story : LARA'S DILEMMA epilogue




Lara's POV

We finally arrived in Dubai..we drove to the hotel.. Jason already made reservations... We took the key and walked to the elevator...
We entered our room and I covered my mouth with my palms.. the room was so breath taking... Scented candles were lighted in a straight line, with roses on the floor and on the king sized bed.. and the lights were was so romantic..
Just then, Jason walked closer to me and gave me a single red rose 🌹..he stood behind me and wrapped his hands around me..
He placed soft kisses on my neck, and I moaned.. Jason.. let's bathe first.i said quietly, not now.. I want you now..he replied and turned me to face him ..he pressed his lips on mine and I responded, then unzip me, I said... with pleasure.. he replied.. he Drew me closer and kissed me ..and slowly unzipped my gown.. leaving me in my undies..he carried me and gently place me on the bed.. he continued kissing me.. and I pulled off his shirt...he stopped and hurriedly removed his trousers and boxers, my eyes widened at the sight.. he smirked and continued kissing from my lips to my chin, then my neck and on the rest parts of my body.. he brought his lips back to mine and kissed so passionately.. I moaned softly, he slowly unhooked my bra and removed my panties... He looked at me .. are you ready for this? He asked... I smiled, I am not a virgin.. am I? I asked.. but still..he added, I am more than ready.. I replied...
The next 2 hours, was filled with, little cries..moaning, groaning and pleasure..

I never thought I would have an happy ending.. but Jason proved me wrong.. and I love him so much...

The end..

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