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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 16


I want a home- Episode 16

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“We are doing this with or without him, the only thing is to make our investigation clear” Detective Louis pointed out.
“Yes Louis, we have to eradicate this entire drug business completely from this country” Detective Cougar also joined as they await one of the officers coming with Max.
The two of them stopped talking for awhile immediately they sighted max and the officer coming towards them.
“Uncle, you necessarily don’t have to do this, I can just return back on my own”
“Shut your mouth now Max and listen to me” Detective Louis shouted loud and ignored the whole stares on him as he moved closer to Max.


The cool and bright atmosphere had changed quickly almost in few minutes the two cars were packed opposite sides. Viktor was seated beside Lord Nathaniel at the back seat of the vehicle, thanks to him, the drug lord had uncovered most and top secret that were kept away from him, along some hidden identity of some drug lords he’d never heard of.
The rain began to pour just immediately Lord Nathaniel came down from the jeep and he was quickly accompanied with an umbrella by Sunny who also came out from the driver side of the jeep.
Three of the drug lords’ men quickly positioned themselves at each sides of the jeep and at the back with their guns alert to fire anytime.
The large size of the umbrella Sunny brought out was big enough to cover both him and the drug lord as the rain suddenly began to pour heavily with each step they take forward but he stayed out and cover lord Nathaniel fully before they finally reached the car behind the jeep.
The back seat door was opened immediately by one of the guards also surrounding the second car and Lord Nathaniel stepped inside before Sunny covered himself with the umbrella.
He took few step backwards behind the car and brought out a pistol just as the men surrounding the car also brought out theirs, anticipated and wondered why Lord Nathaniel’s men surrounded most of the tactical points with guns.
“I do not appreciate you crossing my path Nathaniel, you are over-stepping your boundary by doing this” An old African tall dark man said immediately Lord Nathaniel stepped into the car.
“I haven’t done anything my lord, I am only carrying out some investigation and annihilating all of my past mistakes. Is there any offense to that?”
Lord Nathaniel turned to him and smiled after a glimpse at the old man’s face. Reminding him of the occasional occurrence between him and the drug lord he met in the drug business, his wrinkled face do tell a lot and describe much about the old man who had become physically weak and his thoughts was distracted when the old man spoke.
“And you tamed on doing that by interfering in my business isn’t it Nathaniel?”
“of course not Lord Tyrus, the interference was only coincidental. No one dared interfere in your business but I huh noticed recently that after Fedor’s death few years ago. There were things left undone and Fedor himself made some grievous mistakes back then which he didn’t correct before he died and I huh believe I should correct them before another future clash would occur” lord Nathaniel answered him and made a weird face.
“Lord Fedor’s past mistakes as nothing to do with you Nathaniel and you are not the right person to correct it even if he did” The old man pointed out in a clear and stern voice confidently, unsure of what was coming.
“Lord Tyrus, with due respect I want to commend you for your efforts and all that you’d done all this years, especially for me and the rest of the gang, following Lord Fedor before he died. I must say you did magnificently well in staying beside him and raising his drug business more higher than it should but don’t you think its high time you stepped down for our units?” Lord Nathaniel said louder even though there were no distance between them at all.
“And why should I do that Nathaniel?” The old man gathered his brow together and asked, making a strange look as different thoughts suddenly ran through him.
“Are you saying you’d…” He added and made a chuckle and a smile that soon catch up and disappeared almost immediately he stopped talking.
“Yes Lord Tyrus, you must have noticed countless numbers of strange deaths recently and I’m sure you ignore their deaths without proper attention because you believe and see most of the victims as likely enemies, especially some of the politicians involved. So if you don’t want to end up like most of them, I suggest you step down now easily or I’ll have you dead like I killed many of your kinds few days ago”
Lord Nathaniel threatened and faced him without blinking as Lord Tyrus looked around the vicinity briefly following a thunder strike as the rain pour heavily and the rain poured the more.
“Nathaniel you are just about to start a war by doing this, I’d advice you to stop now when there’s still a chance for you” The drug lord said and faced him directly.
“A war !!” Lord Nathaniel chuckled and exclaimed.
“The war has already begun Lord Tyrus and its wasn’t start by me. This inevitable war was started by the members of the Six wings you belong over some years ago”
“What is it you want Nathaniel? Starting a war isn’t the solution to whatever the problem is, you surely cannot handle the consequences” the old man interrupted him and stared at his face.
“Starting this war gives me the right answers Lord Tyrus and that is exactly why you kept quiet despite that I had already killed two of the members of the six wings and you never made any move to counter it” lord Nathaniel flared but said slowly as he brought out his phone and dialed Sunny’s phone who was still standing behind the car with an umbrella as cover from the rain with his eyes fixed on the drug lord.
In less than 2 minutes, gunshots sounded sporadically outside the two cars almost immediately lord Nathaniel raised the phone up. Lord Tyrus became terrified at once and took a quick glance around, only to see his five bodyguard surrounding the car already dead.
He froze and stared a look at Nathaniel who returned his stern look with a smirk.
“What do you want from me Nathaniel?” he froze and stared a look at his main eyeballs, his words were slow and the confident he felt before disappeared the moment Nathaniel brought out a gun.
“Good. All I want from you is the list of the men I told you earlier before this meeting was arranged. Give me this list and I’ll let you be” Lord Nathaniel ordered and dropped the phone down as he cocked the pistol he brought out and pointed it directly on the old man’s skull.


“Yes aunty, I told him Yes” Vivian shouted the second time and jumped with excitement as she showcase the ring on her finger to her aunt.
“Wow !! Steve finally propose?” Her aunt exclaimed and asked as if she didn’t hear Vivian correctly again.
“Yes aunty.. He did” Vivian replied her with excitement as her aunt watch with bewilderment.
“I thought you didn’t like him Viv, what’s this all about?” asked her aunt.
“I think things changed aunty, and some things are beyond our control sometimes, I didn’t before but I love him now and I want to marry him”
“Holy Mary…!! When suddenly has Steve became a man you decide to marry and when exactly did he become one of your type or belongs to your class?” she asked as she watched her move round happily.
“Aunty I.. I.. !!”
“Its okay Vivian, its right you are better coming to see how good Steve is and any woman would grabbed their chance if they’re given a slight chance before you atleast” her aunt added when she stammered.
“But I’ve been wanting to ask you Viv, what is going on with Steve? I think I might have heard some inappropriate things about him”
Her aunt asked.


Vladimir opened the door to the big hall and entered almost immediately the men in the hall quickly went on their feet with respect when they saw him walk inside. He brought out a cigarette instantly and light it as they all paid attention to him, wondering what he’d come to do at the hall, leaving the rowdy place silenced.
“Your lordship, I think it’s time we leave here, there is a report upfront from our base and they seemed to be encountering some problems they can’t handle without you” Stone broke the 2 minutes silence Vladimir took to finally light the cigarette.
“What problems are they encountering Stone?” Vladimir asked him after one more minute.
“Its seemed to be some issues you need to attend to boss” Stone answered him.
“Gather yourself, all of you. We are going to attack one of our enemies” Vladimir announced and began to walk around the hall, ignoring what Stone said as he began to give them further instructions.


Steve walked out from the police headquarters as Inspector Kelvin followed him out. He had a smile on, one which could vividly describe or tell that he was happy and for the first time in his life, he felt peace and felt contended, he felt propitious and tranquility satisfied with a feeling of comfort within him.
He turned back and nodded to answer the inspector who had already bade him well before he noticed his phone vibrated, he heaved a big sigh in relief and smiled as he began to take one step after another down the staircase of the building.
He couldn’t believe despite every circumstances that Vivian will say yes to his proposal the day before after several deliberation with Charles who one at a point almost discouraged him from making a move to propose the second time. A move he thought Vivian wouldn’t take but reject.
He smiled to himself the fourth time almost forgotten he wanted to answer his ringing phone by the time he got near his car. He took a look at the phone screen instantly as it was still ringing and saw Vivian’s number displayed.
“Hi Viv” he uttered elevated immediately he answered the call and felt nervous with her response.
“Hi Darling Steve” Vivian’s response came through.
“Dar.. Darling !!” he stammered after her as he opened the car door.
“Yes hi darling, aren’t lovers supposed to call themselves that?” he heard her asked.
“Oh !! Of course. I love that, that’s the right.. I mean what lovers should call themselves” Steve stammered after her.
“Yes I huh.. Where are you?” Vivian asked again after she smiled and waited 10 seconds before she did, noticing the anxiousness on the phone between them.
“I just came out from the police headquarters and I’ve talked with the inspector” Steve replied her and move his legs playfully with the car door slightly opened, feeling nervous and anxious as well.
“So” Vivian said.
“So I told him what’s necessary about the whole thing and I cleared the restrictions on the house” Steve answered her and stepped into the car but only with his left leg placed inside, his right leg was still outside the car as he sits with anxiousness.
“oh !! I’m happy you did Steve, at least my aunt can now stop asking me several unnecessary questions and Margaret atleast will stop disturbing me”
“And What questions is your aunt asking Viv?”
“Oh.. And is it necessary for you to know?”
“Of course I need to Viv, is it all about me? I need to know everything” Steve asked and finally closed the car after stepping inside fully.
“oh.. Are we already talking as lovers now Steve?” Vivian teased him as their conversation continued.

Steve speed over and halt after 20 minutes of driving from the police headquarters as his phone continued ringing, following the long discussion between him and Vivian.
He finally decided to park the car as he saw the caller displayed on the phone. He’s feelings changed immediately and his smiling face soon disappeared and turned a frown immediately he parked well and change the car gears.

“Lord Nathaniel” He called out immediately he answered it.

To be continued

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