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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 21(Cold kiss)



the incarnate - Chapter 21(Cold kiss)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Sena was now at the prime of her pregnancy,she did less work and was limited to doing exercises and watching telenovelas.
Dorcas on the other side has acquired a job at one of the newly opened clinic in the vicinity.
Fletcher was in n the low doing his best to put some goddamn souls behind bars,all was set,he just needed the right time to strike.
Milly has been lodging from hotels to guesthouses,settling at one particular place was not in his plan again because Biitka will stop at nothing until she’s feet deep,as fast as she is,she has been able to go low key without notice,her next move is to get one of this old looking men and lure them to bed with he seductive looks,she always prefers the old men,especially the single ones;at least she can lure them to marry her,she’s interested in enjoying where she did not sow.
And yes,her dreams seem to be working.
On one of the hotel she lodged,she chanced on one man who seem to be drinking his brains out,he was in his sixties and you needn’t be a psychic to know his wealthy,Milly could see him from her table,she walked seductively to his table
Milly: Do you mind if I join you?
Man: Yeah I would mind,right now I need to be alone
Milly: Cmon old man,be nice okay
Man: Sorry,thinking a lot
Milly: Thinking a lot? You know that’s not good for your age
Man: I have no option
Milly: Do mind to tell me what’s bothering you?…Before that,give me those drinks,you’ve had enough of it
Man: I lost my wife five years ago,we had no children,am growing old,and there is nobody to inherit my legacy of continue the family name
Milly: Ohhh,too bad,don’t you have a family?’like being brothers and sisters?
Man: I have wish,am the last of my kind…The ones are know are just greedy b******s the who are waiting to hear my obituary
Milly: Hmmm, and have you tried marrying again after you lost you wife?
Man: Yeah I have,it does not work out;they come and go like that…I know it’s because of my age,the others have to leave because they can’t produce children again because of menopause
Milky: Hmmmm…Too bad
Man: Yeah…
Milly stole the chance to engage the man in a hearty chat by telling him about her life,only the Good,The Lies and deceptions,just in other to grab him to her bosom.
The man appeared to be Ghartey,an undercover BNI agent sent to secretly investigate Milly concerning the drugs she slipped out of the country.
The Colombian Airport Management had changed its board members,and the new board is investigating Drugs smuggled into the country through the airport,Many drug Lords were arrested after serious investigations,and Biitka’s clients were part of the arrested,the mentioned Biitka’s and Milly as part of their suppliers,and the Colombian Narcotics Agency had partnered with the Ghanaian Narcotic Board to apprehend them through the BNI.
Dorcas had planned a date with Fletcher,she pretended she was just doing it for doing sake,but it was actually on purpose,the last time a man touched her was when she was with Barrister,she was always fantacizing about Fletcher milking her dry,it wasn’t something she could hide,Sena knew she had an eye for Fletcher,she gave her the vim to make the first move by inviting her to a dinner or something,they settled on dinner at the Afrikiko Restaurant.

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Fletcher: Dinner,Oh cmon
Sena: Hey be gentile okay,and be romantic too
Dorcas: Can we go now
Fletcher: Like now?,am not even dressed
Sena: Don’t worry,I will get you fresh clothes,Kelly had a lot of stuff h never wore,let me show you the room,you can wash yourself and wear the best outfit….The clothes are in that wardrobe to the left,everything here is new,we packed Kelly’s stuff out.
Fletcher: Okay,I’ll be with you guys when am done
Sena:Okay,Dorcas is washing down,don’t be late
Fletcher: Ayooo….In shatta wale’s voice….
Sena: hahahahaaa….
Fletcher had always wanted the chance to enter this room,he brought out the diary in which every activity of his life was recorded,what he saw and witnessed,what he did,and q lot of mystical stuff he witnessed.He threw the diary on the bed because he knew Sena was searching for it sometime past,after that he dashed into the washroom to get a cold shower,as the water dripped on his bear back,and coupled with tears reminding him of his old life..This room used to be his abode,it was his palace,now,it’s just like a hotel room to him,he will be leaving it soon.
Sena and Dorcas was seated glued to the TV screen when Fletcher descended from the staircase,the ladies held their breath looking at him with much awe and seriousness,Fletcher was gently dressed in this navy blue suit,he had the tie in his hands because he never learnt how to tie a tie..
Fletcher: Will any of you do me the favour by helping put this on?
Dorcas: That’s the same thing Kelly use to say when he needed help with the neck tie
Sena: Yeaahh
Fletcher: And am saying it too,that does not make me Kelly,does it?
Sena went to him and took the tie,she and ahead to tie it perfectly before drawing her lips closer to Fletcher’s ear and whispered
“Stop reminding me of Kelly”
Fletcher: Am sorry,it’s not my fault
Sena: And remember,we have to talk the next time, perhaps tomorrow God willing
Fletcher: Alright
After they had left,Sena went to Kelly’s room,the first thing she saw was the diary she had spent months looking for,she looked so surprised and worried
“But who really is this Fletcher guy?,where and how did he recover this diary?
She sat down and flipped page to page,and each page had a story to tell,she became more tearful when she reached the pages that spoke about the first time she met Kelly till the day she slipped the engagement ring up her finger..
Milly had narrated her fabricated life story to Ghartey,she has no idea the man knows much about her than she could imagine,everything she said was more of lies or no amount of through,she agreed to hung out with Ghartey the next day when he asked her for a date.
Biitka was having issues with Spider,his favorite Errand Boy,the police had just discovered the charred body of one of his guys in the bush,it was later identified as Flokki,but none of the associated his death with Milly,there was no way Flokki will die in the hands of Milly,he was just a perfect assailant.
Biitka raised his voice and threatened to show Spider his true clouds if he does not cover up the crime,he slapped Spider across the face when he tried to speak.
Spider pushed him back into he sofa,pointed his gun at him,but the rest of the guys had their gun noozles at his skull already,he made Biitka get up,and with the gun still pointed to his neck,he used him as a shield and led him to the main gate,left him there after he punched Biitka across the face,he was already gone before the other guys could show up….Biitka just lost his best mask man
It was a wonderful night for Dorcas,Fletcher was just doing it for doing sake,they laughed their hearts out as they drove home,Sena had already gone to bed when the two arrived,Dorcas pleaded with Fletcher to sleep over,in her bed,after some minutes of arguements,Fletcher agreed.
She reduced herself into her lingeries before hugging Fletcher from behind,he did nothing,Dorcas moved her hands across his broad chest before moving to his face,with the two breathing heavily,the lips parted and gave way for ecstasy to rule.
Dorcas: Mmmm
Fletcher: what?
Dorcas: Your lips are soo cold
Fletcher: I ever told you about my condition,remember?
Dorcas: Yeah I do


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