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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 20(The secret camera)



the incarnate - Chapter 20(The secret camera)

Written by

Danny Biitka

With Frank looking so saddened and the listeners so rapt, especially Fletcher…
“I am the Lab technician who runs the autopsy on Chief, and the tumor was not the cause of his death “Fletcher said
Sena: Whaat? Then what killed him, and why did the autopsy not record that
Fletcher: Sena let him talk, keep calm
Frank: After I was done with the autopsy, Chief’s brother, I mean Biitka came to my office, he wanted me to manipulate the autopsy to look like Chief died from the tumor, I didn’t really want to do anything to change the results, but he showed my some bank notes I couldn’t reject, He also told me to abandon my job and leave the country immediately, He even promised to get me a ticket the next day.
Fletcher: Continue
Frank: I changed the results to suit what he wanted, but I didn’t really delete the original one, I kept a copy somewhere, and here is it…He handed the bad containing the cash to me and asked me to leave, I was so dumb and confused that I couldn’t think for myself, He made me take a route with the notion that it will prevent someone from snatching the bag, I did as he commanded. I was only few blocks away from here when I met my assailant, I was shot, but the bullet missed me, someone saw the whole thing happen, he sent me to the hospital, and I have been a coma too…When I woke up, I had no other option but to tell the truth to the family.
Fletcher: This is interesting, so what killed Chief?
Frank: He was strangled to death, maybe suffocated with a pillow or something
Dorcas who now looked relieved, at least, her action didn’t kill Chief, she adjusted herself in a position to really listen to the rest of the episodes
Fletcher: Suffocation? That is serious, who might have done such?
Sena: I wish I knew
Fletcher: Can I visit the room in which he died?
Sena: Yeah, Mr. Investigator
With Frank looking so guilty and asking for forgiveness, Fletcher went into the room to such for the missing pen camera, he combed the entire room but got nothing
Sena: So what do you think you are looking for?
Fletcher: Since his death, has anything been taken away from here, I mean any item, whether big or small or tiny or gargantuan or whatever
Sena: Am not really sure, let me ask Dorcas
Dorcas told Sena she only took a pen that was sitting in the pocket of a suit hanging on the wall.
Fletcher quickly asked her to bring out the pen.
Sena: Really? A pen?
Fletcher: If I have not told you all about myself, listen to it now…I worked in the USA as a secret agent that was for four years before coming to Ghana here, everything around a crime scene can be used to help in investigation
Sena: Really?
Fletcher: Nope….Really
Dorcas: Here is the pen; I don’t think this is just a normal pen. What is this tiny red light doing here; I have never noticed that till now
Fletcher: You see, everything can serve as evidence
Sena: What is that?
Fletcher: This is a kind of pen used by secret agents and people in high offices, it is used to capture camera and audio around them, so I think Chief hanged one here in other to help with evidence should incase anything happen.
Sena: Too weird
Fletcher asked for a laptop, he loosened the tightened part of the pen which appeared as a pen drive, and soon, it was playing every video on its storage.
Fletcher intelligently searched by dated recorded until he chanced upon one that coincided with the day Chief died, he got one…
From the video, they could see Dorcas administering drugs to Chief, which is always her daily routine before she retires to bed, after she had left, all lights were turned off by Dorcas before she left to her room, it was quiet impossible to see, but not too impossible.
“<<Milly tiptoed from her room to living room, everyone knew she was not in the house because she had told them she’s travelling, but she had actually entered her room using the back door.
Seeing that everyone was asleep, she went into the room where Chief was and closed the door silently before tiptoeing to Chief’s bedside, she looked around like someone who was wanting to know whether she was been spied on or not, after that she picked up one of the pillows and suffocated her husband to death. Chief was too weak to fight back because the drugs had made him dizzy, and shouting was not just possible. After committing murder, she placed the pillow back to bed before injecting him with some kind of substance she had brought, and that answered why there was this whitish foam coming from Chief’s mouth. She left the crime scene leaving the door ajar”.
Sena was crying whiles watching the video, she couldn’t believe some woman got the guts to do such crimes, she suggested the matter be reported to the police immediately, but Fletcher quickly refuted her idea
Fletcher: You see she made a call before leaving the crime scene, who do you think she was talking to?
Sena: I don’t really know
Fletcher: We can’t involve the police now, I have this feeling that, she was talking to Biitka, and you know he influences the police here
Dorcas: I agree with Fletcher, let’s get to the bottom before involving the police
Sena: Hmm okay
Frank: I couldn’t forgive myself, but Biitka has to answer for all this happenings, I also heard Chief’s son, Kelly was killed by some assailants….like how I was supposed to be killed…So you don’t need to be psychic to know who is behind this.
Dorcas: Hmm
Sena: So Fletcher, what do you think now?
Fletcher: I will look into it more; I will use my investigative skills to fish them out
Frank: And, what do you intend to do with me? Report me to the police?
Sena: Police? For what?
Frank: For what I did, like changing the autopsy
Dorcas: Mmm, we will get back to you later
Fletcher: Let me drop you at your place
Frank: Okay, thank you
Sena: Thank you too

To be continued

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