SEASON 2 - Episode4

Richard put away the
files as he glanced through his schedules for the week…it had been an hectic first day.He was too occupied that he forgot to have his lunch..he sighed as he remembered his meeting with his board of directors. .if only he had a secretary maybe things would have been easier’…he wondered how long it will take Tola to get him a competent one as he claimed. ..His phone rang and he picked immediately’

Hi love

Hi sweatie pie’ how’s work over there? Tare asked in her angelic voice.

It’s nothing compared to working with you’
I know. ..Friday is just few days away’

Yeah…how’s baby pearl?

She’s in school….I would be picking her up any minute from now.

okay love,please send her my love.I have a meeting love, we’ll talk later.

okay sweatie pie’ you.
love you more.

The line went dead…he stared at his wife’s picture on his wallpaper and smiled..2days without her was hell’


Betty threw away her clutch in frustration. She never thought getting a job at T..High could be this difficult. After doing excellently well in the interview. ..she was sure of that,even the co-ordinator had call to congratulate her…he was sure she was among the chosen ones but only for her to get a call this morning from the head that she couldn’t get it’….Theh old man wanted her’…she was tired of this kind of life,sleeping with men old enough to father her.

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