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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode5


Raquelia - Episode5
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Matilde's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes, what was Gwen doing there, her face was cold and menacing and her eyes looked like death
'Tilde please get us out of here' Marina shouted, I angrily drove back and drove followed with great speed, I'll so run her over....but when the car hit her, it stopped, like I ran into a pole. My heart was drumming like crazy
She laughed again and lifted the car like it was nothing, we were screaming our Lungs out in fear, she tossed the car away and it somersaulted, glasses pierced into our skins and all we did was scream

When the car stopped, I whimpered and called for my friends but no one answered, then the door yanked opened and she pulled me out

'G....G....Gw...Gwen' I stammered in fear, she smirked and flung me away, she yanked the roof of the car open and one by one, she sucked the life out of my friends before moving to me, I was too weak to move. 'What are you?' I asked quaverly

'Let's say, I'm a soul sucker and yours is the next' she said menacingly with a very deep voice
'Please don't kill me' I sobbed
'That's what I said!' She exclaimed sarcastically and laughed before frowning back. 'Don't worry, I won't kill you yet, I'll make you suffer like I did before you die' her eyes were blood red as she blew her breath into my face, it smelt like ginger and soured lemon
I closed my eyes as I coughed but when I reopened it, I was in a pitch black place, the screaming voices was like that of the dead and horrible images flashed in my head, I screamed in horror for help but my voice was barely above a whisper

'Enjoy here for now, I'll be back for you later as in very soon' Gwen's voice echoed, I burst into tears, what have I gotten myself into? I felt a hot whip on my back, then another and another and another until I was running around screaming as I was mercilessly flogged

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Andy's POV

I sat in the cafeteria glumly staring at my food, I can't believe what happened to Tilde and her friends, she looks so horrible and frightened, all she does is cry and talk to herself

'It serves them right for all the things they have done to us, especially Gwen, I wish she'll die from there' a girl said derisively, I clenched my fist in anger
'I think Gwen did it' another said certainly

'What do you mean by Gwen did it?' The first one snapped
'I mean look at it, for years that cave have been there and anyone who goes there never comes out but Gwen did after two weeks, the horrified look on her face is the same one on Tilde's face, I saw the pictures and why is it that all the M-sisters except Martina and Meghan died? Think about it'
what she said made so much sense
'And there's her eyes, Gwen's eyes don't look the same anymore and I overheard Emma complaining about this to Mark' a guy said calmly

'Oh come on! She went through hell!' The first girl shouted
'But how did she survive? I'm telling you, that girl isn't Gwen but a spirit or maybe Gwen is possess by some demon' the second one said confidently

'Interesting theory' that girl that always follow Gwen around said with arms folded from behind the second girl

'Oh don't give me that look Emma, you know I'm right, Gwen is the one behind it' the second girl said irritably, the Emma girl snorted and grabbed her hair

'Let me worry about the realistic-ness of my friend, mind your fucking business before you get into trouble' she said venomously and bashed the girl's head on the table, wow! And I thought the M-sisters were cruel. She hissed and walked out

I'll have to keep an eye on Gwen

 Gwen 's POV

Emma went to buy us a drink like I asked her too, I just needed some real alone time with this Mark boy, he's so hard to possess
'Mark, can I ask you something?'
'Sure, shoot'

'Have we ever had sex before?' I asked nervously, he raised a questioning eyebrow at me. 'My memory is hazy and you know that but I keep seeing flashes of image' I lied

'Well yes, we have' he answered uncomfortably and looked away, no wonder I can't possess him, he's tied to the old me, stupid rubbish! How do I possess him now? Even that Emma is hard to bend, speak about the devil, she stomped into the garden
'Where's the fire?' I asked nonchalantly

'Can you believe what Jenny said! She said you killed the M-sisters' interesting

'And who's that bitch?' Mark asked angrily

'Jennifer Mac from sciences class, senior' I smiled to myself, scape goat number is it two or what?


School ended and I wandered off to search for Little Miss Jenny, she got into the school bus and I followed her, of course no one can see me
'Do you really think Gwen can hurt a fly?' A guy asked thoughtfully

'Of course she can, if she's Gwen that is'

'I believe Jenny, her surviver was strange you know' soon the whole students were criticizing me and planning to confront me tomorrow, eh! Whatev. I spun the bus around so it will be involve in a fatal accident before I drained their lives

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Mhm yummy!

I returned to school innocently and waited for Emma to come pick me up

'Hey you, stupid Gwen' it's that teacher again who won't stop bullying me because I refused to sleep with him, I don't feel like killing you but it seems like you want to die. 'You came here to steal huh?'

'And you are begging for death, talk to me one more time and you'll die' I said warningly, he was taken aback by my threat but instead of backing away, he hit my head with his stick, Mark and Emma who just walked in saw him do that

'Mister Kenny! Why did you do that?!' Mark roared
'This thing....'

'My friend is not a thing, you can shut the hell up now, stupid old broom' Emma snarled, I swear that this girl is really protective, she walked to me still cursing the teacher and pulled me out but before I left, I whispered

'Drive into a pole on your way home and die and may your soul be mine'

Emma's POV

Next day

The news about the death of the students was a big shocker, even Mister Kenny died yesterday, it was horrible. The bus driver survived but he's still unconscious, this is crazy!

I was alone in the gym going through the news when two stupid guys who have been hitting on me walked to me, I rolled my eyes

'So little miss you is finally alone' they mocked. 'After you insulted us yesterday, we'll deal with you today'

'Go fuck your mother assholes' their face grew red in anger when I said that, I stood up ready to defend myself since I can when I saw Andy walking into the gym. 'Andy help!!' I screamed dramatically, he turned to us
'Bitch' they muttered and left, Andy walked closer to me
'Are you okay?' He asked calmly
'Yea I am, thank you'

'You're welcome, I guess' he said unsurely, I bit my lip and smiled
'How's Matilde?'

'Still the same with no improvement, her condition is only getting worse'

'That's sad'

'I know but what about Gwen?' He asked calmly, being a reporter is awesome, I get to have a special instinct that tells me when someone is being suspicious
'She's fine, she seems to be getting better everyday' I replied lucidly, he nodded and looked away. 'I have to go now, thanks for the save' he nodded again with a smile and I walked away
Of I know that Gwen isn't Gwen anymore, from the first day I saw her when she returned, when she's scared, she sucks her lips and cross her fingers but this one looked calm in a way I can't explain, then there is her eyes, Gwen have light brown eyes but now it's dark and her voice is slightly deeper, Mark would have notices this if he wasn't blinded by love

I plan on investigating myself today, I must know what's wrong and save my friend, I went to his car and dropped the note I've prepared under the driver's seat, just in case anything happens to me, I hope he gets it

I took my bike and rode to the cave which have been sealed shut since Gwen got out, I touched the door and it opened, strange I walked inside and the door shut, I turned on my phone touch and walked inside, I didn't know where I was going but I just walked

'Holy cheese stick!' I exclaimed when I walked into a treasure room, oh my God! I found it! I heard a growl and trailed it to a dark spot, I screamed when I saw a black huge panther like creature with huge wings, it was tied to the wall with chains

'I can see that Gwen's real spirit have led you here, you are a true friend Emma'

'How did you know my name?'
'I know a lot of things Emma, like the fact that your world is in danger and the way to stop it'
'What happened to her? Gwen?' I asked fearfully

'She touched the cursed stone and now her soul have been replaced, I can tell you how to stop it but once I do, there's no going back' if he was human I would have drooled for that accent of his
'I'll do anything to save my friend, tell me' I said boldly now, he chuckled

'Very well then'

What will Cletus tell Emma?
Why isn't he dead?
Who do you think is really in Gwen?

And how will she be stopped?


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