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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode3


Raquelia - Episode3
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Gwen 's POV

I turned and looked at Maddy plainly, I'm not scared of her, I just don't like trouble

'So you broke up with me because of this cheap thing!' She roared at Mark, I walked out on them, he better fix this, in class I was lost in thought when Emma's frustrated scream brought me out of my thoughts

'Emma, what's going on?' I asked her calmly but with concern
'I just called Austin and a girl picked up telling me not to bother her boyfriend, can you imagine the nonsense!' She said angrily
'Don't jump into conclusion like the last time Emma, relax and call him back later, and please don't yell at him without listening to his explanation, if he breaks up with you again, I won't let you crash in my room and finish all my ice cream' I said humorously and she giggled

'Okay, I'll call back later but it's so early in the morning, what will a girl be doing at his house?'

'Maybe he's in class' I suggested
'No, he told me he didn't have any class until 11:30am'

'She must have come to visit or something, just have faith in him, he won't hurt you'

'I don't know, I have to panic you know, Austin is super handsome and hot, many girls will want him, I'm not there to protect my boyfriend from them, I don't want to lose him, what if he sees me as a little girl when someone else steals his heart' she sobbed

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'Hey, stop that sobbing and doubtful thingy, you know I don't judge anyone wrongly, my guts tells me to trust him and you should too but if he finds out you don't trust him, you'll lose him'
'You judged Mark wrongly' she stated with a frown

'I didn't, I knew it would happen but for some reason I still went, maybe because deep down in me, I wanted it to happen' I said lowly, she smiled

'You finally accept it, good girl' she said jokingly ruffling my hair, I laughed and smacked her hand away then the teacher walked in

I went to the garden to have lunch with Emma just to avoid everyone, especially Mark, we were eating and laughing about how stupid boys were when her phone rang
'It's Austin' she said upsetingly
'Remember what I said about trusting' I reminded her, she inhaled and exhaled and picked up the call

'Hey Aus' she said flamboyantly and put the phone on loud speaker
'Sweetie what's up?'

'Nothing, just eating with Gwen'

'Oh she! I didn't get to meet her when I came, send her my apologies'

'Like I care' I muttered and she giggled

'I called you this morning and some idiot picked it and warned me not to call you again because you're boyfriend' she said trying hard to remain calm

'Natalie! What is wrong with that girl' he roared to himself. 'Emma you know I'll never hurt you like that, Nata....'

'It's okay, I trust you, just try not to leave your phone alone with any other girl, I might trust you but that doesn't mean I don't get jealous' I winked at her and she chuckled

'Thank you so much love, see I promise I'll make it up to you somehow'

'You don't need to, I have to return to what I'm doing, can we please talk later?'

'Sure, bye love, I love you'
'I wuv you too' she hung up with a laugh while I stared at my feet sadly, I can never have a relationship like that or maybe I should just enjoy it while it last since the deed have already been done, yes! That's what I'll do. 'I swear if you don't answer me I'll bury this pie on your face!!!' Emma yelled angrily, I looked at her and grinned
'Sorry, just thinking about Mark'

'I'll do what I think is best' I smiled, she squealed and hugged me
'I'm so happy for you my Bestie' she released me and frowned. 'Is what I'd say if you were dating someone that isn't Mark'

I shook my head amusedly and continued with my food
After school I went to wait for Mark by his car, someone pulled my hair viciously

'You!' She snorted contemptuously
'Nice to meet you too Madison, now let go of my hair' I snapped and twisted her hand away
'What did I ever do to you for you to steal my boyfriend' she said angrily

'Trust me, I don't want to date him but I have no choice or else he'll....' I stopped when I realized who I was talking to
'He'll what?' She snarled, Mark ran to us

'Madison please leave her alone' he said calmly, she smiled evilly and left. 'Gwen are you okay?'
'Just take me somewhere that's not here or home' I said coldly walking to the passenger seat, he kept shut and stared at his feet thoughtfully, he raised his head and gave me a smile

Mark took me to the beach, it was relaxing and exciting and for that moment I forgot all my problems until he took me home, I sighed as I walked into the house. When I walked into the hallway I heard moans from my mom's room, is she back?

I peeped through the slightly door and saw her with her boss, I knew it! I went to my room and pretended not to be around until they were done

'Geraldine please listen to me, I didn't mean for this to happen, I was simply carried away' he said apologetically as they left her room

'No, you used my feelings for you against me, you found out about it just yesterday and today you tried to taste the stupid me and succeeded, thank you so much but can you leave now, my daughter will be back soon' she said usually calm

'Geraldine please listen to me first, I wasn't using your....'

'Bartholomew please get out of my house and don't bother to look for me at work tomorrow, I quit!' Why are women so dramatic? The least she could do was hear him out instead of overreacting

'Geraldine please I'm begging you, just let me....'

'Bart leave my house!!!' She said thunderously, I sighed and went downstairs to meet them
'Mom can you please stop shouting, my eardrums hurt' her face turned pale when she saw me. 'Relax mom, you know I don't care about all this, just shut up and listen to him, conclusion like I've always said is bad' with that said, I walked out of the house to give them some space

I strolled along my streets sadly, I noticed a car following me, of course I knew who it was, I wasn't even surprise when some hefty guys jumped out and kidnapped me to the M Sisters

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My hands were tied behind my back and connected to my legs, the girls stepped out, Matilde the leader, Madison the secondMaria, Marina, Martina, Meghan, Michele, Morey and McKenzie
'So this is her' Matilde said with disgust

'Yes, it is, so what do we do about her?' Maddy asked acidly
'Like we do to the others only that this time, we'll throw her into the cursed cave' Matilde said evilly, my eyes widened

'No please don't, I beg...' I was cut of by a very undesirable slap
'First let's teach her a lesson for messing with one of us' Morey, the one who slapped me smirked
'Guys, why don't you have some fun' Marina said wickedly

'No, don't, just throw her into the cave' Martina said sharply
'The more time we spend here, the longer our chances of getting caught' Meghan added

'Just spoil her pretty face for me' Maddy shrieked furiously, they beat me up badly and threw me into the cave, the door shut immediately, I was so terrified
I heard a deep growl, I shivered and folded myself at the door, heavy steps echoed to my direction as I said my last prayers in tears but then it was silence. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a very huge creature in front of me, it head was tilted to the side as it stared at me with confusion
My fear disappeared as I stared into the eyes of the creature that might kill me, I couldn't see anything else clearly but it eyes. It roared and cut off my chains and licked my wounds which disappeared in a minute, then it walked away

'Hey wait up' I shouted as I ran after it, I followed it to a very deep place filled with lot and lot of treasures, I was awestruck
'Wow! You must be the guardian of this trash' I said humorously and it laughed, seriously. 'Are you a girl or a boy?'

'Why don't you guess' it deep voice had me yelping
'You can talk?' He nodded. 'And you're a boy'

'I'll prefer the term old male since I'm five hundred and sixty five years old' his thick Britain accent was amazing!

'Okay, cool, so you've been here for that long?'

'It's the duty of my generation to guard this place'

'Why?' I asked curiously sitting in front of him, he looked at a big glowing red stone. 'Oh! Is that the great treasure everyone talks about?'

'It's not a treasure but a curse, it captures souls and destroy them, that's why we must keep it away from everything'

'By killing them?'

'Evidence must not be left, it gets really lonely here most times, I can only go out during mating season once every hundred years, it's hard but you'll be my friend right?'

'But of course!'

'Good, now what's your name?'

'What a lovely name, I'm Cletus, let me get you something to eat, I'm sure the magic bucket will have one, if I can find it that is' he stood up and started searching for it while I stare at the red stone. I stood up unconsciously and walked to the stone, I was hypnotized. 'Gwendolyn no!!!!' Cletus roared but it was too late, I touched it and a powerful blast erupted

To be continued


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