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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode6


Raquelia - Episode6
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Gwen 's POV

Emma has been missing for four days, no one knew where she went to, not that I care or anything, I was in my room meditating when the door bell rang, I groaned and walked to the door

There was a young guy there, he looked really sad and shattered, like someone who just lost his loved one, cute but who is he?

'Can I help you?'

'Gwen can I talk to you please, I really need someone to talk to' he sniffed

'Erm sure, come in' he seems to know me, he sat down and broke into tears, okaaaay

'Are you sure you don't know where Emma is? She can't just disappear like that, please just tell me' he sobbed

'I know nothing, did you guys have a fight?' I asked instinctively, this must be Austin

'No, we didn't, I don't know what to do' he wailed, Humph, whatever

'It's okay dear, you'll be fine, I'm sure she'll come back'

'I hope she would, I can't lose her' he whispered, where is Emma?

Mark's POV

'Sir' the guard I sent to watch my car called respectfully

'I found this letter under your seat while dusting the inside'

'Let me see' I took it from him "to big eye frog Mark by Emma" was boldly written on the front. 'You can go' I said dismissively, he bowed. 'Oh yes, the money in the compartment is yours' he grinned
'Thank you sir' he said gratefully and left, I tore the letter open
"Dear stupid Mark,

If you are reading this now it means I'm nowhere to be found, I'm either dead or soon to be. I left because I want answers, something isn't right with Gwen and I must know what's up, call me stupid but I have to
If you study her closely you'll see that her eyes and voice aren't the same anymore, the way she smiles or laugh is gone, one would think that it's what she saw but it's not, I know it. Gwen naturally carries a peaceful and soothing aura, like she's some kind of angel but now her aura is all kind of wrong, I've gone to find a way to help my best friend but in the mean time, try not to let anyone offend her because I think that's when the evil in her comes out and whatever you do, don't make love to her, ever in no circumstances
I will return soon, I'm positive and please do as I say, my instinct says so, you know I will forever hate you but still, take care of yourself, if you die, you're on your own. Keep Geraldine away from her as well
With a sarcastic love
Emma Dela Rosa "

I stared at the letter thoughtfully, of course I know that Gwen is different, I'm in love with her not stupid, her eyes and voice were one of the reasons why I fell for her so I ought to know when that changes

I never expected Emma to take such risk, I grow to love her person everyday, she needs not worry about Geraldine because she's aware of the changes as well, I just hope Emma will be safe

Gwen's POV

I was in class drawing something I don't even understand, the literature teacher was going on and on about rubbish, she tapped me

'Yes ma?'

'Come out and recite the first scene of Shakespeare's novel Othello'

'What! I don't know it' I exclaimed
'And I don't care, failure to do it will cause you a lot now go out and recite it' this woman have been daring me since forever
'Mrs Karonel, what do you hold against me? Why so mean?' I asked huffily

'Why would I hold something against a kid like you, you're just as worthless as your mother so why would I?' Oh she just hit the spot

'Mrs Karonel can you please just be quiet?' Mark snapped, his eyes were uncertain

'Don't get involve with this Mark, even if she's your precious little girlfriend, she's so special that she can survive a cave when mine didn't' oh now I see her problem
I walked to the front of the class and closed my eyes, I connected it to a girl who was looking at the first scene and started reading it out loud, as expected she would flip over to check my mistake and that was what I needed, when I was done she hit my head with a book

'Detention, two weeks'

'But she didn't do anything' Mark and a student protested
'Exactly and if you talk more you'll join in'

'I tried' Mark said calmly and looked away, don't know what that means but whatever, I'll kill this woman now. I went to my seat and continued drawing
Later in the evening I went to her house, she was seated the balcony of her room flirting with her driver, isn't she suppose to be married? Whore, I hate them. I used my index finger to pull her down and she screamed as she fell to the ground, her blood spluttered everywhere, typical
Now to kill Mathilde

Mathilde 's POV

I wailed as the fire burnt me endlessly, the pain was unbearable, I just wanted to die
'Tilde my love, please just tell me who did this to you' Andy's voice echoed

'It's Gwendolyn!!!!!' I shouted endlessly at the top of my voice, she appeared
'Did somebody call my name?' She asked mockingly. 'Time to go sweetie'

'NO!!!!!! PLEASE, ANDY SAVE ME!!!!' I shrieked

'Sorry princess, not this time' she smiled and lifted her hand, she was strangling me, I jerked and jerked until I slowly passed on with her laughter trailing behind me

 Andy's POV

'It's Gwendolyn' Mathilde kept whispering, James, Stuart and I exchanged look
'It's not possible' Jace said incredulously
'Jace your sister just spoke for the first time and the first person she called was Gwen, don't be stupid' Stuart said coldly
'I never liked that girl, she's a witch' James said hatefully
'What do we do now? I don't want to lose my sister' Jace cried
'We'll have to beg Gwen, that's all' I said tiredly, Mark will help, he has to. Tilde started jerking. 'Tilde, tilde!!! James get the doctor' I yelled, it was a waste of time, Tilde died in my arms
I know that what she did was wrong and I have no thoughts of confronting Gwen because if she can so this to Tilde, she can so worst to me, I better back off and mourn her like that and I hope her brother won't do anything stupid

I have to say, Emma na character
Do you think Jace will react?
What is keeping Emma?
What will Mark do?

Keep reading and find out


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