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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode8


Raquelia - Episode8
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Emma's POV

"It all started two thousand and fifty years ago in a parallel dimension, it was ruled by a king, there were two powerful sisters then, they were known as the oracles, they saw visions, advised the king and healed the sick, they were precious to that dimension. The eldest was in love with the Prince but never said a word to her sister who repeatedly asked her if she was but she would deny it, thinking that her older sister wasn't in love with the prince, she happily accepted to marry him when he asked for her hand
The eldest Massey felt betrayed and disappeared before the marriage, no one could find her, she hid herself because she knew that the youngest Maisie was stronger, she wanted to wait until Maisie dies so she could destroy everything but Maisie was prepared, she had foreseen this after giving birth to her son so she did something, the day she breathe her last would be the day Massey gets trap in the red stone made out of her blood mixed with the tears of the king

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The spell worked perfectly and she was trapped for a thousand years before she broke free by possessing the body of a slave girl who touched it, she realized her powers were drained so she set out to use souls to recharge and it worked faster, the slave girl had an amulet, the amulet was given to her as a gift from an elf, that amulet made Massey very powerful, too powerful. It was a horrible year, dead bodies everywhere, tears and pains, that was all Massey wanted
Then a strange girl appeared, Genevieve, she had Maisie's powers and even stronger but not strong enough to kill Massey, she trapped Massey back in the stone and told my father, it guardian then to take it far away from every living soul, my father foolishly brought it here'. Cletus explained

'Okay I understand but what does this have to do with Gwen?'

'EVERYTHING! Gwen touched the stone and Massey have possess her, I don't understand how, once the one thousand anniversary of her stay in the stone pass, she can not possess anyone for another thousand year, how it possessed Gwen is what I don't understand' he said thoughtfully

'What will happen to my friend?' I asked anxiously

'The longer Massey stays, the faster her soul goes which is also strange because it ought to have disappeared the moment she touched it'

'So what do I need to do?'

'You have to go to Afedian and find Genevieve, she's the adopted daughter of the present king'
'She's still alive?' I asked quizzically

'Yes, she is'

'But how do I find her?'

'Move close to that gold stone, you'll see a medallion with jade stones, take it and wear it then walk through that bronze door, it will take you there, from there you must locate the castle or wait until she locates you'

'Why can't you go?'

'Are you blind? What do you see tying me down?' He snapped, I stood up quietly and walked to the stone, I picked up the medallion and head to the door, it opened on it own. Here goes nothing
I walked through the door and screamed when I saw myself falling from the sky, I landed on a giant soft mushroom that bounced me to the ground, okay, cool! The place was so colorful, I took some pictures before I followed my instinct and went east
I walked for hours taking pictures before I found a family of talking hopping beavers
'Hey there'

'What's a girl'

'Like you'

'Doing alone'

'In this'

'Forest' I giggled, they finish each others sentences

'I lost my way my family and I were heading to the castle to see princess Genevieve but I wandered off and got lost' I said sadly, I hope it works and I hope they aren't man eaters
'There now'

'Poor child'

'We can'

'Take you'

'This way'

'Is the quickest'

'but quite'

'dangerous, lot of'

'giant snake'

'scorpions ahead'

'Follow us' their talking manner was funny, I followed them as they led, they seemed nice, we continued walking for another hour. 'What's your name?'


'Nice name' another commented, I thanked them and continued walking in silence, I was tired and hungry, very hungry. They started arguing in a whisper, I strained my ears to listen and heard

"We accidentally took her the wrong way, we have to take her back now"

'What! You took me the wrong way!'

'We are'

'So sorry'


'We correct'

'It now'

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'Scorpion snake!!!!' The smallest one screamed

'Hop!!!!" The oldest screamed, they hopped away really fast leaving me to run on my own to only God knows where, it was hissing and running after me really fast, I got to a huge split, I used the vines to swing over and stood still thinking it wouldn't be able to cross but it did with a single jump, I continued running and screaming Genevieve's name as that was what my mind told me to do
'Genevieve please help me!!!' I was crying, it was like I was in a movie only that this time, I actually die. I got to a dead end, there was nowhere else to run to, I clutched the medallion and wept, at least I tried. The scorpion thingy got to me and sting me on my chest, I howled and dropped down to the floor, the poison was working really fast
I thought it was going to eat me but it didn't attack, my eyes were fighting hard to remain open, before I closed my eyes, the blurry face of a woman hovered over mine

'Don't worry my dear, you'll be fine'

Genevieve 's POV

I scrutinized the crystals carefully to make sure they were the real one
'You said you found them in the depth of Jistorian right?'

'Yes your highness' the man who brought it said happily
'And how did you get there if I may ask?' I asked suspiciously
'I went swimming with my friend there, I can breathe under water, it's my gift, so I decided to go deeper and I found them there in that box'

'That friend of yours, what's his name?' I asked calmly sitting on my throne, my adopted dad died two years ago

'Erm...Credo' he lied, I laughed as I crossed my legs and leaned back sidely on the head rest and right arm. 'Mr Carlton, I am the most powerful and oldest being in Afedian, do I look stupid to you?'

'No your Highness, I indeed found it....'

'Silence! Your friend's name is Wrekin, the coral merman of the Jistorian depths, he found this and showed it to you so you can take it to me in his name since he can't leave the depth and you bring it here for yourself, greed is what I will never tolerate' I said harshly, he fell in his knees and started begging

'Please your Highness, pardon me'
'Sergeant give him the box of crystal pearls you found yesterday and take the other box with the heart, now you Mr Carlton will go give this to Wrekin and with your own mouth you shall confess your crime, failure to do so will cause you your life, now get out of my sight' I spat disgustingly, greed and selfish people remind me of Massey. Sergeant please...' I stopped, someone just entered Afedian and he or she is human. 'Sergeant take your trusted men to the Bronze gate and get me the intruder alive'

'Yes your Majesty' he bowed and left with Mr Carlton, I should have gone on my own but I need to observe the crystals, I took them to my room and did that for hours before I was sure they were real
'Genevieve help!!!!' A female voice screamed in my head, that's not Gwen's voice then who? The calling never stopped so I waved my hand at my mirror and saw a girl being chased, the intruder. I saw the medallion on her neck and she knows my name, how did she get it
Cletus or Geraldine? I teleported there late, it already sting her, I chased the scorpion away and knelt in front of her to removed the venom

'Don't worry my dear, you'll be fine'

Now you know how that happened

The next question is if Gwen is a Princess, what is she doing in the human world?
Find out in the next episode


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