SEASON 2 - Episode2

Richard tiptoed to the kitchen and held Tare by her waist. .

Hi honey pie’
Love…What’s this aroma am percieving?

It marshed potatoes and egg..I will soon be done.

It’s so enticing. .can’t wait.

Excuse me he said and tucked his ringing phone out of his pocket.
Hi dad..what? why. .she’s here.cant it wait till tomorrow? fine owk.
Was that dad? Tare asked immediately he dropped the phone.

Yes love..he wants to see us now and is urgent
Oops…dinner is almost ready..
Am sorry love,we’ll eat dinner over there.

Wow…isn’t this too much? is just a family dinner.

Is it? should I change the outfit.
Tare wore a pink gown that clung to her body like a second skin complementing her endowment.
No might waste another hour or two’..but you look extremely gorgeous.

Thanks sweatie pie’
He carried pearl while she walked behind them.

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good evening mum..they both greated.

Son have missed you’..and Tare you look too beautiful tonight.
Thank you mother’
I can see Richard is taking care of you..

Richard beamed with smiles..sure mum.

She took her granddaughter from Richard
You both rarely visit,and you won’t bring my granddaughter to spend time with me..

We are sorry just our busy schedules. Richard said’
But we’ll make it up to you..Tare added.

That’s the silly excuse you both make…when are you going to make it up? A thousand years to come?

Mother…Richard said teasingly’
I don’t have your time son,all I want is for you to let my baby spend time with me…is it too much to ask?

No mum..

Fine let me call your father’
she headed upstairs with pearl.

Am sorry for this impromptu meeting. .but it can’t wait till tomorrow.

What’s the matter dad?
Tare asked’
The company branch at Abuja is falling’..the manager stole a huge amount of money without my knowledge.

What? you mean Dankaro temipo did that?

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Yes son..that’s why have called for you.As we speak he has been imprisoned.

So how do we come in? Richard asking growing impatient
Have thought of it and decided to send you over there…atleast you are capable and can help the company stand to it feet again.
Dad I can’t do that.I can’t leave my wife.

Richard’..see reasons with me.I don’t think I can trust anyone soon son.

I can’t family means the world to me,I don’t want to be away from them.
Am not asking you to leave your wife and daughter,it only temporary. things would work out fine.After that you will have them all to yourself.

Am sorry dad..we have to take our leave now.

He stood up immediately and Tare followed him reluctantly with pearl.

That drive home was what Tare called the worst she had ever had with Richard’…the car was as quiet as a graveyard..

She thought of what to do as her mind played the discussion they had with her fatherinlaw and father’

Her phone vibrated and it was a message from her dad’

“please convince him”

To be continued


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