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Story: RAQUELIA- Episode2


Raqueli - Episode2
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Gwen 's POV

'Gwendolyn' he chirped as he hugged me. 'I miss you little one'
'I'm not a kid anymore, I'm seventeen now' I said poutingly, he chuckled
'I'm glad you came, when Mark told me you were coming, I could barely hold my excitement'
'Why?' I laughed
'I'll be seeing my sister in-law again' he said childishly, I laughed and hugged him very tight. 'Do you know I've been standing here for hours waiting for you?'

'Alright alright, I get it love but where's Mark?'

'He went to clean one of the rooms in his house or something' he said dismissively
'Mark have a house now?'

'He bought it two years ago but never used it, for some reason he will tonight' I shrugged and followed him inside, the party was fun, there was no sign of the M Sisters anywhere, just Mark's friends

'Gwen? What are you doing here?' Andy asked anxiously, he's the leader of the guys and boyfriend to the leader of the M Sisters
'Mark said to come to greet Matt'
'No, you weren't suppose to come here, I thought you were smart' he whispered yelled, I arched a confuse eyebrow at him. 'Listen Gwen, I'm not suppose to say this but y....'

'Andy, what are you doing?' Mark's cold voice snapped
'Nothing' he said calmly and walked away
'What was that all about?' I asked puzzedly, he smiled
'Nothing, just worried about you, he thinks the M Sisters will be here' he said coolly I smiled. 'Here you go, Matt said to give you this, he said it's his special drink or something'. I smiled, I knew that drink, I took it and drank a little. 'So how's the party?'

'Boring, can I go now?'

'Just finish your drink first and give me once last dance please' he said pleadingly, I smiled and gulped down my drink then we went to dance.

'The music is too fast' I complained because I knew what type of dance he wants
'Just dance' he snapped, we danced as he pleased, I couldn't help the warning look Andy kept giving me, I decided to leave. 'Stay a bit'

'No, I'll be leaving' I snapped and walked out but as I walked out I felt dizzy, something was wrong, I don't know what happened but I woke up in a room
The room was really expensive then I saw Mark sitting in front of his laptop, what am I doing here? I checked myself quickly and screamed
'Mark what have you done to me!!!' I screamed painfully, tears were already rolling down my cheeks he turned around slowly and smirked. 'Mark what have you done to me?'

'What does it look like I've done'
'How could you do this to me? Why? So all you really wanted was to take my virginity, you are cruel' I wailed

'Take your virginity? No, I've told you before that I want you and I'll get you, I'm tired of begging and pleading so now I'm going to use force'

'Force?' He smiled and turned on the TV, I gasped at what I saw, me and him kissing hungrily, I watched as he took off my clothes. 'Please stop it!!!' I screamed
'Don't you like what you are watching?' He asked flirtatiously, I was crying conclusively as I covered my ears, the moans from us was driving me crazy. 'I will never do that'

'True, just a little something to bend you to my will'

'Mark, you are sick, you are wicked, what do you want?'

'I broke up with Madison, I want you to be my girlfriend and if you say no, I'll post this video in every single social media I know after blurring me out, dare me'


'Don't! I'm tired of you hurting me, I just want to be happy, so is it a yes or yes?'

'I can't...'

'Gwendolyn don't make me be what I don't want to be' he yelled, I nodded in tears, he wiped the years from his cheeks and walked back to his laptop, I laid back on the bed and cried like a baby, he won't understand. I felt him enter the bed and lay beside me, he hugged me. 'I'm sorry, you pushed me'

I don't know how it happened again but we made love again and I was aware. Later when he dropped me home, I walked into my house and saw Emma pacing
'Geez Louis! You went didn't you? I warned you not to go but....' I broke into tears and she ran to hugged me. 'I'm so sorry my dear, please don't cry, what did he do?'
'He did what he said you will do only that he made me become his girlfriend, Madison will kill me'
'Yea she will but I'm sure Mark will protect you' she said assuredly and I nodded still crying

Mark's POV

'I don't agree with what you did, you should never have done that to her, she can hate you'

'She won't, I know that' I said calmly
'What she did to Mark was wrong, she should never have hurt him so much, we all know how much he loves her so she deserves it' Stuart said irritably
'Still you chose her over Madison, rubbish' James said angrily

'Mark you know Maddy will kill her' Andy said worriedly

'What's with you and her? Do you like her?' I snapped

'You all know I love Matilde a lot and will never hurt her so dropped that'

'Just leave me alone, at least she's mine now and I get to have her anytime I want like I did on Saturday' I said thoughtfully
'It was sweet right?' Jace asked excitedly

'It was hot' I laughed
'Just know that if anything happen to her, you are responsible for it' with that said he stomped off, whatever, as long as I have Gwen, I'm fine. I brought out my phone and sent her a text

'Where are you?"

"By my locker, why?"

"I'm coming"

"You don't need to, please don't come" I ignored her text and went anyways

'Sweetheart' I called softly and kissed her cheek, she stared around glancingly 'stop being so scared, she won't hurt you'
'Easy for you to say, you're not the one in t....' I shut her up with my lips, she kissed me back
'What the hell is going on here!' Madison's voice yelled angrily
Oh great!

What do you think will happen?


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