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story: LARA'S DILEMMA episode 7



Episode 7

Jason's POV conts

I pushed Steph, and she fell on the floor.. well I don't care about her.. I got up and slowly walked towards Lara.. Bby.. i..I can explain, it's not what you think.. I said and tried to hold her hands.. but she didn't let me touch her.. Lara listen to me..I begged, she took two steps back.. and rushed down the stairs.. Lara.. I called after her.. I ran out of the house, but she was already In her car.. I stood by the gate, helpless.. hey man, what's the problem? I heard you shouting.. Davis asked walking up to me... It's all Stephanie's fault.. am gonna kill her... I said and walked into the house.. who is Stephanie? Davis asked confused with the whole scene.. but I didn't answer him..

Stephanie's POV

Wow.. Lara justed saved me the stress of ruining her relationship.. I was so happy..he pushed me and I fell on the floor.. he ran after her, and I tried to stand up .. ahhhhhh. I screamed.. I think I broke my ankle.. I sat on the bed and tried to walk out of the room.. just then Jason walks in... With a scary look on his face.. he walks towards me and I try to walk back.. but I couldn't help but leap.. it's all because of you.. he said in a quiet but angry tone, I shiver as he comes closer to me and grab my shoulders.. are you happy now? .. are you satisfied... Huh? What do you want from me? ... He asked shaking me, I haven't seen Jason like this before.. his grip was so strong and he was hurting me.. Jason please, you're hurting me.. I said already crying... Just then ..his friend comes in and release me from him.. Jason stop.. she's a woman.. he said quietly, I quickly picked my phone and turned to leave.. buh my ankle still hurts.. so I had to leap..

Davis POV

I was talking to Dassey on the phone, when I heard Jason shouting.. I walked out of the house and Saw him standing helplessly by the gate... Hey man, what's the problem I heard you shouting.. I said... It's all because of Stephanie.. am gonna kill her.. he said and walked into the house.. I followed him.. but he was fast, I walked into the room and saw Jason shaking a lady roughly.. I released her from his grip.. Jason stop she's a woman.. I said.. just then he sat on the floor and started crying.. I haven't seen Jason cry before.. I looked around the room.. no sign of Lara or the other lady.. it's okay man.. what happened? .. I asked.. he told me everything.. and I sighed.. Jason you have to let Lara be for now.. she needs time to herself.. I said..

Dassey's POV

Davis called and told me everything.. and now.. I and Berlin have been pacing around the house... I looked at the time 10: 55pm.. oh my God.. I just hope nothing happens to Lara.. were could she be.. we called her dad to ask if she was with him.. but he said no.. we even called her several times but no answer...
Just then the door opens and Lara.. walked in, her eyes were swelled... Probably from too much crying.. Lara thank God you are okay.. I have been calling you but you weren't answering... I said with relief.. buh she didn't say anything.. Berlin walked to her and hugged her... It's okay Lara, we are here for you..she said... And just then Lara broke down. ..she sat on the floor and started crying tiredly...I couldn't bear it anymore.. I hugged her and cried as well...

Lara's POV

I ran into my car and drove off.. I drove like crazy.. I was just driving with no destination in my mind..
I pulled over in a flyover... I came out of the car and.. as the wind hit my face.. I let the tears drop, freely..I had tried so hard to keep myself from crying in Jason's house.. but I just couldn't help it.. I was shattered again.. I can't believe I actually gave him a chance.. Jason why... Where did I go wrong.. I hate you so much .. I hate Jason... I yelled....

Berlin's POV

Lara has been moody for the past three days... And I hate seeing her like this.. she hasn't been going to work.. we have tried so much to cheer her up but it wasn't working.. Jason has been trying to talk to her, but we didn't let him...
So I came up with an idea, I just hope it works... Lara let's go on a three days retreat.. today is Thursday, so if we leave tomorrow .. we will come back on Sunday... I said excitedly.. yes.. how about we go to California.. Dassey asked.. that was were I gave birth to Mia.. Lara said surprisingly.. she suddenly stood up and shouted.. last person to finish packing pays for the flight... she said and ran upstairs.. I knew I would be the last so I called my secretary. ..hello..yea good evening Mary.. book a flight for the girls and i, we are going to California.. I said and hanged up..
Lara's POV

We arrived in California and lodged in a five star hotel... I think the idea was perfect.. I don't want to think about Jason.. I just want to have fun.. and that's what we have been doing...
So today is Saturday.. and the girls and i are going to the mall... On our way in, I spotted a little girl running playfully towards the door.. but she slipped and fell.. I ran to where she was sitting and crying.. oh my.. am so sorry baby.. it's okay, stop crying.. I said quietly.. she looked at me and stopped crying.. are you hurt? .. I asked looking at her body for scratches... No mummy..she said smiling.. I raised my head to look at her, did she just say mummy.. Dassey asked.. that's what I heard.. Berlin said.. no, am sure she's mistaking.. I said.. she looks like you though.. Dassey retorted...I looked at the child.. light skinned, straight face, long lashes, small red lips, pointed nose and sparkling brown eyes.. just then a picture of Mia pops up in my head.. uhm.. what's your name dear?..I asked with a shaky voice.. she was about to answer.. when we heard someone yell .. Mia!.. I turned to see a familiar face.. walking towards us..
We both yelled simonteneously..

To be continued.....


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