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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 18(Getting away with murder)



the incarnate - Chapter 18

Written by

Danny Biitka

Sena was now in full flight, her stomach was protruding to showcase the coming of her twins, she stayed mostly at home and did less difficult work, and Fletcher was always around her and runs some of her errands.
Sena was thinking really hard, she looks closely at how Fletcher goes about his work, how he speaks and how he faces situations, and it was of no difference to the late Kelly.
Dorcas on the other side was at a crossroad, she knew without doubt she’s developing some feeling for Fletcher, and yes it was true, she was sitting in the living room with Sena, and it seem everything Sena said fell on deaf ears, her mind was far away from home.
Sena: Dorcaaas!!! What are you thinking about?
Dorcas: Oh nothing, just tired or something
Sena: Tired paaa?
Dorcas: Oh yeah
Sena: You think am going to believe that excuse
Dorcas: Why do you have any other excuse?
Sena: I know you are thinking about him
Dorcas: Thinking about who?
Sena: Fletcher, don’t deny it
Dorcas: Ah, so can’t I just think anymore, who said I was thinking about Fletcher?
Sena: I don’t need to be psychic to know that okay; you better catch him fast before someone else does that wai
Dorcas: You are not serious
Sena: Okay ooo
Dorcas knew Sena was right, she spends time fantasizing about Fletcher, but the guy was just of different idea. She was also a little bit scared of Fletcher lately, that was after he mentioned the factors surrounding the death of Chief, and she feels Fletcher was hiding some kind of information.
Biitka appeared in the living room, the noisy convo between the two had made the two ladies unaware when he pulled up at the car park.
Sena was frightened, running to hide was not possible, varnishing was not an option, she just froze looking at him like some kind of zombie
Biitka: Wooow, you are pregnant?
Sena: Yeah I am
Biitka: How many months now?
Sena: five months now
Biitka: And you never took the courtesy to notify me?
Sena: Oh yeah, sorry….You were busy evicting us from this house, so were busy packing
Biitka: You didn’t tell me you were pregnant…And you didn’t also tell me you were carrying my nephew
Dorcas: Would you have changed your mind?. Would that have made a difference?
Biitka: You think am inhumane
Sena: We didn’t say that
Biitka: I just came to tell you guys about the burial…I contacted the family and they have agreed to bury him here in Accra
Sena: Good, So when?
Biitka: Hopefully next week…I have made all the preparation
Sena: Thank You…
Biitka: And hey, I can’t evict my nephew from his house…
Sena: Thank you
Biitka was behaving normal for the first time in the presence of the ladies, and it was a strange sight to them. First he was evicting them…and now he was welcoming them to his bosom…
Biitka had taken a seat behind his car as the driver drove off; he had not taken notice of the one driving the car because there was this tinted glass dividing the driver’s compartment from the back passenger seats, Fletcher had actually knocked out the original driver and had taken the wheel.
Halfway into the journey, he changed the route after he had locked all the doors from the central lock, Biitka ordered him to open them but there was no answer, just an increase in speed, restless now, he tried peeking through the glasses trying to make contact with the driver.
Fletcher: Are you scared? You don’t have to
Biitka: How did you enter the car, and where is my driver?
Fletcher: Oh your driver? Do you care about him anyway?
Biitka: Stop the car now, I’ll call the police
Fletcher: Your driver is safe
Biitka: And where do you think you are taking me to?
Fletcher: Nowhere, I just want to know that, Doing the right thing is always cool you know
Biitka: What are you talking about?
Fletcher: Why did you influence Milly to murder Chief?
Biitka: What? What are you talking about? I didn’t do that
Fletcher: You know, I know you very well, like more than you can imagine
Biitka: Stop the car now….Am going to contact the police
Fletcher: Don’t worry; I have your phones with me… I have tapped your phone calls and tracked your previous movement, even when you visited your witch doctor…I also know you are planning to take out Milly in other to clear you name…So you know. Am like a psychic
Biitka: Whaat? Who told you that?
Fletcher: You look too afraid, I know you as a tough guy…
Biitka: Bring your voice down
Fletcher: Nobody will hear you; remember you are in a moving vehicle
Biitka: What do you want from me, just say it, I promise to get it for you, and I am a wealthy man
Fletcher: You don’t need to tell me what you are and what you are capable of doing. I know everything
Biitka: Don’t waste my time please; I have a meeting to attend
Fletcher: Meeting? I saw that look on your face when you came out from that room; you are disturbed Sena is pregnant, aren’t you? So you are going to the drawing board right?
Biitka: I didn’t say that
Fletcher: You have to do the right thing, leave this family and the city and never come back…That is a form of leniency am giving to you
Biitka: Leniency? How disrespectful you are, how dare you threaten me?
Fletcher: Get down from the car, I will abandon this car 40km away from here, you can pick it up if you wish
Biitka jumped out of car and made an attempt to steal a glance at the fellow who was threatening his life, but the guy was already gone, frightened as he has being lately, he felt exposed and naked, like someone committing crime in the broad day light.
“But why will I leave this city, and the Family? Which family is he referring to? ” he asked himself

To be continued

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