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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 22(Secret Agent Ghartey)



the incarnate - Chapter 22(Secret Agent Ghartey)

Sena was done preparing breakfast when Dorcas appeared from her room, she knew she had sleep too much due to the previous night hangout with Fletcher, Fletcher had left the house without her notice, and she was really pissed off
Sena: Hey Good morning
Dorcas: Good morning
Sena: And where is Fletcher?
Dorcas: How did you know he was here?
Sena: I saw you guys enter the house last night
Dorcas: Yeah, but he left without telling me
Sena: Why what really happened
Dorcas: Last night we really got naughty, but he just stopped when I was high
Sena: Did he tell you why?
Dorcas: He mentioned his girlfriend, I think his heart is stuck somewhere
Sena: Yeah, he told me how she lost his girlfriend some time ago; you know it’s always too difficult to forget easily someone you really love
Dorcas: He didn’t tell me that part
Sena: He did tell me
Dorcas: Come, breakfast is set
Dorcas: I’ll be back in a second
Milly was all dressed up waiting to go out with her new found faked love, she was soo dumb to know what she was going into, getting a new husband was the next big thing for her, and for this new old man, she’s going to make sure she drains all his riches into her name before passing him to the underworld.
Fletcher had been weeping all day, he felt so bad and was finding it very difficult to forgive himself, he felt he was cheating on Sena right under the same roof, He loved Sena with all his heart and mind, but the fact is, He is Fletcher and not Kelly, and the last thing Sena will thing of doing was getting involved with another man whilst her former FiancĂ©’s body still lay frozen into morgue.
He took out the photo album he managed to pull out from Kelly’s room, every picture in the album revealed one memorable moment that flood his eyes with tears, he wished time could race back, but wishes can never be horses.
Biitka was gradually losing his grips of the Vintage Group of companies, the companies were al reporting cases of bankruptcy, it was evident, Biitka was using the income for his own benefits, workers were laying down their working gears due to the delay in salary, and some don’t even get them at all.
All pleas by the Board of Directors to get the company kicking all fell on death ears to Biitka, he rather blamed the Board and workers for misappropriation of funds, he called them lazy and selfish, and that was it, one by one, they left him seated all alone in the conference room, the Board dissolved itself.
He knew in the future he will definitely loose his position in the Company; it was all evident because Sena was carrying Kelly’s seed, he was in a difficult position now, killing a pregnant woman and a nine months foetus was a tough thing for him to do.
He was looking so angry, his attention was distracted when someone walked into the conference room, it was Denary, one of the ladies who worked at the office, and she’s still there because she was on recess from a University.
Denary: Sir, I brought you café
Biitka: Thank you
Denary: You look tired, don’t you think you should go home take some rest?
Biitka: You think?
Denary: Yeah, you been here for the past four hours
Biitka: Lol, by the way, why are you still here
Denary: I don’t get paid anyway, just on recess, where am I leaving here for?
Biitka: Oh good…You look so beautiful
Denary: Lol, Thank you Sir, Errmm should leave now
Biitka: Not so fast young lady, what will be your answer if I decide to take you to my place for you to prepare me dinner?
Denary: Errmm, not really sure what my answer will be
Biitka: Okay, am your Boss, I want you to follow me to my house and prepare me dinner
Denary: what if I say no?
Biitka: You can’t say no
Denary: Lol. Just dinner
Biitka: just dinner
Denary went to her table and packed her things into her bag before following Biitka like an AI into his car, she was just out for exploration and adventure.
Milly and her old lover was soon done with whatever they had plan doing, Milly suggested they pass the rest of the day at her place which Ghartey agreed, after all, he had been waiting for that chance, they pulled up at the hotel and went straight to her place, Milly wanted the whole show to be a bit romantic, she checked her frigde,and the drinks inside were just fruit juices, she excused him to go get some wine across the room, immediately she left, Ghartey tiptoed to the door to make sure she was really gone, on comfirmation,he started opening her wardrobes and cabinets in search for any kind for evidence, he combed through the room but got nothing, on a second thought, he checked in the boxes that looked deserted in the corner of the room, and there is was, a mobile phone which was given to her by Biitka, it was used to call the dealers back in Colombia, in there was also the tickets from Ghana to Colombia and Back, and finally the signed documents that she had a her possession, she forgot to give it back to him when she returned to Ghana, Ghartey quickly scanned the available documents into the BNI systems, he took the phone and its IP address and forwarded it too to the BNI office in order for it for be hacked, he finally took pictures of the evidences before putting them back into its original abode, everything was done in such a way that, Milly wouldn’t suspect anything.
When Milly returned, she stripped into her bikini before inviting Ghartey into the hot Jacuzzi; they have the whole day to glorify.
Back at Biikta’s, Denary was in the kitchen looking a bit confused, she didn’t really know what to prepare for her boss, she stood looking at the ingredients available, but none really gave her a clue of which kind of food Biitka will enjoy eating, before she knew, masculine hands were wrapped around her waist, she stood frozen like a statue with her eyes closed.
Biitka: Don’t you really know what to cook?
Denary: Errmm yeah, you didn’t tell me what you will like to eat
Biitka: Errmm, the food can wait
Denary: wait?
Biitka: I need you, I have always needed you
Denary: No Sir, please stop touching me this way
Biitka: Really?
Denary: I have a boyfriend, and you have to respect me
Her plea fell on death ears, Biitka was already exploring her inner skin, Denary was a gold digger herself, she soon fell back into his arms after she found it difficult to resist him, the kitchen bowls and cabinets lived to tell the rest of the story.

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