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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode9


Raquelia - Episode9
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

 Genevieve 's POV

I tried endlessly to reach Geraldine but she won't answer, I can't just leave my throne for a reason I'm not sure of, this is why I warned the king not to send Gwen there because of his wife's made vision but he won't listen and now he have indirectly banish his daughter and rightful heiress to the throne
His wife the queen was a wicked woman, Gwen's light was strong, with her I would have had enough powers to finally destroy Massey but she convinced him to send her away for "protection" when I was away, in that way he banished her, something I can't revive until she turns 20
In other to protect her well, I sent Geraldine there to take care of her instead of letting her rot in an orphanage, who is this girl and why do I feel Gwen's presence around her
The poison took time to leave her body so she woke up after weeks, she's beautiful and brave
'So do you wanna tell me who you are?' I asked calmly after she finished eating

'My name is Emma Darlington, I'm Gwen's best friend' she said softly, I sat up alerted at that. 'Gwen have been possessed by Massey, Cletus is chained to a wall and don't know how it even happened' I stood up wobbly, oh no
'It happened because Gwen is somehow related to Massey and that is enough link to possess her, how long have this been?'
'Almost two months' she said soberly

'What!!!! WHY DIDN'T
GERALDINE TELL ME?!!!' I yelled maniacally, she yelped and recoiled. 'This can't be happening' I said pacing around. 'Massey can never possess the body of a virgin relative, which means Gwen's no longer a virgin like I warned her to' I said angrily

'Y....y....y...yes, she slept with her boyfriend Mark' she stammered
'Please stop, you're scaring me' she cried, I yanked my hair and flipped over a table, she started crying

'It's okay, don't cry, it's too late to save Gwen, Massey have been in her for too long' I said pitifully, she only cried more, my mirror glowed, Geraldine. She looked so guilty and sad. 'What's this about my sister I'm hearing?'

'Your highness....'

'No excuses you pathetic fool, I sent you there to protect my sister but what you did is let her perish, how could you be so stupid?'
'I was scared, you are scary' she sobbed

'Oh I am huh?' I said skeptically. 'Now you have killed my sister, how could you? I promised her father that I would protect her'
'I'm sorry your highness, please don't tell her father'

'He's dead stupid, I'll be there tomorrow and you better protect that amulet well, just pray I don't kill you before Massey does' I hissed and switched it off, I stomped outside to the historical grave of Maisie. 'Mom, I don't know what to do, If there is nothing left of Gwen in there then Massey will inherit her powers and I'm doomed'

But if Emma is here then it means there is, right? And she's connected to that Mark boy, I know what to do. I walked back inside and took the royal staff
'By my heart, I seal this throne to Princess Gwendolyn, no one except her can sit on this throne and touch you' I sealed it and went to my room

Mark's POV

I went to see Geraldine, she sent for me, it was in an open field in a forest

'What are we doing here?'

'Waiting for her Majesty' she said calmly
'The who now!'

'Queen Genevieve, Gwen's adopted older sister, she'll be here soon'

'Queen? Can you please explain' she sighed and started saying something about Gwen being a powerful Princess, I burst into laugher when she was done. 'That explains a lot'

'Then why are you laughing?'

'Because we are about to die, she's here' he glanced at somewhere, I turned and saw her coming
'You'll be fine until she gets the amulet, keep it safe for the queen and Emma' she said telepathically, I nodded and ran behind a tree even when I don't know what amulet she's talking about. 'How are you Massey?'

'Not fine, give me my amulet' Gwen snapped with a really deep voice

'What make you think I have it?' Geraldine asked innocently
'Don't play coy with me, I know you have it, now give it to me before I kill you'

'I die either way' she scoffed
'Don't play with my patient Geraldine, tell me where it is' she snarled

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'Leave her alone' I said shakily coming out of my hiding
'If it isn't precious Mr Gwendolyn' she said mockingly. 'I hate the fact that she's connected to you, if it wasn't for that, I would have killed you a long time ago' she said through gritted teeth, I pondered on what she said and realized the meaning, I took the dagger in my pocket and pressed it lightly against my neck. 'What are you doing?'

'Killing myself'

'What! No! You can't, please' she said pleadingly, I smiled

'Then get out of my girlfriend's body'

'And you think that is possible, it's not, if I leave, she dies'

'And if I kill myself, we all die' I snapped

'I will still return' she smiled, 'sooner than before'

'Not if I have anything to say about that' Gwen stiffened at the voice, I turned around and saw a woman in a white dress with a split at the front, her hair was blue and her eyes big and silver, she was beautiful

'Genevieve, finally joined the party I see' Gwen smiled, the lady started chanting something that sounds like a spell instead of answering her, then from out of nowhere, a big panther like creature knocked Gwen out, the lady quickly drew a circle around her before she woke up. 'Let me out of here Genevieve, I can't be trapped in that stone again, I destroyed it' she shouted
'I know, I don't plan on trapping you anywhere this time' the lady said sadly, she chanted the final spell and Gwen screamed in pain for hours before slumping on the ground motionlessly, I cried through out. I ran to her
'She's not breathing' I panicked
'I know' the lady smiled and knelt down beside her, she took my hand and interlocked it with Gwen's, then she sealed it with hers. Her hair glowed for five minutes before she released our hands and a seed was in Gwen's hand.

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She stood up and the creature already dug seven holes on the ground, like a circle, seven crystals were put in each holes and covered 'Mark come' she instructed

'Yes ma' I said puzzledly as I walked to her

'In two weeks time, return to this place and bury that seed in the middle of this circle, bury it with the amulet and it must be at mid night, then never return here, do you promise to do this'

'Yes, I promise but please save her' I sobbed

'Promise you won't forget or tell anybody, I beg you, if you make a mistake, the future generation is doomed'

'I promise with my life' I assured her, she smiled and closed her eyes, her body slowly faded as the wind blew against her hair, her body turned to sparkle dust which blew and entered Gwen

'Did she just sacrifice her life for Gwen?' Geraldine asked in tears
'Yes' the creature replied. 'I must return to get Emma' it flew off immediately just then Gwen coughed, I ran to her and carried her

'Everything will be alright now' I whispered

Author 's POV

Mark did as told and the seed was planted, for a hundred years it stayed like that before it bloomed, by then houses have already been built there, it bloomed in front of a man's house, he saw it and took it to his wife, she adored it and kept it in a vase
They made love that night and and before she slept, she sniffed the flower, inhaling all the magic, she got pregnant and later gave birth to a baby girl with cream hair and silver eyes
They named her Raquelia Catania McGrath


Now the real story begins

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