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Story: THE INCARNATE - CHAPTER 17(Getting away with murder)



the incarnate - Chapter 17(Getting away with murder)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Milly was left standing with the wildest experience of her life, she watched as the car varnished with mirages.
“Why did you kill Chief” was ringing in her ears like a typical church bell calling worshippers to church, she in her own way knew there was no way someone would get to know she murdered Chief, at least she followed all the needed procedure before she committed the crime…
“But who is this guy, I think we have met somewhere but I can’t just recall where”, she tried to recall as she tried to get herself another means of transport.
Sena was indoors with Dorcas when The Widows arrived, the two ladies went out to meet them with Sena leading the way with Dorcas following with a calculated distance, she didn’t really want to go too close, nor talk to them…
Chief Priest: Don’t try to run away with baby woman
Sena: I have not tried to run away
Chief Priest: Good, what is the sex of the baby?
Sena: Errmm, Am carrying twins
The Widows all shouted in unison, Whaaaat! Twins?
Sena: Yeah, anything wrong with that?
Chief Priest: We will get back to you after you give birth
With what look like sadness of the faces on the Widows, the drove off…
Dorcas: What was that about?
Sena: I don’t know?
Dorcas: And hey, how did you know you were carrying twins?
Sena: Errmm, sorry I forgot to tell you, but I went for a scan
Dorcas: Wow, congrats dear….But how did they know you were going to coil into yourself somewhere till you give birth?
Sena: I wasn’t going anywhere
Dorcas: That was going to be my idea anyway; I was thinking you can go stay with your Mom in Kasoa till the baby arrives
Sena: Yeah that is what I was also thinking
Dorcas: And why did they behave weird after you mentioned twins?
Sena: I don’t know, for Christ sake am not a Widow Dorcas!!
Dorcas: Ayooo
The Widows know they can only accept a male child to continue Chief’s bloodline in the Cult, but with them realizing Sena is carrying twins, it looks like some kind of blow to them, they were fast going extinct, they only thing they can do now is to cut the family off the Powerful cult.
Milly had just arrived at Biikta’s place, she met him sitting silently in the sofa looking deep into the ceiling, she knew immediately something was wrong somewhere and she didn’t border to ask him, because she herself just got the shock of her life.
Biitka: What is the look on your face?
Milly: I think I should be asking you that, you kind of look disturbed
Biitka: disturbed? Nope am not
Milly: Okay, but I am
Biitka: Why what happened?
Milly: I met this guy today
Biitka: Why did he assault you or anything?
Milly: I wish it were an assault
Biitka: Then what did he do to you
Milly: He accused me of killing Chief
Biitka: Whaaat! How did he know that?
Milly: I don’t know
Biitka: Don’t you know him?
Milly: Am not sure, I think I have met him somewhere before, But I don’t really remember where
Biitka: How does he look like?
Milly: Not really sure, didn’t really see his face well, he was wearing this cap and shades
Biitka: Hmmmm…You did not do what I told you to do did you? You’ve been so silly
Milly: I swear I did everything
They both knew something was not right somewhere, they had made sure everything was in other before Milly murdered Chief by suffocating him with a pillow.
Biitka was busy trying to solve his own problems, and getting other problems from the side of Milly was the last thing he was ready to accept.
Fletcher visited the ladies, they have grown so fond of each other’s presence, and he was more like some kind of family member to them, so they always feel soo comfortable when he is around, he seem to know the answer to everything.
He was trying to take their mind back on how Chief died without anyone trying to investigate the whole matter, as far as he is concern, he now knows Biitka influenced everything surrounding the death of Chief, he made everyone think it was the tumor….How to get away with murder.
Fletcher: Hey, but what happened after Chief died
Sena: Happened like how?
Fletcher: Like some kind of investigation into the matter
Dorcas: Errmm, nothing really happened, the hospital report showed he died from tumor which he was suffering from
Fletcher: So you guys really think that tumor might have killed him?
Sena: Yeah, that’s what the autopsy said
Fletcher: I have this feeling the autopsy was manipulated
Sena: Whaat, what are you talking about?
Fletcher: Look, How did Chief even get that tumor in the first place?
Fletcher asked this question looking directly into Dorcas’ face, she was startled but made no weird move, she used her arms to answer in the affirmative…
“Look, is not like am trying to intrude into the businesses of this family, am more concern about the safety of you two, because if two people can die from the same family in a short period of time, it means somebody is doing some homework somewhere”…Fletcher said.
Sena: So what do you think can be done about it? Biitka wouldn’t accept any kind of investigation
Fletcher: He is preventing investigations? He needs investigations then
Dorcas: Hmmm
Dorcas was sitting quietly looking at Sena and Fletcher as they deliberated about the whole issues, she was fallen and back to square zero, she was surprised Fletcher asked a question concerning how the tumor growth started in Chief, she knew she would one day confess that, but Fletcher was kind of an investigator now, and Dorcas looking like a culprit, which in actual sense, she really is.
Fletcher knew he was kind of rushing things, but he also knew he has to be very fast in order to get things in the right place before Biitka could plan any other schemes that might affect Sena and her unborn child.

To be continued.

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