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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode7


Raquelia - Episode7
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel


Andy's POV

I walked into the school with the guys who all looked glumly, Jace looked so sad and furious, I've been telling them not to attack her when they see her but I think they won't listen, I was right, immediately they saw her smiling and chatting with a guy at the stairs, they stomped to her
'You!' Jace snorted with contempt, Stuart on the other hand ran away in fear

'Me?' She asked confusedly
'you think you can get away with what you did but I'll kill you myself'

'Okaaaay but what did I do?'
'So you can still pretend?' James snarled and yanked her hair, she yelped

'What did I do to you? Let go of my hair, you're hurting me' she sobbed, she looked so innocent that I wonder if she could really hurt a fly.

'What the hell are you?' Jace yelled clutching her neck, I scratched my head nervously when she gasped, he was strangling her

'Jace that's enough!' I shouted and ran to them

'Stay out of this Anderson' James snapped

'I can't, you are both hurting her' I said pleadingly. 'If Mark sees you beating up his girlfriend what do you think he'd do?' I said reasonably but they were determine to die, she was losing consciousness and crying really hard, I forcefully pulled Jace away from her, he wanted to fight me
'Jace just let her go' I pleaded the scene was terrible for my image, I can't fight, dad made me swear that after I hospitalized a tenth grader when I was in seventh grade

'This stupid bitch killed your girlfriend and you're saying not to hurt her back' James hissed, he hit her head on the rail, she slumped and rolled down the stairs to the bottom were Mark stood staring at us with disbelief, his eyes showed how hurt and betrayed he felt
He said nothing, he simply carried her and took her away but sent Jace and James a 'I'll deal with you later' look, I ran after him

'I really won't fight back because I know she did it, your girlfriend did this to mine, if they just left her alone all this wouldn't have happened but just know that James and Jace are dead meat' he cut me off tearily

'I know, it seems like the dark side is triggered by anger and self defense' I said unsurely, he nodded sadly. 'What are we going to do to fix it?'


'Yes, we, I'm always here when you need me pal, just like first grade' I smiled, he smiled too
'I don't know what to do but Emma went to find out, we just have to hope she returns on time'
'Okay, when you need me, I'll be here to help' I assured him
'Thanks bro'

Geraldine's POV

I arranged the files absent mindedly, my thought was on Gwen, I don't know what to do anymore, her older sister have been trying to contact me since yesterday but I've been pretending not to see it, I'm so scared, the moment her dad finds out about this I'm doomed
I sniffed and sat down on the swivel chair, I can't let Bart see me crying again, I need to pull it together and accept the fact that my Gwen is dead and tell them, they can do their worse
'Geraldine, you're crying again' his gentle voice said worriedly. 'I don't get it, why do you still cry? Is everything not okay with Gwen?'
'She's fine, I just don't know why I'm crying' I lied, he scoffed incredulously. 'You're not buying it are you?'

'Not one bit' he said calmly, I sighed and sank into the chair 'stand up' he pulled me up and sat down before making me sit on his laps. 'Now please be honest with me and tell me what's happening'
I took in a deep breath. 'After telling you this, you might dump me' I said certainly, he chuckled
'Nothing will make me do that'
I smiled sadly and told him everything, he was awestruck when I was done and I knew he would certainly dump me, he finally cleared his throat

'You made a very big mistake my love, you should have told them the moment you found out that something wasn't right with her, they could have helped'

'I was and is still terrified'

'You certainly will when they come here themselves to see her'
'They won't know the difference anyways' I argued

'Geraldine pick up your phone and call her before it's too late'
'I won't, now let's stop talking about this, are you dumping me or not?'

'I told you I won't but you have to....' I shut him up with a kiss, I can't call Gwen's dad, he's super scary and her sister will kill me the moment those words leave my mouth, I just have to hope Emma comes back soon

Gwen 's POV

Three weeks ago two boys beat me up, I let it slide so I won't look more suspicious than I already do but it's time to deal with them, they were in a club drinking their useless lives to waste, teenagers of these days are so primitive and stupid. I pulled down the building, who cares if more people dies, it even favours me
'Aaaaaaaaah!' I screamed in pain, my heart was splitting into two, what is happening? I howled in pain as I fell on my knees and closed my eyes

Mark! He's inside the club, I've forgotten that I can't let him die if I want this body to stay alive, I'm not done with my mission yet, I stopped the building from crumbling in time, Mark ran out with his friends and I disappeared back home, my heart still hurts because he was hurt a little, why did I have to choose this body
I need to end this quickly before it ends me, I just need to find out where that witch Geraldine dropped the amulet and then kill her so I can have my full powers back, soon Genevieve will fish me out and I'll be trapped in that stupid stone again for another one thousand years, I can't stand that
I'll have to force the answer out of her but for now I'll leave his friends alone to avoid another mistake that will kill me

Geraldine's POV

'Mom' Gwen's voice called tearfully. 'Help me please' I tossed on my bed restlessly. 'Please'
I woke up and sat down on my bed, I need to stop running away from the truth, I caused all this, will I wait until she comes to kill me before I do something? No, I must act now
I picked up the mirror and called Genevieve, she picked up in a flash

'Geraldine, what happened to you, I've been trying to....'

'Hi Miss Geraldine' Emma waved from the background, Emma!
'You are alive?!'

'Yes but I just woke up from a coma two days ago and was just asking this pretty lady for help, to save Gwen, she told me about you and....'

'Enough Emma, go back to sleep, the poison haven't fully lost it effect on you' Genny shushed her up. 'Now what is this about my sister I'm hearing?' Her voice was cold and dangerous, I swallowed
I'm so dead

I'm sure you guys are curious to know who Gwen really is, just hang on, I'm almost there
How did Emma find the mysterious Genevieve who evil Gwen seems to be scared of?

Well find out in the next episode


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