story: LARA'S DILEMMA prologue




What!.. no way dad.. I hate Jason or whatever it is they call him and there is no way, absolutely no way am gonna marry him... I half yelled across
the room.. but I thought you were friends.. he said in a quiet tone.. yeah we were, UNTIL HE LEFT!..
Lara..., I need to sleep Dad, good night.. and with that I lay on my bed and closed my eyes.. seeing this, he sighed and kissed me good night..
I love my dad so much, he has always been there for me, after mom ran away.. urghh I hate her so much..
My name is Adewole Omolara..buh my friends call me Lara, this is a story of how I died and went to heaven.. lol just joking, so where was I? oo right I was introducing myself, I am 22 years old.. light skinned and average in height, one of the best doctors in the country (Nigeria).. my dad is a very wealthy business tycoon.. and also very influential.. well that's enough about me..
There are four important people in my life.. the first duo are Berlin and Dassey they are my best friends.. you'll find out about the others later..


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