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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 18


I want a home- Episode 18

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Steve watched as Vivian stubbornly picked up her phone and made a call directly to her medical doctor despite his disagreement to it.
He saw her walked towards the door and get out from the room after taking another look at him, with full confusion on her face and Immediately she walked out, he heaved a deep sigh and closed his eyes for a moment. Probably to think of what to do.
He felt tired and drained but he knew getting checked by a doctor wouldn’t help his situation, or perhaps wasn’t what he needed. Especially when he knew he was suffering from emotional trauma and guilty conscience over the years.
He reopened his eyes and made another deep breath before his phone began to ring out beside the desk in front of him. He shifted his seating position properly and picked up the phone to answer it nonchalantly after noting the caller.
“Hey Joel” he called out immediately he heard Joel’s greetings and tried to rub his face with his palm after yawning.
“If I were you Steve, I will make sure that bed you are seating on is moved higher about 30.48 centimeters away from its position and I’ll adjust the window properly from where it is, infact, I’ll change the whole room settings entirely and adjust it properly, especially the shade adjacent to the position of that Japanese mug about few meters away from where you are”
“Joel what the hell are you saying?” Steve asked and jump up instantly, he stands up almost immediately and rushed towards the window. Just as he opened the window curtains, he saw a red pointed light on his forehead instantly even just as he slide it close and open again.
“Your window glass will break even before my bullet penetrates it Steve, the wall in reality isn’t exceptional likewise. Why have you totally become weak unlike I expected?” He heard Joel asked instantly with a chuckle as he tried to trace the red light pointed on him directly from the window.
“Hmm. Don’t try to look up here Steve. Death is lurking around you here and there and the only thing you could do to help yourself is to become weak. You are such a prank young man”
“Where the hell are you Joel” Steve gnarled and opened the window totally as the red sniper’s light still cleared on his forehead despite the reflection from the side window without noting a sound on the door.
Vivian stepped inside with more confusion as she called his name the second time without his response or making an attempt to turn back from the window.
“Steve !!!” She said louder as she walked towards him and stopped when he finally turned back to her with a phone placed on his left ear.
“What are you doing over there? The doctor will soon be here, I just called him” She asked him as she tried to dropped the tray she held with both hands in an attempt to move closer to him.


“Uzza is dead. I think Margot now has the hard drive with her” Cheng, one of the two Chinese hackers announced as he throw off the empty packed popcorn on the garbage box.
He cleaned his hands with a towel and sat beside Weng whose fingers was moving faster on the keyboard.
“Yes Cheng, I know Margot has the drive in possession now and I’ve finally discovered the last thing we need to do on the drive” Weng said and clicked more buttons on the keyboard before Cheng moved closer to one of the two systems in the small secret room they had acquired.


This is a mistake, this is wrong. Vivian thought louder within herself as she tried to stop pacing round the room but she couldn’t.
She finally managed to stop as Steve walked sides along her with his hands raised to support his trying to persuade and talk her out of fear but Vivian wouldn’t have it as she stared at the door for a minute in more confusion and state of worry, hearing Joel humming from the back door.
“Vivian I’m sorry..”
“Don’t be sorry Steve. I’m tired of you saying you’re sorry here and there each and every time this is happening” Vivian landed immediately before he could say more and more before he could added more. The whole lots of tension between the two of them was just unexplainable, few hours ago its was fine and gorgeous but now its just unexplainable. Vivian thoughts.
She disregarded his point and all his arguments as she touched her forehead, already feeling a bigger headache.
“Can’t we just leave the country totally Steve? Why can’t this people leave you alone?” She shouted the more and continued asking him each and every time Steve speaks nonchalantly before the door to the room suddenly opened in distraction and Joel peeped inside.
He took a look at the two of them and smiled, he opened the door wide and stepped into the room before Vivian suddenly rushed towards the door and out of the room as Steve followed her towards the door immediately, calling her name.
He was almost at the door way, trying to call her back when Joel stepped in between the door and stopped him from going after Vivian.
“That lady is the reason you have become weak Steve, you have clearly shown she’s your weakness. You are weak around her and your heart has soften more than its should be” Joel shouted and crossed his hands to prevent him from still going out.
“leave the damn door now Joel” Steve flared and finally face him after Vivian was totally out of sight behind the corridor that leads to the room.
“Hey calm down boy, you have to be strong if you wish to protect her and have the home you’ve always wanted. Do you think Nathaniel will ever leave you alone even if you do what he wants? You are such a fool, have you never come to think of why he always have you do everything he wants? You are such a b****** that you are no longer concentrate with lot of things that matters. And if you want her safety and that of her family and friends, then you should know how to protect yourself before you can protect them. Nathaniel wants a war and a war we’ll give” Joel shouted on him without allowing him give a response, and pushed him back into the room.

GMT 08:59 pm
Sunny nodded twice and returned his phone into his jacket, following the call he just received.
He could see Lord Nathaniel at the garden he was heading to, with few men standing beside the drug lord. He marched forward hastily but orderly enough to not allow the drug lord see his pacing especially when he had see him coming.
Right that moment, he wished he could just shoot the drug lord in his chest and use the opportunity to acquire what he now secretly wanted, and immediately his mind made a scene of pulling the trigger on Lord Nathaniel’s head but his fingers adjusted contrary with the level of the breeze in the garden.
He began to move forward and bowed to greet the drug lord who was already having a seat and trying to sip a drink he just poured by the time he got before him. He tried as much as possible to change his angry expression as the drug lord took a look at him.
“You look disturbed” the drug lord expressed and began to light the tobacco he held.
Stone taped the space bar on the keyboard as he made a sigh. Vladimir was seated beside him at the back seat of the jeep before two more jeep halted with a rush behind the jeep Vladimir and two of his men was seated.
Vladimir stopped what he was about to say when he saw Margot stepped down from one of the two jeeps. He opened the car door instantly and get down as he rushed towards her instantly in annoyance.
“You can’t stop me from doing this Vladimir, this is what I wanted before..” Margot uttered hurriedly and stepped back quickly against the car when Vladimir grabbed her neck and pushed her forcefully backwards with anger.
“Are you here to stop me again? Nathaniel must die today either you want it or not”
“Yes, that is exactly what I want Sunny” Lord Nathaniel repeated himself clearly after Sunny asked him about the perspective of Steve leading them.
He felt disappointed hearing the drug lord response again and he felt a strange surge of anger within him. Yes, he was more closer to the drug lord but he see himself incompetent whenever he gives Steve what its seemed to be his appraisal.
He made a silent chuckle, staring a look at the drug lord who had already returned his gaze at the laptop one of his men was showing him without minding that Sunny still has more to say.
Sunny turned backwards in anger immediately, he made another silent chuckle and took a brief look around. A thought ran through his mind almost that seconds, he touched his bushy beard and his face turned a frown.
He looked carefully around the garden and the few men standing around the drug lord and their position, he moved backwards and walked out from the garden immediately.
He went directly towards one of his handy man and made strange signals to him and some of the men he had already spoke to, against bringing down Lord Nathaniel even though some of them never agreed to his plans.
The first man he walked to, whispered and made a signal to him, appropriately saying No but Sunny wouldn’t have it or listen, he suddenly became furious and he totally lost it.
He couldn’t control himself and brought out a revolver instantly, he rushed back to the garden immediately and fired.

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