Episode 1

I woke with a serious headache.. I had that nightmare again.. I checked the time 6: 45, ouch.. am gonna be late, all thanks to dad.. I rushed to the bathroom and did my daily routine, I came out and walked to the closet, I picked out a black trouser and a grey sleeve.. brushed my hair and added a little makeup.. I picked my keys, phone and bag and rushed downstairs.. dad was already sitted in the dining, while the maids were setting the table..

Good morning sir, I walked up to him and pecked him.. good morning my princess, how was your night? he asked.. uhm as always.. I replied feeling a little sad.. u had that nightmare again?
I have to go Dad, do take care of yourself.. I said ignoring his question..

Okay, you are going to your house?.. Yeah.. but I will drop by the office.. I replied
Okay, drive safely he said.. yes dad..I replied already heading out.. oh and Jason is coming today, please check on him when you are less busy..he yelled... NEVER! I yelled back..

So that's what happened.. I already told the girls what happened between me and Dad.. we live together in a four bedroom duplex.. I was laying on the couch in my room.. Berlin was on my bed and Dassey was on the floor.. she likes it.. okay so your dad wants you to marry Jason? Dassey asked.. I turned my head to look at her.. I believe I just said that.. I replied..

Berlin's POV

Then go ahead, you both loved each other then, and if not for the cruelty of death.. your child would have been alive.. Dassey said.. I immediately looked her with the you are so dead look, she knows how much Lara has gone through.. Dassey shut up.. Lara don't listen to her she's drunk I guess..I said.. buh she just kept quiet.. so I got up and told Dassey to come with me, she needs privacy..

Dassey's POV

I knew I shouldn't have said that.. how do I say sorry now.. I was still thinking when Berlin asked me to go with her.. I sighed and got up.. am sorry Lara I said..

To be continued


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