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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 17


I want a home- Episode 17

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Detective Cougar swallowed in and stretched his right hand at the edge of the sofa he was seated, he took his eyes off Louis cousin for a moment, trying to reason if there was any false in all he had told them.
Max was Detective Louis cousin, a young man at his early twenties and a very cunny one who one way and the other had involved himself into illegal contraband business few weeks ago but circumstances changed during the cause of the business and he suddenly found himself unexpectedly in Uzza’s den.
Things went wrong out of his incompetence and unprofessionally enough with the other party he did the illicit contraband business with, and his cunny act was easily discovered by some unidentified Uzza’s men who were involved in the same business.
The Detective hissed in frustration remembering how the whole thing disrupt their whole plans and what both him and Louis had to face from their chief when they allowed Uzza have the weaponry they planned to use as bait. He made a faint sigh silently and made a brief look at his partner who he knew wouldn’t expect that Max will Scape through the offence even if he’s a family member.
He took off his gaze at Louis who wasn’t looking like he’s gonna take a look at him after a minute of silence in the office. He picked up the tablet on the desk and took a look at it before adjusting himself properly on the sofa.
“And Did you confirmed it yourself Louis?” he finally spoke to get his attention.
“Yes Cougar, his dead body was found later but the Hard Drive wasn’t on him like we were told” Louis stopped pacing round the office and stopped to answer him.
“By the way, what is this hard drive all about? I might know something and maybe help out and free myself from detention right” Max interrupted them and shrugged on the sofa he was seated, speaking as if they are joking in the office.
“Do you think this is a joke? Our plans was disrupted all because of your involvement and do you know how that feels?” Detective Cougar shouted at Max but managed to low his voice appropriately after taking his hand off the sofa.
He stood up and rushed towards Max at once in annoyance when Max took him unserious and was still smiling when Cougar sent a hard punch on his face before he stopped mumbling and shouted loud when Cougar attempted to raised another blow.
“I seriously can help you out Detectives… I’m sorry, I’m not..”
“Start telling us all you know right now” Cougar interrupted him when he apologized twice and released his already hardened fist after seeing him terrified before moving backwards to let him speak.
“Her name is Margot but I don’t know the name of the man standing beside her, according to my findings, I was told she made a deal with Uzza and..” He stopped speaking when the door opened and an officer walked into the office without knocking.
Both Detectives looked back to see who entered and returned their face back at Max who had started talking.
“And what?” Detective Cougar asked him as the officer who entered walked closer.

Vivian noticed Steve sudden un-neutral change of mood following the call he made when he requested to use the restroom while they were discussing with her aunt few hours ago after Steve finally came longer than what she expected.
She couldn’t believe herself finally coming to accept Steve Jones all the rounds without a lot of deliberation. She had totally love him and there was no doubt for fear or veneration coming from her like she assumed.
She likewise remembered how its felt when Steve proposed for marriage, she couldn’t get the very moment off her head and the memories of her response kept ringing on her head like a continuous rolling bell.
“I thought you said Steve was never your dream man” she also remembered her aunt words, reminding her of what she said about Steve Jones, the man that has now captured her heart.
She took another look at Steve who had not been cheerful all through the few minutes journey even though he added more to the conversation all through the journey back to his place. She concluded that he probably was beginning to get shy and more anxious around her like Margaret assumed and finally opened the car door before he could come over to help her like she saw him make an attempt.
He tried to fake a smile by the time Vivian got out from the halted car herself but it could tell vividly on his face how hard he tried. He moved back immediately she got out from the car and closed the door but couldn’t look at Vivian whose gaze was on him.
Getting Vivian smiling, she ignored and chuckled as she took a look at the big compound with her back rested against the car and thereby concluded that he was still anxious around her.
“Can we atleast go in?” she asked after a minute of absurd silence and Steve nodded after they spoke few more minutes before they began to walk into the main compound.
“We shouldn’t have been lovers you know” Vivian said with dissatisfaction as they walk on and Steve stopped, confused and doesn’t understand what she meant.
“What’d.. mean?” he stammered and stared a look at her face.
Vivian looked at his serious face and moved closer to him, she made her fist and sent a punch into his chest playfully. She sent more punches into his chest until he realized she was obviously joking and stopped.

Few minutes later.

Steve watched intensely as Vivian look around the rooms and the whole repaired properties in it before he had to walk into the main room feeling disturbed.
Even though he tried to calm himself as he sat on one of the chair with a laptop placed on the desk, he didn’t felt peaceful, following lord Nathaniel’s new job to him which was to assassinate one renowned drug lord called Margot.
He refresh his email as he continued working on the laptop before he saw another mail labelled from Sunny and the contents all about the details of the target, several pictures and all the drug territory she owned. That was when he knew that the bond between him and the drug lord was one beyond the phase of dispatch. The deal they made was to find the Hard drive but now he was told to eliminate a drug lord and be done finally with the drug lord.
Probably he will never be done with lord Nathaniel, he thought.
He made a quick flashback of his disturbed serenity that wasn’t looking like he will ever have what he wants eventually. He could recall several times he had disturbing dreams of his past, his conscience hunting him with the souls of people he had killed, those he had ripped of their job, the families he had killed, the children he had allowed Sunny pierced and plucked out their eyes necessary out of fear and before their parents, the young and old women he had made lives unworthy for.
Right that moment, his ten fingers began to vibrate and painful for him to lift. He felt pains inwardly and felt sweat ran up his entire body at once and his gullet responded to the pain exactly like how he always felt each and every time he had the disturbing dream of people, young and old, crying bitterly and stretching their hands to him for help. He finally cough and with all the strength he could gather to fight the severe pain he suddenly felt after 3 minutes of trying to fight the pain and tried multiple times to breathe as he tried to call for help.

Vivian looked at him the third time as she proceed towards the door, her face vividly inclined to what he said and its was full of worry.
She stared at him with shock without going out despite that she had opened the door.
“Are you sure you are okay?” she asked him the same question the 50th time. In fact Steve had lost counting of each response he gave her.
“What exactly happened to you Steve? Don’t you think you need to see a doctor?” She asked him again before he could answer her first question.
don’t need a doctor Vivian, I’m fine now as you can see. All I need is a glass of water like I requested and nothing more” he answered her but clearly saw the disbelief right on her face.
“Steve I really think you need to get checked by a medical doctor right now and not drink a glass of water” Vivian argued stubbornly and closed the door to get her phone with more shock. The state she met him few minutes ago was totally unexplainable to her.

Sunny kept his gaze away from the television as he began to load the guns with bullets. The news had just reported the killing of two old rich men that was killed by them 5 hours ago.
He made a chuckle when he heard exactly the same report they tamed the newsmen to have after assassinating the men, its was reported that the two men they assassinated was both stabbed to death by one of the two men sons who was caught and arrested at the crime scene with two sets of knives.
Sunny made another chuckle with excitement when he heard more of the news reports from the caster, he smiled to himself confidently when the pictures of the men were shown and the alleged son handcuffed and led away by the cops. Of course lately, he had killed more people in just few weeks than he had ever did in years. Thanks to lord Nathaniel who gave him the chance.
One uncontrollable fact about him was the sore happiness he felt from killing humans and that was one major act of conflict between him and Steve Jones whom lord Nathaniel believed and has so much faith in. He felt contented this days he now handle all of the Drug lord orders and most of his illicit business deals.
Most of the drug lords men now greatly feared him even more than Lord Nathaniel himself, there were at times when he wished he could be the drug lord himself and control everything and the business of Lord Nathaniel without interception, without anyone to hold him back from killing anyone or any members referred as his enemies.
He had greatly created more fear and respect for himself when he strangled some of the men who reported his killing act to Lord Nathaniel right in front of the drug lord few days ago.
He had moved closer to the men after one of the business dealings he handled successfully. He caught them telling lord Nathaniel about his anger in killing most of their business partners after each and every deals handled by him. He had rushed to them and strangled one of the five of them to death before killing the four left right in front of the drug lord who said nothing against it.
He dropped the first gun he loaded and took up another gun to start loading it with bullets when one of the men walked into the room and disrupt him.
“Boss. Lord Nathaniel gave new orders” He said and took a look at Sunny who didn’t stop what he was doing but knew he will still blow up after telling him eventually.
“What orders has he given?” Sunny asked after a minute of not answering him.
“He said Steve should lead the attack and we must listen and obey everything he says, including complying to his techniques and every other thing he says” The words came out almost in a whisper to Sunny who dropped the gun he was yet to load.
“Steve !!” Sunny re-phrased with so much hatred and anger, he felt his hands moved and his fist tightened at the mere mention of Steve’s name almost at the same time.

“Where is he?” He asked in anger, getting the whole attention of the boys in the room.

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