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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 14


I want a home- Episode 14

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Uzza staggered when the first bullet went into his body and the second went into his chest before he could hit Margot with his elbow after pinning her throat against the small glass.
He finally fell down when the third bullet went directly into his chest again by Margot’s man who dropped the gun instantly and rushed forward to help Margot who was trying to catch her breath and stands with her hands on her throat. He wanted to help her stand on her feet but she tossed him away and moved hurriedly towards Uzza who had fallen lifeless, making a thud.
She began to search his body immediately and found the drive in the right jacket of his suit, she took it out and managed to stand up in relief but her expression changed from an happy mode to a confused one when she saw what just happened to the hard drive.
She cursed and managed to close her eyes briefly in anger.


Steve adjusted the sets of books and some of the document he was asked to work on properly on his desk. He also arranged some of the old files he had worked on successfully in the past after checking out little of the content he needed to know by reviewing them in order to close the next deal the company sought-after successfully like he has always done without failing.
He took a minute to check all the content on the desk one after the other and adjust/changed the position of the architecture modeling appropriately on his desk. He carried the model and placed them behind the old files he just checked after staring at it for a long time.
The deeper image of owning a safe home with a woman he loves and having children ran through his mind. He stared intensely at the model for quite some minutes and returned back from his thoughts after Charles touched him.
The whole office was noisy and busy as usual with its workers but literally based on work and work alone. Over 20 minutes ago when Steve entered the building, he had received countless stares from most of the workers and especially Mr. Rodriguez, the cab driver who helped him some days ago.
He had to eventually make a brief discussion with the man and he was able to get from him truthfully that he told two other employees about the incident he saw some days ago despite the promise not to tell anyone about it.
“I just had to say few but I skipped most of it.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry” he remembered the security man apologized repeatedly at the company main security entrance when he drove into the building.He had nodded without asking the security man further questions and walked away knowing fully most of the company workers gossip all around and must have all heard about it, likely the only reason they keep staring at him. He at first didn’t bother about the whole rise when he returned from the company director office until he saw Vivian entering her office just immediately he walked out and close the directors’ door.
Although he seemed tensed seeing her around, he was still able to ignore some of the side stares from some workers.
“Mr. Steve, is it true?” he also remembered one of the workers from the production team asking him on his way back from the directors’.
“Huh.. What !! What’s true?” He asked back stammering as some of the workers sitting around the woman who asked the question immediately stopped staring and turned to their computers when Steve turned to their desks and made a glance at their faces.
“I meant.. I mean about the gay thing” the woman stammered too after 20 seconds of silence when Steve asked what she meant.
Instead of answering, Steve made a chuckle and turned away from their positions before walking away and thereby ignoring the woman and the whole full stares on him.
“You see.. I told you he’s a gay didn’t I ? Pictures do not lie” one of the women seated beside the other gossip silently as Steve started walking away from them without an answer to the question.
“No. I still do not believe its true, I thought he and Vivian had some affinity together” the third woman added too silently as they watch him leave.
“What the hell are you even saying? Didn’t you hear the news?” the only man in their midst interrupted them as Steve finally walked away, none of them knew he heard everything they said as he walked on silently and didn’t stop to turn back.
“What news?” the women chorused.
“goddammit” he cursed silently and walked on as they gossip.
“Yes Charles” he finally turned away from the computer and his thoughts was distrupted by Charles who called him again.
“So are you saying you no longer have clash with the evil drug lords” Charles asked immediately he turned to answer him.
“Oh common !! Should that got you laughing? Steve this is all about our safety and”
“How many times are you gonna ask me this same question Charles? Oh common, stop been childish” Steve asked and stopped laughing immediately he saw his reaction.
“I already told you all is settled Charles, I have nothing to do with the drug lord or any of them anymore” he added to support his explanation.
“You know what Steve?” Charles asked when he stopped laughing.
“I still find it difficult to believe your involvement in all this goddamn s***, you are such a prank Steve. I’d never imagined.. I mean all the ladies in this company are all vouching for an opportunity to get near you mehn. Everyone saw you differently for Christ sake”
“Charles I already explained the whole thing and I kept nothing amiss, I already apologized” Steve uttered back.
“Yeah.. Just exactly like I thought you could hardly kill a cockroach not to talk of a man” Charles defend with a face but lowered his voice more in order not to call the attention of the other colleagues close to their desk.
Steve stared a look at his face immediately and exhale, he was already getting tired of explaining himself the more to Charles who was really faultless.
He had looked like a saint to everyone of them and no one will ever believe he was totally otherwise. He finally made a sigh and raised his fingers like he was making an apology.
“I’m sorry for getting you involved in this Charles, I’m totally sorry”
“oh you don’t have to be sorry Steve, I think there’s more to what I already know. You’re really such a prank on hiding a lot about you” Charles countered him and turned back opposite direction to his main desk as Steve had to stop what he was about to say when his phone vibrated thrice, signifying a new incoming message. He unlocked the device to check the message after he made a brief look around. He read the content of the text silently to himself and stands up immediately. He adjusted his suit and walked out from the full connected desk without minding Charles who still gave him a look.
He returned the phone back into his pocket and started walking towards the entrance to Vivian office without minding the fierce stares from him. He was about to knock the door when its opened startling him and met Margaret smiling face at the middle of the entrance.
“Hi Steve” Margaret greeted him and moved backwards to let him enter the office.
“Hey Margie” he smiled back and called her nickname.
“Welcome back, we’ve missed you”
“Missed !!” Steve phrased the exact word and walk fully into the office as Vivian stands from her desk and rushed into his arms. She hug and hold unto him until Margaret was getting tired of the long hug and went out of the office before closing the door behind her.


“Yeah Vladimir. What a plan indeed” Margot said in anger as she walked impatiently into the room in annoyance without minding Vladimir comments.
“The Hard Drive is totally destroyed your lordship, the bullet did a serious damage to the whole thing” one of the young girls in the room quickly announced immediately she and Vladimir walked inside.
“goddammit” Margot cursed loud in anger and paced round the room for a moment.
“You could have allowed my men handle the whole thing like I planned and let them do according to my Instructions Margot, this whole damn thing was your fault by stopping them to act accordingly to what I said” Vladimir told her.
Margot closed her eyes briefly and opened it almost in seconds, she exhale a deep breath and walked towards the computer the young girl was seated on. She took off the Hard Drive beside the laptop and stared at the bullet hole on it.
She hissed and disconnect the cables attached with the laptop immediately in more frustration.
“And how exactly did you let the drive got hit by a bullet? Its was all part of your fault.. All of this are all your fault” Vladimir pointed out as the whole room went silent.
“Oh common Vladimir, I lose almost all my men in that explosion and do you even know how its feels? I don’t think now is the right time to start pointing out the whole fault goddammit” Margot shouted at him as the girls and few of Vladimir men in the room remained mute.
“Lucy I need you to come with me now” she ordered one of the girls named Lucy as Vladimir said nothing other than the smirk he made after she shouted. The young girl stood up and followed behind her as Margot rushed passed Vladimir towards the door.
“Your lordship” One of Vladimir men entered the room and call out at the entrance before Margot could walk towards the door.
“Yes Fade. Anything?” Vladimir also called his name and turned to him immediately he entered.
“I’m afraid how this gonna sounds, Its Lord Nathaniel, we found out just as you instructed” he answered before Margot could get towards him.
The new brand Corolla Camry speed up over-taking some of the ongoing cars as Vivian stared at Steve with disbelief after about 10 minutes of driving out from the company building. Its seemed like a longer day but quite short as she smiled often, taking a glance at Steve who barely could face the main road and concentrate on his driving. One thing had led to another from her office at the company and they were now heading home, probably to Vivian’s place.
“But I had to make a deal with him. I made a deal to find the drive and hand it over to him at all cost” Steve explained better when she gave him unsatisfied looks.
“Steve I can’t believe its been truly 31 months we’ve been friends and you hide all this away from me. I meant your identity”
“I thought we already talked about this Vivian”
“Yes we did but I still find it hard to believe a gentleman like you could.. I meant its ridiculous and..” She stammered and seemed to be out of words.
“Vivian listen to me okay. We talked about this already and I’ve explained everything to you, I’m.. I’m sorry Viv” Steve also stammered as he suddenly felt tension between them.
“That set aside, Steve can’t we just run away from all this?”
“We !!” Steve rephrased after her and reduced the car speed to have a long look at her face.


Margot foamed the more in anger at the mere mention of Nathaniel right at the exit of the room, she turned to Vladimir who kept mute and stared a stern look at her. Of course she knew Vladimir thought Nathaniel was dead some years ago whereas he was alive and he controls a big drug business from the west.
Vladimir kept staring at her without taking off his eye contact or blink, his facial expression demanding for a vivid explanation.
Of course Nathaniel attempted to eliminate her some years ago, the scars from the bullets and machete on her body is always a remembrance to the pain she felt that unfortunate day as her mind made a flashback.
she almost died but she survived, she was on the path to the underworld but an old poor farmer from the Eastern part of the country helped her live back, she survived the cold blood Nathaniel and his men left her, she crawled with determination to survive, feeling the greatest betrayer, she felt the quest and the surge for revenge and her pulse reacted quickly to the farmer’s profound medicine, with inner strength and intensity, she survived few months after the poor farmer died and made contact with Vladimir who was once Nathaniel’s best friend.
“Nathaniel was supposed to be dead Margot, how on earth is he alive?” Vladimir said with rage without taking off his sight off her. He stared at her eyeballs, studying them and awaiting her response.
The fact that She choose Nathaniel over him some years ago wasn’t appealing and admist all circumstances, he wished for Nathaniel’s death as more than ever. He continued staring at Margot who still said no word or gave any response to his question as the whole room went silent.
Fade, one of the best handyman to Vladimir felt what was coming between the two drug lords immediately. He made few gestures to their men in the room and began to walk out from the entrance before Lucy, who was also behind Margot followed after him along everyone in the room, excusing the two drug lords.

TO BE Continued

Apologies for the late coming updates, Powers from Generators are majorly the 75% source of charging. I understand what delays in updates do cause but please bear along as I want to be relevant in all stories coming from me. Absolute Thanks for understanding.
Story so far :
Steve Jones had all of a sudden refused helping Detective Cougar and Louis capture Lord Nathaniel who was the detectives main target, its seemed he’s now only concerned about his dream to have a home and he’s absolutely trying to avoid anything that will bridge the decision, mainly to the extent that he made another deal with Lord Nathaniel without considering what fate will bring him or what the future entails.
Uzza, the former right man and the successor to the deceased ‘Abdul Rauf’ who was killed by Sunny at the beginning of the story had also died and Margot, whose identity is yet to be very much revealed in the story has finally retrieved the Hard Drive she had lived up for after succeeding in killing Uzza who was only lucky to have had upper move than her but the drive unfortunately got destroyed when one of her men shot Uzza at the chest, the same place Uzza kept the drive right under his suit.
More from the past are coming to surface and more from the future yet to be revealed in this story.
Steve jones is a lonely man who only wants nothing but a home, probably one with Vivian and the drive he promised to get for Lord Nathaniel in order to have what he wants peacefully has finally been destroyed.
I hope you do remember the two Chinese hackers working for Uzza likewise? Do you Remember they aren’t dead and they wanted the drive too?
Do you remember the two Detectives majorly trying to arrest Lord Nathaniel wanted that Hard Drive too to make it possible for them to arrest the drug lord and dig into more top secrets?
I Want A Home is an Action Thriller Story you should read. Its absolutely never going to get bored with the predicted upcoming wars about to surface.

Predict exactly what is about to come And share it all around. Thanks.

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