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Episode 5

Jason's POV

Ok so.. we are on our way to the park.. and Lara is looking absolutely stunning.. she's wearing a peach sleeveless gown.. which stops before her knees, black heels.. a black purse and light makeup.. how can someone be this beautiful??.. so where are you taking me? She asked for the tenth time.. it's a surprise.. I replied smiling.. like serious? That's what you've been telling me, since we left the hospital.. she replied already getting pissed.. .. I drove into the parking lot and stopped the car.. we are here.. I announced and came down from the car..

Lara's POV

I was already getting angry.. I wasn't paying attention.. so I didn't know when he drove into the parking lot.. we are here.. he announced.. I came out of the car and angrily slammed the door.. immediately I turned.. I couldn't help but shout in excitement... I was practically jumping like a child.. the people passing by were staring at me.. well I don't care, this is my favorite place in the world.. Lara please stop shouting.. Jason said and pulled me with him.. he bought the tickets and we walked into the Fair.. so what do you want to do first? He asked with a smile.. uhm let's ride the ferris wheel.. I replied with so much excitement.. What! You go alone, I'll wait for you.. he replied nervously..come on..stop being a chicken Jason.. let's go..I didn't let him talk.. I held his hands and dragged him with me..

Jason's POV

Oh I am so gonna die today
We took our sits and waited for the ride to start.. I looked at Lara she's so happy.. she turned to look at me.. what's wrong? She asked with a concerned expression.. I am afraid of heights.. I finally admitted.. what! She yelled.. just then the ride started, oh no .. we are going up.. I am so going to die.. I looked down and grabbed Lara's hand.. Jason look at me.. she said.. I turned to look at her, I looked straight into her eyes and she did the same... She brought her face closer to mine.. I think she's going to kiss me.. she diverted her lips to my ears. ..stop being a sisi.. she whispered.. what! I am not a sisi.. I replied defending myself.. then enjoy the ride..she replied and started shouting in excitement, along with the others with her hands in the air.. I looked at her and slowly raised my hands, closed my eyes and started screaming like a dieing rat.. Jason.. come out.. I opened my eyes to see Lara with hands akimbo standing by the machine.. people were staring at me.. when did the ride end? I asked Lara as I came out of the ride.. a minute after you started screaming.. she said.. trying to hold back her laughter.. I have been sitting and screaming alone! .. I asked.. come on, let's go, she said and started walking away.. just so you know.. you scream like a monkey.. she said smiling ..thanks for the compliment.. I replied.. we entered different rides and played several games and now.. we are walking around with five teddy bears.its getting late though.. I am tired Jason.. my toes are hurting.. she said.. I looked at her legs.. oh .. the heels.. I bent down and started to unhook the shoes.. wait.. what are you doing? She asked.. am pulling your shoes..I replied.. why,. She asked.. just pull it ok.. I yanked.. she didn't retaliate .. I pulled the heels and stood up.. she looked at her white bare legs and then at me.. now what? She asked.. I turned my back to her and bent down, then I signalled her to climb on.. she didn't argue.. she just climbed... I got up and almost fell to the ground.. what have you been eating Lara.. I asked and she bit my ear.. ouch..I half yelled.. just be thankful my hands are full.. she said raising the teddies.. I held her legs and balanced her well, with her shoes still in my hands.. we got to the car and I drove her home..

Lara's POV

I must confess ... I had a lot of fun.. I really enjoyed spending time with him.. I think I should forgive him now.. it's Time for me to let go of the past.. I love Jason.. so much..
We got to my gate and he stopped.. so Lara .. thanks for coming with me..he said jolting me back from my thoughts.. no Jason, thank you.. I really enjoyed it.. it was fun.. I replied smiling .. so uhm, I wanted to ask if we can uhm.. go back to the way we were.. I understand if you don... I didn't let him finish.. I kissed him passionately.. and he responded.. some minutes later he withdrew from it.. so is that a yes? He asked with his eyes begging me to say yes.. I nodded positively and he immediately pressed his lips against mine.. we kissed for a long time and he withdrew and smiled at me.. I love you so much Omolara.. I smiled I love you too.. I replied.. I got down from the car with my teddies and walked inside.. I just hope I don't regret this..

Jason's POV 

I drove into the compound and walked inside with a huge smile on my face.. I looked around ..no sign of the maids or Davis or Nani.. where's everyone? I asked myself, I walked upstairs to my room and saw the door opened .. uhh.. Davis how many times have I told you to stop leaving my door open..? I asked and walked into the room expecting to see Davis... Jesus Christ I yelled.. Stephanie..

To be continued


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