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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 15


I want a home- Episode 15

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“I still don’t believe all his properties are not acquired from those criminal acts Vivian, are you really sure its all from the income at the company?” Margaret pointed out to her friend immediately she dropped the drinks Vivian offered her.
She was dressed elegantly in an unofficial cloth, its was always one of the weekends when they spend most of the whole day together, gossiping about colleagues at work or neighborhood and discussing crucial or important issues and at times chill out together except recently when Margaret turned against the idea of clubbing.
“I’m sorry Vivian, that’s not gonna happen” she will always turned her down whenever she said they should chill out in club, dully knowing Vivian will mess up totally if she takes in too much alcoholic which can result to the unexpected.
Few minutes ago when she entered Vivian’s compound, she felt thriving, she felt the change and the live echoes of the whole house, she felt the total difference of happiness that had deduce from her friend few weeks ago, Vivian was dressed perfectly in an African attire that match out her beauty, an elegant south African cloth and most importantly the air in the house smells good, especially the aroma coming from the kitchen.
They changed from one discussion to another and moved from one side of the house to another, they talked about work, the terrible news announced on the TV some hours ago, they talked about politics, about the economy and until finally Margaret was able to force her into discussing about Steve, the only discussion she felt Vivian was trying to avoid or prevent them from discussing.
“Margaret, I thought I already told you not to talk about this again. This is not a conversation I wanna have with anyone, you should have noticed I was trying to avoid it” Vivian finally answered her after re-checking what she was cooking.
“Vivian I don’t want you to forget that aside being your colleague at work, I’m also your best trusted friend and I cannot mislead you especially on this issue or any matter”
“There you go again with your chip chap talk this afternoon Margie, I think its of the best interest if we could just stop and not talk about this”
“I’m sorry Viv, I know.. I just.. Has your aunt know about this?” Margaret stammered and faced her.
Steve stared at the mirror the up tenth time as he adjust the tie in his inner suit. He was looking manly and extremely handsome with his hair curled backwards and his huge muscles reflecting on the suit. He concentrated on making himself look good as he took another look at himself before the mirror again.

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“You are looking good man” Charles finally commented after a long moments of silence between them.
“Huh” Steve said and turned back to face him as if he didn’t hear what he said.
“I said you are looking good, Vivian will surely be impressed”
“Oh !! Are you sure about that? Are you sure she’s gonna be?” Steve asked him repeatedly, surprised Charles was finally making a conversation with him after the twist of words that led to a long silence between them.
“Yeah, I’m sure she will cos you are looking good” Charles added and stands from the edge of the bed he sat, he walked towards the same mirror and stands beside Steve.
He adjusted his own casual shirt and placed his waist belt appropriately as he took a look at himself.
“Thank you for doing this for me Charles, I really appreciate it” Steve said and turned to walk away from the standing mirror whereas Charles maintained his stands without replying him.
“Lets start going then, I think the day is far spent already” Steve said and started buttoning up his suit after a brief look at his wristwatch.
“So are you finally proposing to her again?” Charles asked silently.
“Oh common Vivian, it isn’t like Steve is coming to propose to you” Margaret said and laughed as she apply some little makeup on her face.
They were already at Vivian’s main bedroom after a long discussion at the kitchen and both were seated at one side of the bed, directly facing the mirror as they apply makeup.
“This has nothing to do with Steve or anyone Margie, I’m just dressing up.. I meant” She stammered and turned to Margaret who suddenly burst into laughter.
“Don’t tell me you forgot he once made an attempt which you turned down”
“Steve never did Margie, I already asked him about the whole thing at the restaurant and he said No, he wasn’t”
“Hmm he wasn’t”
“Yeah. But who knows if he’s gonna propose this time?” Vivian asked rhetorically and smiled.
“And you did believe him when he said No”
“of course I didn’t.. But its was so weird you know” Vivian answered her and dropped one of the makeup kits.
“Hmm. You seemed happy about this Vivian, I can see you’re in a hurry to see him come in, and I can see your ears vividly alert to hear the bell at the door isn’t it?” Margaret laughed and teased her.
Few minutes later.
Steve and Charles were seated opposite sides to Vivian and Margaret at the dinning sets. The whole four of them were looking astonishing in beauty and their lips were the only thing moving as their teeth chew the food served by Vivian few minutes when they came in after a brief neutral discussion between them.
“How’s the food Charles?” Margaret asked loud, breaking the long silence when the four of them were almost done. She was seated opposite Charles and Vivian was seated opposite Steve as they dropped the cutleries.
“The food is good” Charles answered her and faked a smile.
“Just good !!” Margaret rephrased.
“I meant its delicious” Charles said and smiled as he took a look at Vivian who just finished up a glass of wine all at once.
“What about you Steve? How’s the food?” Margaret inquired after 15 seconds.
“The food is delicious, I enjoyed it” Steve answered too and smiled.
Vladimir emptied the full cup of the alcoholic wine at once and poured more into it. He raised the full cup and turned to face Margot who was standing few distance behind him, he managed to control his fury and threw off the remnant of the cigarettes he smoked from the main roof of the building down into the air.
“So you betrayed me twice Margot, you betrayed me for him despite all I’ve done for you” he said loudly after 10 minutes silence that seems like an hour between them.
“Nathaniel was supposed to be dead but you lied to me. You deceived me and you choose him over me the second time”
He shouted louder and turned to face Margot who put on a strong face but didn’t look into his furious eyes. She knew exactly how he must have felt, she betrayed him even more than twice. Truthfully Nathaniel was supposed to be dead and she was the one to have eliminate him years ago but she didn’t know how exactly she couldn’t kill him when Vladimir gave her the chance.
Years ago, the three of them are members of a powerful drug groups headed by a Russian lord named Fedor, meaning Powerful ruler of the people. The three of them were his handy man and they handle most of Fedor’s most dangerous deal all around the world, especially Nathaniel, Fedor’s most trusted man which Margot fell in love with.
Vladimir developed hatred, anger, jealousy, an unusual feelings and urge to kill Nathaniel whom he saw as an enemy that took all that belongs to him. Margot heaved a sigh as she remembered the first time they just met but her thought was disrupted when she heard Vladimir broke the glass cup he was holding.
He began to move towards her immediately and she got to quickly look into his face.
Steve took another weird look at Charles who pretended like he didn’t see him as they all walked to have a seat after the meal.
“What’s it with my attire Steve? Its one of the African attires my mother brought for me from South Africa” Vivian joked back as they all walk to seat and burst into Laughter after Steve joked about her dressing.
“Its obviously good, you look pretty in it honestly” Charles smiled too and commended after taking a glance at Vivian and back to Margaret, deliberately avoiding making eye contact with Steve who looked awkward and tensed from his position. Charles smiled again and took his seat beside Margaret who was the first to have her seat before Vivian took hers.
“Really !!” Vivian smiled cheaply after what Charles said.
“Yeah. You’re beautiful and perfect in it Viv, that was barely a joke” Steve answered her before Charles could respond. He finally took a look at him but Steve avoid it too and took out a ring box from his inner pocket immediately with courage.
He made a faint sigh as Vivian turned to him, wondering why he wasn’t seated yet when they already did.
Lo and behold, without much words or camouflage, without having to make or present a blossom acts of surprise, Steve went on his knees before Vivian and repeated himself twice.
“Vivian, will you marry me?” he finally took courage and asked feeling tensed as he opened the ring box.

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