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SEASON 2 - Episode6

Good day mrs Richard
good day,please am here for my daughter’
Your daughter? I thought you sent someone to pick her up already?
What do you mean? I didn’t send anyone,besides my husband is out of town.

Oh my God…A man picked her up an hour ago’
What are you saying ?
What man..Tare asked in fright.
Please ma,call your relative or anyone who you think might pick her.

No…there’s no one. ….except my little brother who is studying at unijos. ..she brought out her phone and dailed her brother’s number immediately…

Hello….my daughter..she isn’t with you.

She isn’t with him..his the only one that can pick her .
How does he look like?
His quite tall and light skinned.
I can’t believe this happening. ..you know very well it just I and my husband that picks pearl..
Mrs Richard please ask your friends maybe one of them did.
No…I don’t have friends and my husband close friend lives in kano.
Please mrs..

Dont say anything mrs popiski,how can you allow someone to pick my daughter without calling to inform me? What do you do with the expensive school fees I pay per term?this is jos where nothing is secure. If anything happens to my daughter. ..I will make you pay

She ran off with tears streaming down her eyes’
She turned on the ignition of her car driving home..she couldn’t involved Richard. .just 2days he left and things were already happening. .he wouldn’t mind running back.

Baby….pearl….she shouted at the top of her voice as she searched around the house.

Her daughter was no where to be found..she asked the gateman who said no one drove in.

Oh God where’s my daughter. ..she paced around the living room as tears streamed down her eyes’
After some seconds she decided to call her mother inlaw..maybe she sent someone to pick her up since she always complained of not seeing pearl’
The call came just before she dailed Maggie’s number.
An unknown number…she picked up immediately’

Hello Angel’

Who’s this please? Tare asked a little bit frightened.

Am sure you are looking for your daughter by now..you don’t have to panic just drive down to mechanic village.

Who are you? Tare yelled. What do you want from me?
Save it angel…your time starts now.

I want my mummy….pearl said in between tears.

don’t worry angel,mummy is on her way’…do you want bobo?
I want my mummy’…..I want mummy.

The tears had started falling uncontrollably’
Come on sweetie..you don’t have to cry..uncle will get you anything you want okay?

I don’t want you…I want my mummy.

What of indomie…am sure you would love to eat.

no no no…I want mummy

hi honey…have been calling,where have you been?

We need to talk,am from the hospital’
okay…what’s wrong?

will you just stop lieng to me? for how long have you been keeping secrets.

What are you talking about?

Stop pretending. ..what are you keeping from me? doc mark told me everything I just want to confirm.

Frey mouth flew open…he knew it was too late.

He went on his knees
Am sorry’…I didn’t know how to tell you,seeing how desperate you were.I didn’t know how to say am impotent…

Tears filled mitchell’s eyes as she yelled pointing her index finger at him.

All these years…all these years have been living in lies.For how long have you known?

2years’…he breathed out shedding tears too’
Oh….you’v betrayed me,why?…I trusted you with my life.
She ran upstairs and carried a few belongings of hers.

Mitchell please don’t leave me…Frey shouted,running adter her.
let me go…she shrugged off his grip and entered her car…
Don’t open the gate musa.

Open the gate now!
Musa stood confuse on whose order to obey’
I said open the gate’
…she ran out of the car and ran towards the gate.

Frey held her tightly’
please don’t leave me …Please he sobbed.

Making me stay won’t change a thing…you let me go or live to hate the person I will become…
He released her from his grip…

He watched her drive away from the compound..

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