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story : LARA'S DILEMMA episode _10



Episode 10(semi final)

Jason's POV

I turned to see a little girl running happily, with a Barbie doll in her hand.. now that I look closely, she looks so much like Lara.. mummy.. aunty Dassey bought me alot of new toys.. she said excitedly, I looked at Lara confused..her face was pale.. like she saw a ghost or something... Oh.. uhm.. that's nice, did you say thank you? She asked with a little smile, yes.. I did.. the child replied, okay.. so where's Dassey? She asked.. just then Dassey walked in with alot of shopping bags.. she froze when she saw me, she looked at me, then at the child, and finally fixed her gaze on Lara.. mummy who is he? The girl asked looking at me.. uh..uhm ..he..he is.. she stammered, Mia darling, let's go take a look at the new toys, so mummy and her friend can talk.. okay.. Dassey said... Okay.. bye mummy..she said and walked upstairs with Dassey... I looked at Lara, her eyes were teary.. mummy? Why did she call you mummy?.. I asked her... Look.. Jason, I have a lot of work to do.. so please excuse me, she stood up and turned to leave..

Lara's POV

I turned to leave.. I can't do this now..am not ready for this... Just then he pulled me back and stood in front of me.. and held my shoulders .. his grip was firm but gentle.. Lara is she mine?.. I couldn't look at him.. i...I don't know .. I said with a straight face.. DAMNIT..LARA ANSWER ME, SHE IS MINE.. ISN'T SHE? ANSWER ME LARA!.. he said shaking me...YES! I yelled... she's your child.. I said..he slowly dropped his hands, and took some steps back... What? He asked in a whisper.. she is your daughter, Mia is your child.. I replied.. he sat down on the couch, with a confused expression..I knew what his next question would be 'how?'.. so I sat down next to him... Two months after you left, I fell sick and was rushed to the hospital.. and I was confirmed pregnant, Dad was so disappointed in me.. he requested for the name of the father.. but I didn't tell him, he was so angry with me.. some days later, he flew me and Nani to America... And that was where I gave birth to Mia.. I said.. he took a deep breath and stood up..he paced around and when he finally came to a halt...he looked at me , why didn't you tell me Lara..? You denied me the right to know my daughter, I deserved to know Lara.. I couldn't see her take her first step.. or say her first words.. he said... Wait is he trying to blame me..I was furious.. are you trying to blame me? Huh.. you left the country two days after you took my virginity, you couldn't even tell me you were leaving.. you blocked all your social media accounts, and changed your number.. how was I supposed to reach you.. I know you were also in America, but how was I supposed to find you... How was I supposed to tell you that I had your baby and that I lost her two years after.. and that I always have nightmares because of the incident..? ..I stopped to breathe.. he wanted to say something.. but I didn't let him.. I dailed dassey's number, hey, yes am fine.. please bring Mia.. I said and hanged up.. a minute later, my little angel came downstairs.. but she wasn't smiling.. mummy why are you crying? She asked sadly.. it's nothing baby... I smiled and hugged her, baby Meet Jason your daddy, Jason meet Mia your daughter.. I said, he walked to where I was sitting and squarted.. are you really my daddy? Mia asked excitedly.. yes baby.. Jason replied smiling, so can I call you daddy? She asked shyly... Yes my princess.. he replied.. he smiled and hugged him... I love you Mia, daddy Loves you so much.. am sorry I couldn't read you bed time stories.. am sorry I couldn't take you to the park.. am sorry I couldn't hear you say your first words.. I couldn't take it anymore, I ran to my room and cried..

I was sitting on my bed, when my door opened, I was expecting to see Dassey but it was Mia ... Hey baby...I said.. mummy, daddy wants to talk to you, please let him in.. she said quietly.. okay baby..I said.. thanks mummy.. she replied and walked out.. some minutes later, there was a knock on my door, I already knew who it was, come in.. I said, Jason walked in and sat with me... Our daughter is a beautiful girl, just like her mom..he said and I blushed.. I didn't hide it though, Lara am sorry for what I said earlier.. he said, it's okay.. I replied, uhm Lara about the other night...I didn't let him finish, I held his face with my hands and kissed him, and he responded, I stopped the kiss and looked at him, I know everything, and am sorry I didn't let you explain.. I said, so are we still.. he tried to ask, did I ever say "it's over between us?"
I asked, he smiled and kissed me and I responded.. soon we were lying on the bed, Jason was on top of me.. he was kissing and caressing every part of my body... I was about to take off his shirt, when I heard my daughter's voice... Yeww what are you guys doing? She asked.. I pushed Jason and stood up, uhm ..he ..was... Ehm ... I couldn't come up with anything.. we were about to perform the magic that would produce another you..he said , yes he's right.. I said, wait.. what? I asked Jason.. he smirked and winked at me.. I glared at him and turned to face my angel... So baby are you hungry? I asked her.. yes mummy.. she replied.. okay.. let's go get you something to eat.. I carried her up..and walked out of the room, wait for me guys.. Jason said...

To be continued
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