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SEASON 2 - Episode3

We need to talk..

Talk about what? Richard said feigning ignorance..

Come of it,we both know you aren’t good at pretending.
Is there anything to talk about. ..think of it,our marriage is still young for us to be far from each other.

Abuja isn’t far..you can always come home every weekend. Think about dad,just do this for him please.

Am tired of dad telling me every now and then what to do,am no longer that child who is scared of his dad decisions. .am a grown man now. I know what we neeed.
Please..if you can’t do this for him then do it for me.

I guess you have nothing reasonable to say.
He left her standing all by herself.

Tare sighed in frustration as she pulled the duvet over her body…Richard hadn’t come to bed,he was still mad at her.She knew what that meant..he was definitely sleeping in the guest room.
The next morning she woke up as early as 5.am to prepare their breakfast. .

Good morning Richard said lazily’
Morning sweatie pie..sit up and have your breakfast.

Wow…breakfast in bed,he said and sat up.

Yeahh…are you still mad at me?
I knew this was a bribe. .am not anymore.

Are you for real? does that mean you’ll go?

Yeah if that will make you happy’
Thanks sweatie pie’
She hugged him tenderly’
Just when their heads were inches apart Tare shifted..

You are forgetting something. ..you haven’t brush today..

You should have thought of that before coming here dressed like this.He pointed at the transparent nightie she wore.

Dont tell me…

Tare was cut short with Richard’s lips in hers..

Baby please calm down.
don’t baby me..for how long ehn? I keep hearing nothing is wrong with us, then what happening? why can’t I get pregnant.

There’s a reason for everything. ..we can’t give up,we’ll keep trying.

Am tired honey…am tired of people saying I used my womb to get wealth’..if only they understand what am going through.

Can you just hear yourself. .it just 3years and you are giving up on us already?

I just don’t know what to do anymore….she broke down in tears.

Do you think God is punishing me for abandoning my mother? I feel so guilty. I shouldn’t have given up on her.

Stop blaming yourself. .you made a mistake doesn’t mean things can’t change. .we can go back for her whenever you are ready.
I don’t think I can ever face mother again. ..I just can’t not with the guilt I feel.

You will and whenever you are ready…we’ll go together.

Useless thing…how dare you Betty…After everything have done for you..

Am sorry vanessa,I just couldn’t. .the man is advanced. He can even be my granfather.

Will you shut the hell..you are talking like a Virgin…You’v been doing this for 2years yet still acts like an innocent brat. Do you know what your stupidity has caused me? Vannesa shouted in rage.

Am sorry…Please
sorry for yourself…this gonna be your last chance if you blow it I will make your life a living hell’
She threw a magazine to her…

That’s the anaul magazine of T..High.A friend of mine gave me today,I was told the branch manager had been sacked and would be replaced in due time….The boss’s son would be in charge this time around ..so I heard.They are very wealthy…
don’t fall for him,just destroy him.
She left leaving Betty with her thoughts’

I would get back at them..that happiness they enjoy is going to crumble before their own very eyes’….Vanessa thought aloud

Doctor how long does it take to get a divorce?

Sarah..you don’t have to think of a divorce..can you divorce a man you haven’t seen for ages.Before any divorce can be accepted in the courth,it has to be signed by your husband.

But doc,this should make me have greater chances..you know very well he hasn’t contacted me for ages. .he might be married or dead.

Don’t say that again sarah’..I suggest you should put your past behind you and move on.Better still get something doing. .I don’t think the money your daughter left you will keep you for eternity.
I didn’t mention that doc..besides who will employ a lady like me?no experience and an insane woman.
you are no longer insane. .stop saying negative things about yourself.

I’ll find one for you even if it a little pay..atleast it will keep your mind off things.
Thank you doctor.

You are very much welcomed.

Betty couldn’t keep her mind off what vanessa had told her…she had always sold her body to men to please vanessa..they both needed the money but she was the preaty one among them with the shape men could die for. .

Life haven’t treated her well at all,orphaned at a young age she had gone through alot..

She had met Vanessa at the point of death..vanessa had been a saving grace..but why was she so intreasted in this client of thiers’
She flipped through the pages of the magazine till she found him

“Richard Ayiba-emi”.the handsome artist she had been crushing on for years. Could it be the one?

TO be continued


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