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story : LARA'S DILEMMA episode 8



Episode 8

Lara's POV conts..

So we are sitting inside the mall.. Mia was with the girls.. and I was with Nani...we have a lot to talk about..
So Nani.. what really happened that night?.. I asked adjusting a little.. she sighed.. Lara my child, I am so happy you are alive....that night after you went to see who was at the door.. I sat with Mia and continued with the bed time story u was reading to her.. then I heard voices, I came out of the room to check on you... and as I was entering the sitting room.. I heard gunshot, I saw you fall on the floor.. I quickly ran back to the room, carried Mia and escaped through the back door.. I was so scared I didn't know what to do.. I went to my friend's house and told her everything.. after sometime, I left Mia with her daughter and came back with her... I looked for you, but I didn't see you.. your body was gone, there was only blood on the floor.. I ran to Mia's room and packed few of her stuffs and we went back to my friend's house.. I looked for you Lara, I searched every hospital.. but I couldn't find you.. she said already crying.. I also remember the incident...


Three months after the incident with Jason...I fell sick, I was rushed to the hospital and series of tests were carried out..in the end I was confirmed pregnant, Dad was so disappointed in me, he asked for the name of the father.. but I didn't tell him, because I was afraid of what he might do to Jason or his dad.. when he saw that I wasn't ready to talk, he sent me abroad with my Nani...I gave birth to a beautiful girl..and named her Mia.. I loved her so much, and was ready to sacrifice anything for her.. I wanted to be a good mother.. I wanted to show her the love. I didn't get from my mother.... And then one night, everything changed... I was reading a bed time story to my two years old daughter.. when I heard someone knocking on the door .. I walked out of the room, leaving Mia and my Nani alone...I opened the door to see scary faces looking at me..they were three of them.. huge and tall with guns in their hands.. they forced their way in and started looking for something or someone..I was angry, hey.. what do you guys think you are doing huh? What are you doing in my house.. I asked but they just continued with what they were doing.. you know what.. am gonna call the police right now.. I said boldly and walked to were my phone was.. where's he? One of them asked angrily... Who? I asked back, oh please am not here games, let's just get this over with... Another one said..and pointed a gun at me, I froze at the sight of the gun.. now are you ready to talk? He asked.. I don't know what you are talking about.. I replied with a shaky voice.. he sighed, it's such a waste you're gonna die pretty.. he said.. baam! I fell to the floor with my hand on my stomach.. they walked into the rooms and came out without Mia or Nani.. he's not here.. the third one said.. I couldn't hear anything anymore and slowly my eyes closed..
I woke up and saw myself in the hospital.. Dad was sitting beside me.. Dad.. I called faintly.. Lara thank Goodness you're awake, am coming.. let me call the doctor.. he said and turned to leave... Dad..were is Mia and Nani, I asked him quietly.. he turned slowly and sat down on the bed.. Omolara, you have to be strong.. we didn't see them or their bodies.. no.. they have to be alive, No! Dad you have to find my daughter... Mia isn't dead, please ... Were is my daughter..I want to see Mia... The doctor comes and injects me with some sedative and I slept off..
Back to the present
So how did she recognize me..? I asked referring to Mia.. I showed her your pictures.. she replied, can you please call her.. I asked quietly.. Mia dear, your mummy wants to talk to you.. the child turns and playfully comes to our table.. yes mummy she said smiling.. I knelt down in front of her and held her face with my hands, the last time I held her, she was two years old . And now she's four... I hugged her and cried my eyes out.. my baby girl is really alive, am so sorry Mia, am sorry I couldn't find you..am sorry for not being there for the past two years... I love you so much Mia, mummy loves you so much... I said with joy, I love you too mummy she said ..

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Ok so we are on our way home from the airport.. my little angel was sleeping, with her head on my lap.. Nani didn't come with us though.. she said, she didn't want to leave her New family ... We finally got to the house and I came out of the car, and carried Mia to my room, I gently placed her on the bed and pecked her cheek.. then I went downstairs to get my stuffs... So Lara.. can I ask you a question.. Berlin asked, as we Carried the bags to the sitting room .. sure , I replied.. are you gonna tell Jason about his child.. the question was unexpected.. I.. I don't know.. I stuttered, Mia has been asking questions about her father .. and I can't help it anymore.. the child is too smart for her age.. what should I do now... God please help me..

To be continued....


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