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Story: RAQUELIA- Episode1


Raqueli - Episode1
The secret of her birth

©Bunmi Gabriel

Gwen 's POV

Another monotonous day, that's my life, uneventful and lame. My name's Gwendolyn McAlbert, raised by a single mom, Miss Geraldine. I'm seventeen and too much of a smart ass
I bade my mom bye before running to catch up with the school bus, I'm always running which I kinda love. In school I met my friend Emma waiting at my locker
'Did you hear the news?' She asked enthusiastically, gosh! She's a gossip but a sincere friend
'I don't care' I said coldly
'The four teenagers that were reported missing have been found!' She squealed. 'Well, not found but we now know where they are, one of their friends, Jerry finally confessed that they all planned to go to the cursed cave to find the treasure but he fell sick so they left without him'
'So in conclusion, they are dead, you know no one can ever survive that cave, it's cursed, nothing can destroy it or even seal it'
'Can I enjoy silent now?' I asked bluntly, she hissed
'You are no fun'
'And that's why you love me' I said jokingly and she laughed


I was in the library looking for a book to read, something to take my mind off things when someone hugged me from behind, his breath on my neck, I sighed exasperatingly because I knew who it was
'Don't you ever get tired of bugging me?'

'As long as I love you, never!' Be said firmly
'It's been three years already, can't you just forget about me? I'm tired of living in fear that one of the M Sisters will see me, just leave me alone'

'Your words seems firm but your body is weak, can't you just accept the fact that you love me?' He said sadly, I removed his hands from my waist and turned around to face him
'Mark, just let me go, you have Madison, I can't let you cheat on her with me and have me killed, please' I pleaded, he will never listen
'But I knew you before her' he snapped, he was right, Mark and I knew each other from middle school, he was nice to me when his other friends except Andy weren't, I had feelings for him but I concluded that he will never love a girl like me, beside, I can't date, don't ask me why
Three years ago, he finally told me he was in love with me but I rejected him, I just couldn't date even when I loved him too, he never gave up on me, frustration pushed him into asking Madison (second leader of the M Sisters) out, just to make me jealous and come back to him but that only increased my fear, those girls were deadly, they do murder people and their wealthy parents always cover up their tracks
Now Mark was stuck with her but he still wouldn't let me be, I don't know what to do to get rid of him, it's my fault, I know but I have a reason why I can't date, again, don't ask why
'Mark, I know I'm hurting you but just let me go' I said soberly, he pulled me closer to him
'Never' then he kissed me, like always I would try to push him but then melt into his arms, he broke the kiss and smirked. 'Like always' I looked away. 'If you want me to let you go then at least just attend my brother's birthday party this Saturday, he misses you'
'If I come, do you promise to leave me alone?'
'I give you my words that after the party, I will stop disturbing you secretly' he said firmly but I should have noticed the cunningness of his words, he said 'secretly' but dumb me didn't get that
'Okay, I'll be there'

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'Good! See you there' he pecked my lips and bounced away happily


'Gwen you can't go, it's a trap' Emma said anxiously, we were in her room, I followed her home and told her about my plans to go to Matt's birthday but she was overreacting
'It's not, I know Mark, he will never lie or do anything stupid to me' I said trustingly
'Don't be naive Gwendolyn, desperation can make people change, the same guy that kisses you every single chance he gets, sends you morning flowers each day and never let your phone be for three whole years can't just wake up one morning and decide to leave you like that, not so fast'
'Maybe he's tired of chasing me around' I said trying to convince myself not her
'Oh pe-lease, stop deceiving yourself, I might not know Mark like you do but i do know that he's not a guy that backs away from a fight, what he starts, he must always finish, even if he does want to end things with you, he must score a goal before backing out and that goal is your body, remember he still knows that you're a virgin, he will definitely like to leave with the record that he was your first everything' she said as a matter-of-factly
It made so much sense but when fate want you to fulfil your destiny, she will stop at nothing to achieve that
'You are right'
'I know I am, promise me you won't go to that party' she said pleadingly, I nodded. 'Say it'
'I promise that I won't go to Mark's party' she nodded with satisfaction, I said Mark's party, it was Matt's so the promise don't work on me


Mom went on a business trip with her boss, the perfect opportunity, I was about bringing out my clothes when the doorbell rang, I ran to open it but Emma burst in
'Honey! I'm home!' She shouted shrilly

'First of all, I'm right here, second of all, what are you doing here?' I asked annoyed

'Making sure you don't go to that party, obvi' she said casually like it's nothing, I huffed and puffed secretly, she ran to my room to check, I trailed behind her glumly. 'Good girl, you listen to advice' she patted my head jokingly and threw herself on the bed, her phone rang but she ignored it
'Why don't you pick it up?' I asked suspiciously sitting beside her glancingly....Austin, her boyfriend who's in college

'It's nothing'

'Did you and Austin have a fight again?'

'No, he's back in town for two days and wants me to come spend the night with him' she said lowly
'I thought he was writing a test' I said confusedly

'In three days time'

'Then why bother to come back?'
'Says he's fucking horny and can't concentrate on his studies, the blue balls are killing him'

'So he returned so he can have sex with you so he won't cheat and you don't want to go?'

'Someone have got to watch over you'
'I'm not going anywhere you fool, now get up and go satisfy your one in a million boyfriend's sexual desire, I mean he flew all the way from Australia to here just so he won't cheat on you and you are worried about me? Get out of here' she sat up and stared at me suspiciously before looking away sadly 'what's wrong?'

'I'm scared'

'Before he came here it means he couldn't bear it anymore and when he's at this edge, he bangs me too hard with that oversized thing of his, the last time I ended up bleeding badly'

'Then tell him to be gentle with you'

'He won't listen' she cried, I chuckled
'Do you want him to cheat on you?'

'Hell no!'

'Then get your ass going, if you listened to me and spent the summer holiday with him, this wouldn't have happened plus I know you, you're not trying to tell him at all, have you?'

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'Not really' she said sheepishly, I slapped her arm
'Tell him about it and he will be cautious, remember he loves you'
'Okay' she smiled and stood up. 'Better not go anywhere'

'I won't' I smiled, she hugged me and I escorted her out, I waited for thirty minutes before I wore my outfit, a black crop top with pink oblique stripes, a black tight jean short and pink wool sneakers, I wore a light makeup and carried my mom's pink bag
Half an hour later, I was standing at Mark's doorstep, contemplating if to go in or not

'Gwendolyn!' A cheerful voice exclaimed, I turned and saw Matt, looking young as ever, well no going back now

To be continued


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