SEASON 2 - Episode1

Tare took a glance at her diamond seemed she was running late.she needed to pick her 2years old daughter from school,she smiled as she remembered who had gotten it for her.It was a present from her husband years back when she had said yes to him in a garden he had taken her to…

All that were beautiful memories she never wanted to forget. She was greatfull to her creator who had given her the best husband she could ever ask for,caring understanding and romantic.

Back to the present she made a mental note to call her sweatie pie’ as she fondly call him.She had loads of work on her desk and couldn’t pick pearl from school.

Hi sweatie pie’ She spoke to the phone once she heard his musculine voice’..the voice that could make her fall over and over for him.
Love’…missing me already? …Richard said sweaty.

Nah…nah. .don’t get it all wrong am not.
Supposing you weren’t too stubborn I wouldn’t mind coming to have a quick romance you know?

Tare laughed at the sound of that.It was a fun thing working with her hubby but not when he started the office romance thing…she had to put an halt to it.

sweatie pie..not now okay? are you less busy,it time to pick pearl from school’

She said glancing at her wristwatch’
Their daughter had just started school and they didn’t trust people enough to pick her from school’

I thought of that too love..I will be there in a minute okay?

Thanks sweetie pie’
It nothing

She blew a kiss to him and ended the call.


Mrs Yakubu,how are you feeling today?
Am not bad doctor. Please can I ask you for a favour?

What’s it ? the doctor asked adjusting his spectacles.

Please call me Sarah’.


Please doc,I will appreciate it.
Okay. .he noded in affirmative. 

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So tell me what the latest development?
I feel natural. .I don’t think of him anymore.Have learnt to accept my loss and move on.If only have done this earlier I wouldn’t have lost my family’ …they all abodoned me. I wish had been a good mother to my daughter Mitchell’…but I let my weaknesses take the better of me.

You are going to help me sarah…and yourself too by not taking blame for anything’.It will help you heal faster.

Thank you doc.

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