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story : LARA'S DILEMMA Episode 11



Episode 11  (grande finale)

Lara's POV

It's been three months since Jason found out about Mia... And everything has been going great for us.. and the bound between Jason and Mia is getting stronger by the day.. most times, I can't help but get jealous of the "father & daughter" relationship.. lol.....

Why should I calm down? Huh.. Jason hasn't called me for the past two days, he hasn't even returned my calls or texts..and Mia is with him.. I half yelled across the room.. Dassey and Berlin started laughing.. I don't see what's funny.. I said with a straight face.. after what seems like forever, they both managed to control themselves, .. sorry Lara.. Berlin said, we were just carried away.. Dassey chipped in.. whatever, I replied and rolled my eyes...
Uhm, Lara I was wondering if, you can come with us to my friend's party.. this evening.. Dassey said... Which friend.. anyways never mind , am not going.. I replied sternly, please Lara, come with us, besides you have been thinking about Mia and Jason.. this would help you relax.. Berlin added..
I sighed.. I hate you guys.. I said and stood up, we love you more.. they chorused, and stood up as well... Okay so let's get you set.. Dassey said.. what..? There's no way am gonna let you, pick my dress and make me up.. I said and ran upstairs..
I don't need your permission Lara... she replied and ran after me..

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Okay so she won, I am wearing a wine colored fish tail gown.. which Dassey bought.. okay all done.. she said after applying several items on my face.. I stood up and walked to my full length mirror.. wow..I muttered to myself.. the make up was perfect.. my hair which is in waves is resting on my right shoulder, and the gown is just too beautiful, the color matches perfectly well with my skin, it's an off shoulder dress, and a body hug, making it reveal all my cleavages in a good way though.. it also has a tearing at the front, and my shoe matches with my jewelry and purse.. I think these ladies are up to something..

So what do you think.. Berlin asked wearing her shoes.. it's perfect, thank you so much guys.. I replied happily, I don't know why, but I think you both are up to something.. I said looking at them.. what.. off course not.. Dassey said.. I looked at Berlin, and she looked at the floor..

We arrived at the hall at exactly 8:30pm, I just hope we aren't late.. we walked in .. but the lights were off.. the only one that was on.. was pointing at us.. uhm are we at the right place.. I asked, no response, are we? I asked again and turned to look at Dassey.. but she wasn't there, I looked at Berlin, and she wasn't there as well.. oh God.. what's happening? Has rapture taken place..I asked myself..I was already getting scared.. just then the stage light came on.. that was when I realized that I was facing the stage, I looked at the stage and Saw a familiar face.. Jason? I asked.. he smiled..and started walking slowly towards me.. Lara.. the first time I saw you In summer camp.. I thought an angel fell from heaven..or that a star fell from the sky.. and I was right, you are indeed an angel.. so beautiful, intelligent, smart and funny.. I know I was a jerk.. I know that I failed you at some point.. and am sorry for everything I did.. I never for once regretted having you in my life.. and I wanna thank you for bringing Joy to my life, and for forgiving me after all these years and also bringing my child into this world.. and I really want us to still have more... He got to where i was standing and knelt down with one knee on the floor and brought out a black box from his pocket..he opened it .. I gasped.. a diamond ring! But he wasn't done talking.. I wanna wake up every morning with you by my side, I want you to be there by my side when I turn eighty.. so Omolara, my pink Panda.. please will you do me the honour of being my wife? Will you marry me? He asked smiling.. I was already crying now..yes.. yes..Yes I will marry you.. I replied, he slid the ring into my finger, then stood up and kissed me.. immediately all the lights came on.. thank you he said and hugged me.. I withdrew from the hug and turned to see different faces, my dad, Mia, my friends, colleagues.. they were all here.. just then my baby came and hugged me.. mommy, you look beautiful.. she said smiling, awwn baby you look more beautiful.. I replied and hugged her.. our girl is gonna be married soon, Berlin said walking towards me.. I knew you guys were up to something, I love you both so much.. I said and hugged them, congratulations Lara .. I raised my head to see Noel (Berlin's boyfriend) he is a very close friend of ours.... oh my goodness, when did you come.. uhm yesterday..he replied smiling, aww it's so good see you...I retorted, Lara baby, welcome to the family.. I always knew you were the one.. Davis said smiling as he placed his hands on dassey's waist.. thanks Davis.. I replied..
I spent the rest of the day replying people, with thank you..

Okay so I and the girls were coming out from the bridal shop.. with my clothes and Everything in a bag.. just then a lady bumps into me.. oh am so sorry.. she said and bent down to pick her phone.. it's okay.. I said, wait.. I know this face.. isn't she the girl I met at the supermarket? Uhm hi.. I said, she looked at me and gasped.. oh Lara, am sorry.. she said it's okay.. I replied, my name is Stephanie.. she said.. okay Steph, can we talk please? I asked.. we walked away from the girls, to a more quiet area.. uhm am sorry for the other day.. I said.. she smiled, it's nothing, I should be the one apologizing, we talked about different things, and we became friends... so uhm.. I know this may sound crazy but, can you be my chief bridesmaid? Please.. I asked her.. she thought for a while and finally nodded positively.. yes, but what about your friends? She asked pointing to Berlin and Dassey.. oh... They are both fighting for aso-ebi.. so there's no problem.

Oh God.. am so nervous.. I said.. it's gonna be okay Lara, Stephanie said smiling... I wrapped my hands around dad's and the door was opened.. I walked down aisle.. with my gaze fixed on Jason.. and he looks so handsome and happy..

Jason's POV

I took her hand from her father and we stood before the priest.. I can't see Lara's face because of the veil.. urgghh.. I can't wait to kiss her.. after the i do's and exchanging of rings... I was asked to kiss the Bride.. finally .. I removed the veil, wow, you look so beautiful.. I wispered and she smiled, I slowly pressed my lips on hers and she responded.. God.. I need her so badly.. I couldn't help it anymore, I grabbed her ass and she wrapped her hands around my neck.. the church went bizarre , they started shouting and screaming..

The reception was fun filled, Noel and Davis were so awesome, they danced with the girls including Stephanie... We were asked to cut the cake and feed each other.. and dance.. it was time for Lara to throw her flower.. the ladies gathered at her back, and she threw it... And it landed on Steph.. she was so happy...
The party ended and we drove to the airport for our honeymoon..


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