop him first before any other thing.”
“Go ahead,” Stan said as he proceeded forward. “I have to check him first and confirm if it’s someone I know.”
They continued in their different directions and Stan went on into the control room. His eyes went straight to the screen as he saw the man dressed in all black with a black face cap. The man was at the corridor and had just entered in through the main entrance.
“Let me see his face,” Stan ordered.
The man at the master computer quickly acted on Stan’s instruction by pausing the video. he slowly zoomed until the intruders head was beins seen boldly.
“Give me the front view,” Stan requested, squinting at the screen. The front view of the zoomed image was displayed. Stan saw the face partially. The head of the man was covered with a face cap which hid part of his forehead and eyes, only the side views showed his eyes. The man had beards on his chin and a well shaped moustache. “Who could this be?” Stan muttered to himself. “Let it play,” he spoke out loudly.
The footage was played and the intruder had already left the previous spot. He was located and seen already fighting with other men.
“Approaching now boss,” Cole whispered into his mouthpiece as he walked slowly through the bushes with Samantha following behind. He got no response but could tell from the sounds he could hear that his boss was already kicking some asses.
They were at the back of the main facility and the surroundings looked more like a forest. There was a small gate at the back fence of the facility and a camp for security guards was built just beside the gate.
From their investigations about the place, Henry’s team had learnt that the gate was usually permanently locked and opened only in cases of urgent need of exit. They also learnt that the camp for security guards built outside was usually been occupied by one or two people on normal days but usually crowded by officers on days when mass production was going on and there was need to secure the place tightly. The key to the gate at the back fence was usually held by the leader of the platoon of officers manning the gate.
Cole and Samantha had already spotted the camp. From the voices, they could tell the population of men there was between ten to twenty.
Cole stopped behind a tree and held Samantha by the arm pulling him behind her. He took another look at the camp from there. It was less than eleven metres away and they could hear the distinct voices of the men as they laughed and made fun.
“Can you see the cables connecting the lamps?” Cole asked her, pointing with his finger.
“Yes,” she replied in low tones.
“One of us will go in from the left and cut it off, the second person would cause a distraction from the other side and we’d take them out.” He said looking at her face.
Samantha kept staring towards the camp. “But we’ve got to be really careful, not all of these men may be busy, they could notice our movements or hear a noise from our direction.”
“That’s true,” Cole agreed and turned forward again briefly. He turned back to look at Samantha in the face. “Whatever happens, we gotta bring them all down.”
“Yeah…We gotta bring them down,” she said in whispers.
“There’s no problem here, the men are well positioned.” the leader of the security team at the third entrance said into the phone as he looked around the area to confirm his assertion.
Dave and Jenny watched from their positions, far away from the fence and their targeted entrance. They were laying flat on the grass, about a metre space between each, their faces were hidden in the darkness behind the tall grasses. They could hear the man talking on phone and were waiting for him to finish his conversation and face forward to give them time and chance to attack.
The place was well lit with several bulbs on the fence, each with a space of only three metres to the the next. About seven men were sitting on concrete stools and spread across the fence. The man who was making the call was far away from them in the nearby bush. He had gone on a check around after he had gotten a call informing him that an intruder had come in through the main entrance and being ordered to make sure everything was in order at his end.
The man ended his phone call and inserted his phone into his pocket before turning back. Jenny glanced at Dave and saw him beckoning on her to come closer. She was about to rise up and move closer to Dave when he suddenly turned again and she fell back flat.
Dave stared at the man’s face. He seemed to have observed Jenny’s movement or heard the sound.
The man had his eyes squinted for a while and looking towards their direction. After a short moment, he turned back again.
Jenny closed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.

The man took two steps forward and then suddenly turned back again, this time with a torch pointing straight to Jenny’s direction. He couldn’t see fully because of the leaves of the tall grasses covering, but he was sure there was something there. His torchlight fell on Jenny’s face and he saw her eyes. He took out his whistle and blew it.

To be continued

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