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story : LARA'S DILEMMA episode- 9



Episode 9

Jason's POV...

It's been a week since the incident...I haven't seen or talked to Lara, I have been to the hospital several times, but Lara hasn't been going to work..
Now I know how Stephanie felt when I left her... I sighed and picked my phone up, .. hello... we need to talk.. meet me at tasty Tom in 20 minutes...I said and hanged up...

Stephanie's POV

I sat down patiently waiting for Jason... Why does he want to see me, I muttered looking around, just then he walks in and immediately spots me... He sat down opposite me, and cleared his throat.. how have you been Steph... He asked calmly... I wasn't expecting that, I was expecting him to shout at me or something...I am not here to fight with you.. he said as if he read my thoughts.. I.. I have been good....I stuttered, okay so let me go straight to the point.. I didn't know how sad and painful it was to lose someone you love, until the incident between Lara and I.. and now I know exactly how you felt then.. when I broke up with you, with no reasonable explanation..I..I am sorry Stephanie, I am so sorry for everything I did, I should have told you the truth.. that I love someone else.. but I couldn't, I couldn't bear to see the reaction on your face...am so sorry, Stephanie please forgive me.. he said with a sincere expression...
I forgive you Jason.. I said with a little smile on my face.. so, we friends? He asked with his hand streched out for a handshake.. yes we are.. I said and shaked him...

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I was driving home.. when I saw Lara driving Into a supermarket...oh ..I have an idea... I pulled over at the parking lot and walked into the supermarket..I saw her picking up some stuff..I smiled and walked up to her... Hey sis... I said, she raised her head to look at me, I could see anger in her eyes...she dropped the stuff she was holding in a basket..I looked at the items...rice crispies, corn flakes, cookies, candies and other items for a little child...what is she going to do with these things? I thought to myself... She was about walking to the other section ..i held her wrist and pulled her back... Wtf is wrong with you bitch? She asked In a angry tone.. listen to me Lara, you are making a mistake, Jason didn't cheat on you... I said trying to convince her.. she scoffed and withdrew her hand, and why should I believe you.. she asked with a raised brow.. Because I tried to blackmail him... I told her everything that happened..why.. why did you do it huh.. you made me think he was cheating on me.. and I didn't even give him a chance to explain... she said crying.. I hate you .. she said and walked away...

Lara's POV

I can't believe I was so stupid, I didn't even give him a chance to explain.. urghh.. I hate myself....

I was at home napping, when I heard the doorbell... I ran downstairs and without asking who it was, I opened the door..holy shit! Jason? He smiled and walked in.. I closed the door and turned to look at him, nice place..he said looking around...you can  ..I replied, and sat down.. he was already sitting ...thank Goodness Mia went out with the girls... Just then, I heard my daughter's voice.. mummy she yelled..oh God.. I am dead

To be continued


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