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SEASON 2 - Episode12

Tare glanced at the wall clock for the umpteenth time, she couldn’t believe Richard hadn’t show up..she had left the office earlier to prepare his favourite. .wear the most seductive nightie she had ever seen”..maybe after an hot romance session,she would explain everything to him and apologise” .After sitting for what seemed like hours’,she started having doubt if things would work out as planned”

Mummy,is daddy not coming again?pearl asked in her angelic voice”

He is baby…his at the airport now she lied.

Pearl jumped to her feet happily’…she couldn’t wait to see her daddy.
Did you tell him about my foreign biscuit?

Yes I did”..truth be told, she hadn’t spoken to Richard after the incident at the office’…he never picked any of her calls. Pearl pestered her with her endless questions till she fell asleep”..Tare sighed and carried her to her room . Unfortunately for her, her baby’s nanny was off on Friday’s”.After waiting for what seemed like ages, she went to her bedroom with an heavy heart as tears streamed down her eyes ruining her makeup”.

Why are you still here? Richard asked Betty”..who seemed to be busy faking crocodile tears”.


Oh my God, you are crying? What’s wrong? He asked concerned.

I lost my mother.

What??Richard asked alarmed.what happened? When? Why didn’t you informe me earlier”

I just got the call not too long, It like am loosing my mind..I can’t bear this pain.

She cried out..

Am sorry about your loss.he said sitting beside her”

I hate myself, before mum died. I had issues with her, I couldn’t even pay her a visit at the hospital”..and now,I feel terrible.

it’s okay…shh.he felt pity for her and drew her closer to himself.
she placed her head on his chest as she soaked his shirt with her tears’

Betty smiled inwardly,she had finally succeded in getting his sympathy.It wouldn’t be long before she warmed his bed.
Richard had offered to drop her considering her state…she looked pale and sick.Her makeup was a mess already’..her eyes were all swollen.

No thanks,you’v offered so much help already”

no I insist, I can’t let you go home yourself.Besides you don’t have a car, let me drop you okay?

she gave him a weak smile”

okay sir..I really do appreciate. she said and broke into fresh tears”

I told you not to cry..Please don’t. He pulled her to himself again.she inhaled his cologne, placing her head on his shoulders”..she wished they could be that way forever”

your mother is gone but you don’t have to blame yourself’..there’s a reason for everything.

Richard pulled up in front of where she had described as her house’

please don’t hurt yourself, he said to her when he had put the car to an halt.

I won’t be at work tomorrow,I’ll be going to my family house at delta state.

Take all your time, and please don’t think it your fault.
Good night sir’

wow…bae.,that act was great.you are such a drama queen. Vanessa said licking her lips.

Well he got to believe me…am just happy things are working as plan..she said closing her eyes’
I hope you aren’t falling for him? Vanessa said tapping her gently’
no….why should I? I mean you told me not to.

good girl’…Thanks alot betty.she said giving her a bear hug.

it’s nothing”

3days later.

You’r back, Richard asked suprised”

Yea…I had to, she’s been burried, and I really don’t wanna think about it.I might end up hurting myself so I wanna keep my fingers busy”…

That’s nice, you shouldn’t think too much.

I guess work has been hectic for you with my absence.


What are you working on? She said moving closer to him.His eyes were focused on his system.
There’s this contract. ..though their many competitors but I hope to get it”…


For the first time, he stared at her”…he never knew his secretary was that pretty’..he got carried away’…staring at her beautiful eyes’.their faces were just inches apart..she kissed him.He was resistant at first but eventually gave in”…her fingers carressed his dark curly hair, his centre of attraction”.she had always imagined doing that.. he unbuttoned her blazer,as he carressed her boobs.she gave out a loud moan urging him to continue’


He remembered his wife at the mention of sweatie’..that was her favourite word whenever they were making love’

He pushed her away’

Am sorry, am sorry for taking advantage of you.This is not right”
But why? She asked pained.
Am married. ..and am sorry once again.

She wore her blazer and stormed out of his office angrily’

Tare felt a light touch on her body. .frightened, she turned to see Richard’

My love ,when did you get back…without waiting for any response,she went on her

Am sorry, I should have told you what happened. .that pics isn’t real, his trying to destroy our marriage. .why would I cheat? you are the perfect husband for me.And I value you and our daughter. .Please love believe me.
Then how did he come about it? I can believe someone would just frame you up like that.

Please believe me love, remember that night we had isues..when I caught you with some lady..then we haven’t even started dating’…I ran away. that was how I met him.
I do remember. ..but why did he show up after many years?

she explained how he went to pearl’s school and took her’
love please believe me, I don’t know anything about it.

it okay honey, I believe you.Am very sorry for doubting you all this while.

He opened his arms and she hugged him happily’

Am sorry love..for everything”..for keeping secrets,I was scared.
I understand”

make love to me..she said in a whisper’

I…I..how’s pearl?

Our baby is fine, love please make love to me.

she leaned forward and gave him a kiss.

Am tired dear…can we do this tomorrow’
okay’..she said pained.

I guess you are stressed out now, let’s go to bed.She said to him.

He felt guilty’..he kept seeing images of what transpired between himself and Betty .He regretted what he had done…of all people why his secretary”.But before he could close his eyes”..his phone rang..

Unfortunately it was closer to Tare.,she handed it over to him..
as the name rang in her ears.

Richard placed the phone on his ear..his hands quivering against his wish


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