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story: LARA'S DILEMMA Episode 4



Episode 4

Lara's POV

He kissed me and I kissed him back..
Suddenly the door opens and I push Jason.. I turned to see Berlin smiling like a clown..
Uhm.. hi, Jason.. she said.. hi Berlin he replied smiling.. uhm he was about leaving, right Jason? I asked.. what.. not ye..I didn't let him finish.. I dragged him to the door.. ok wait Lara.. he said... What now? ..I asked sternly.. can I come by tomorrow? He asked.. for what? I asked back.. i wanna take you out..he replied.. HELL NO! i yelled .. then am not leaving, he said.. I scoffed, then suit yourself.. I walked back to my sit.. come on Lara please.. Berlin please help me talk to her.. he said.. okay .. Lara please go with him.. she said with a straight face.. what! No way.. I replied.. Lara....? ok fine I will.. I said with a tone of submission.. thanks Berlin.. Jason said.. so I'll see you tomorrow sweet heart.. he said looking at me.. fuck you.. I mumbled.. he smiled and turned to Berlin ..bye Berlin see you tomorrow.. he said.. bye Jason she replied.. bye my pink Panda..I love you..he said smiling.. GO TO HELL! I yelled..he smiled and left..
I turned to look at Berlin who was still standing by the door.. she smiled and took a sit.. what? why are you smiling?.. I asked her.. well I saw you kissing Jason, that's enough reason to smile.. she replied.. are you serious?, I didn't kiss him.. I replied, really then what were you doing? She asked with a wide grin on her face.. well.. I .. I was uhm checking his uhm, you know.. his.. wait what are you doing here anyway?.. I asked her trying to change the topic.. just came to check if you were okay after what happened downstairs.. and obviously you are good.. she smiled again.. okay, I have work to do so out you go.. I said, she smiled and left..

Jason's POV
Wow .. I can't believe I kissed her.. she's still so beautiful.. and her lips are still soft..
I walked out of her office with a wide grin on my face.. I saw her secretary staring at me seductively, . I smiled and walked into the elevator.. I saw Davis standing outside, probably waiting for me.. immediately I came out of the hospital.. my guards came out of their cars and waited for me and Davis to enter my car.. I told them to stay in their cars, because I didn't want to cause a scene..
So how was it man.. Davis asked.. it was perfect.. I replied smiling.. am sure it was.. he said..

Lara's POV
I couldn't concentrate anymore.. thank Goodness.. the last patient just left.. I sighed and looked at the time.. 5:26.. I rest my back on the chair and closed my eyes.. I couldn't help but remember what happened in the morning.. why can't I just hate him.. why am I so powerless around him.. why can't I just move on.. urghh.. and I let him kiss me and what's worse, I kissed him back.. I touched my lips and smiled.. I can't remember the last time I kissed.. but it was as if this was my first time.. wait what am I saying.. I shaked my head and stood up.. picked my keys and my bag.. I walked out of the office and told julliet to leave whenever she wants.. the girls were already downstairs waiting for me.. I joined them and walked out of the hospital..

Next day.. 1:25pm
Jason's POV
Today is gonna be perfect... Am gonna take Lara to the amusement park.. It's her favorite place.. I picked my key and walked out of my room.. good afternoon Jason..my Nani greeted, good afternoon Nani I replied.. Nani grace still lives with me, she's like a mother to me.. she has been taking care of me since I was 3.. after my mom died.. and I love her so much.. are you going out? She asked.. yes .. am taking Lara out today.. I replied excitedly.. oh really, that's good ..she replied smiling.. uhm where's Davis? I asked ..  hi ishmeal on+ 233544142683 to be added the story room to enjoy more from there .oh he went out for a walk.. she replied .. okay, I have to go now..I will be going alone without the guards.. I said.. okay dear drive safely.. she replied.. I walked out and drove off..



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