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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 16(Milly's Ride)



the incarnate - Chapter 16(Milly's Ride)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Sena was a bit scared about the exposure she made to Milly, what will happen if she tells Biitka about it, she was waiting for Dorcas to know whether she really told Milly about it or not.
Biitka on the other side was at his witch doctors place, he was there to seek more protection.
Witch Doctor: Welcome Chief
Biitka: Hope you well Wise one
Witch Doctor: Never been good
Biitka: Wonderful
Witch Doctor: What brings you here Chief?
Biitka: I feel unprotected Wise One, I greeted someone and I have been having sleepless night from the
Witch Doctor: Greeted someone, let me feel your palm.
The Witch Doctor felt Biikta’s palm, he licked inside with his tongue and said some incarnations on it
Songs of Witch Doctor
“Oh when the spirits of the worlds beyond refuse to sleep
And the souls of the spirits seek revenge
We in body stay alarm
Like the eagle og the high skies stay vigil
Striking only when the winds and storms
When the Storms refuses to sleep
Pray all you please, a spirits seeks revenge”
Biitka: Wise One, what is this poetic songs about?
Witch Doctor: My Chief, You didn’t only greet a hand
Biitka: I don’t understand you
Witch Doctor: How did you feel after greeting him?
Biitka: A striking shock, like that of electricity shocking someone?
Witch Doctor: You greeted death, someone seeks revenge Son
Biitka: Someone, who?
Witch Doctor: The gods refuse to show me who, I can’t tell why, I only see the back of the person
Biitka: Help me please wise one
Witch Doctor: The gods are quiet, I don’t know what I can do about it Son, go and come back later, I will consult them once again
Biitka: Okay Wise man, I will be back next week
Witch Doctor: Be gone son be gone, the gods protect you.
Biitka was more scared now, if his only place of hope is hopeless now, what else can he do, it’s difficult to know who is really haunting him, he has killed a lot of people, so it’s kind of difficult pin pointing at one dead….
Dorcas was soon home and met Sena sitting quietly in the couch; she looked closely at her and knew immediately the lady was not feeling alright
Dorcas: Hey lady, why are you looking so dull?
Sena: Hmmm
Dorcas: Hmmm? I don’t understand that language
Sena: Did you tell Milly about my pregnancy?
Dorcas: Why, does she know you are pregnant?
Sena: Yeah
Dorcas: How did she know about that?
Sena: Yeah, after she had told me you told her about that?
Dorcas: Really? She just baited you to get a deal or something
Sena: Deal? Which kind of Deal?
Milly who was eavesdropping the whole time, she came out clapping and looking so bossy
Milly: Yess, A deal
Sena: Deal? Which can you deal is that, don’t bet my unborn child on any crazy stuff please
Dorcas: Look, if you want me to keep mute over the Divorce thing, then you should better shut up about Sena’s Pregnancy
Sena: Divorce? Why do you always make me look so stupid, what haven’t you been telling me the whole time?
Dorcas: Look, Chief divorced Milly before he died, the documents were signed, and Milly’s signature was forged to seal everything…That’s why she tricked you to know about your pregnancy…..
Sena: So how does my pregnancy form part of the deal you guys are talking about?
Milly: Pregnancy? Mmm, you have keep quiet about the Divorce, that is, you don’t have to tell Chief or anyone about that, and I wouldn’t tell Chief about your pregnancy
Dorcas: And hey, why do you think Chief shouldn’t know about the baby?
Milly: Lol, baby girl, if the lineage of Chief is dead, let it remain dead…don’t let Biitka know the bloodline still exist…
Sena: Why?
Milly: Why? Think hard girl. It’s difficult telling you this, but you really have to be careful around him. He is not who you think he is girl
Dorcas: What is he then?
Milly: Hmm, look I have to meet someone in town, any question from you two will cost you some strings
Sena: Whatever!!
Dorcas looked at Milly as she walked away, she was much aware of what Fletcher had told them early on, about Milly being in contact with Biitka.
Sena: Do you think she knows something we two don’t know?
Dorcas: Yeah I think so, but I’ll squeeze the hell out of her to get what she’s keeping
Milly who had boarded an Uber car was sitting comfortably at the back seat, but in actual sense, she was being driven by Fletcher, he was wearing dark shades and a cap, so it kind of made it difficult for Milly to really know who he really is
Fletcher: So how happy are you now
Milly: Excuse me?
Fletcher: I asked, how happy you are now, I mean in life, you don’t look all happy
Milly: Errmm, I don’t really know what you are talking about, are you some kind of prophet or you are Jesus meeting the Samaritan Woman for the second time
Fletcher: None of them, but you know, if you commit a heinous crime, hoping to get some kind of benefit or riches in other to live comfortably, you end up achieving them, but you live the rest of your life in fear…
Milly: Please who are you and what are you talking about?
Fletcher: Ohh am just a chauffeur doing my work, but I think I know what you know, and I will ask you to do the right thing before is too late
Milly: Stop the car, I said stop the car immedietly,I am going to report you to your company for disrespect to a customer
Fletcher: Disrespect? Go ahead
Milly: Wait, have we two met somewhere before?
Fletcher: I don’t know, but I do know you really well
Milly: I know your face, but I don’t remember where exactly
Fletcher: Thanks for the ride, but am not an employee of Uber.
Fletcher was already on the road before Milly could say jack…
“You aren’t an employment of Uber, how did you know I needed a taxi? She asked herself standing akimbo.
Then a text message came to her phone which nearly bulged out her eyes…
“Why did you kill Chief”…???

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