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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 13


I want a home- Episode 13

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

The first vehicle ahead the Dartz black car Uzza was seated turned to the right route and the vehicle itself turned the same route before the third followed contrary to what Tom who continued inputting more commands on the system but none of it was working out, all his final attempt to hack the cars was a total failure.

He tried the more but still result to failure as the traffic light turned green and the vehicles moved along all the cars in the route.

“Damn it” he cursed loud and pick up his phone immediately.
“I’m unable to hack the cars, I think the security sensor is not responding to any of my commands” He announced the moment his call was answered by Margot.

“Yeah. I told you Tom, Uzza is just a complete tyrant b****** who is always trying to be careful. I told you hacking the cars might not work out” Margot told him.

“Goddammit, What do we do? They are already very much far away from my position”
“Don’t bother Tom, I get different plans to handle it. That’s why I’m on the private plane, if plan A isn’t working, Plan B will, and if B isn’t working, we got the third plan that will surely work” She answered him confidently.

And yes of course it’s the truth, the Uzza Tom knew two years ago wasn’t the same Uzza again. Tom thought after the brief silence between them and then remembered something.

“Wait, I think there’s another way to cause some distraction and separate the three cars” Tom announced before Margot could end the call.

“Okay Tom. How? What way?” She sound as if she wasn’t interested and finally zipped up one of the pilot shirt she had taken off on one of the dead body.

“They are still few meters away, I can cause some distractions before they reach the end of the lane near that bank”

“Anyways Tom, do as you want” Margot interrupted and end the call without listening to him anymore.

She navigated to her phone dialer immediately and dialed a call.

“Hey Margot” Vladimir called out her name from the phone.

“I hope you checked this properly Vladimir, this could be a trap for me and the rest of my men”

“Do not worry Margot, I have this handled absolutely, believe me you’ll get what you want this time around, and perhaps wasn’t it supposed to be believed that you died in that explosion?” Vladimir asked her and increased the speed of the truck he was driving.
Tom dropped the phone after another call he made and began to reload the last process which was still failing.

“Malik what the hell is happening over there? I don’t even have access to our database anymore” Tom shouted into the phone but there wasn’t any response from his supposed partner who was ought to help him from the control room on the ongoing call.

“Malik what is going on?” he shouted again but there wasn’t any response until he repeated the words and checked his phone briefly if he had dialed the right contact before he began to hear Malik panting voice on the phone.

“What did you say Tom?”

“What is going on? I can’t hack the cars, its stopped”

“Tom, I’m sorry. I had problems with Arjun”

“Arjun !!”

“Yeah.. I think he caught me” Malik apologize, stammering and panting heavily.

“I lost control of the cars and the signals totally”

“Yes I know Tom and I think its better I handle it from here now” Malik added still catching his breath and turned towards the main control system immediately, he placed his palm on the desk after dropping the phone he already put on speaker as he breathe heavily before he discovered one of the cables connected to the left part of the control system was destroyed and before he remembered Arjun pulled the whole thing out when they fought. He was lucky to have taken him down with the help of the knife in his jacket, if not, Arjun could have choke life out of him.

“One of the control cables has been destroyed, I think that’s why the connection stopped” He announced with a clear voice this time.

“The cables !!” Tom rephrased.
“Yeah. And to bring the connection back, we have to regenerate the real power source into another control system. Goddamn it”

“What’s the problem again?” Tom asked following his raised alarm but no response came through until after 30 seconds of another silence.

Arjun stopped trying to connect the destroyed power cable immediately he sighted the surveillance footage on the big monitoring screen on the wall.

“what is it Arjun? Talk to me” Tom voice came through the loud speaker of the phone.

“There are intruders in the building and they are attacking us, Tom I think it’s the cops” Arjun answered him.


“Yes James, I have the drive with me but I don’t have the tablet” Uzza continued speaking comfortably with his back fully rested at the back seat of the black vehicle moving on slowly.

Necessarily none of them expected an attack but they were ready and alert with their eyes clearly everywhere for anything amiss or contrary on their way. The three cars continued moving at a normal speed and all was fine as Uzza finally finished his call. Soon, they were getting close to another traffic point and they stopped, including the vehicles following the route.

The route of the road they took were separated into four and each sides has traffic lights that direct the coming cars on when to stop and when to move.

Vladimir stared at the street light inside the truck he was seated, expecting the light in the route he was driving to go off, he took a brief look at his digital wristwatch and tried to reduce his speed thereafter giving his men some time but he hadn’t reduced it much when the light turned off and he speed crazily towards the first car ahead Uzza, horning loudly to get the attention of all the cars waiting in the route like it was a brake failure. The first car he hit caused a bigger accident as the targeted vehicle itself moved to another direction.

“What the hell just happened?” 
Uzza cursed loud as there were noise everywhere already coming from pedestrian and some other people who quickly stopped their cars when the truck smashed two heavy cars so badly out from the road.

Uzza saw everyone ran to the accident scene as the truck driver himself rolled out from the half destroyed truck.

Vladimir made sure the first car he hit badly and the strange car that moves ahead him was struck and none of it will have the chance to let the people in it out on time. He made a signal through his fingers to pass a message to some of his men who were watching some distance away as he came out slightly injured too to let everybody see him, especially Uzza and his men who didn’t came out from the car.

The accident was so real and none think its was ever planned, even to Uzza who saw the clear accident. The men behind his vehicle all came down to check what has happened, each with their guns under their suit and jacket.

Benjie who was seated at the front seat wanted to unlock the car and come down too but Uzza who took a look at his wristwatch stopped him. “Let the men attend to it, lets proceed without them” he ordered.

“But aren’t we supposed to take precautions sir?” Benjie asked him from the driver side.

“This is just an accident, Coming down in the middle of an accident is not taking proper precautions Benjie, just continue driving. I have a plane to catch idiot” Uzza shouted on him and stared a look at the accident scene.


Location- Uzza new Base
Detective Cougar fired a shot into the arm of the last standing man in the hall, he made a breathe in relief and walked towards the criminal he shot after he tossed the gun away from his reach and fired another bullet into his right knee when the supposed criminal hesitated to stand.

Louis walked up to him instantly with two cops rushing behind him and nodded twice to him before Cougar drag the criminal he shot, he raised him up with his sleeve immediately and smashed his back against the wall.

“Where is your drug lord?” Detective Cougar shouted on him.


“Boss. We can’t enter the building anymore” one of Vladimir men said into the phone.

“And why is that? Uzza just left with only two guards in the car, I think he’s taking precautions and only been careful even though I believed the accident looks real definitely to him” Vladimir asked him and coughed in pretense.

“The cops are already in there boss”

“The cops !!”

“Yes boss. They just attacked the building”

“Attacked !!”

“Yes boss, I saw Detective Louis entering the building with some cops following the heavy gunshots”

“Huh. Okay. Fall back but don’t take your eyes off the building and find out what’s happening” Vladimir ordered quickly and hung up immediately without more word as two police officers walked up behind him among the gathered crowd round the accident.

“Excuse me sir, I think you need to come with us” one of the cops said to him.

“Officers, I already told you I..”

“Please just follow us” they interrupted him.

“Please go back, move back please” some of the cops around the two stumbled vehicles urged as ambulance already came to rescue three of the pedestrian who got hurt during the accident and a tape crossed around the area already to block the main road.

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“Your lordship, Uzza’s vehicle is fast approaching the plane now” Margot heard one of her men through the earpiece attached on her cloth.

“Good. what about the other vehicles with him?” she asked.

“None of the two cars are in position, I think there was some kind of accident on the way” he answered her.

“Uh.. Vladimir did a good job, anyways stick to the plan and stay in position” She ordered and smiled immediately she sighted the black car already coming towards the plane.

“what’s the status over there?” 
Benjie said into the phone he held with his left hand and held the wheel with the right.
“Oz is wounded but the rest of the men are okay”
“Good. Did you found out the identity of the truck driver?”
“No… the cops came almost instantly and just took him away”
“Uh.. Send some men to the police division and find out who he is, we must not give a chance whatsoever” Benjie ordered him and brought the car to a halt few meters away from the plane. He parked and they all came down immediately.
Uzza unzipped the button on his suit and glanced a look at his wristwatch again before he began to walk towards the already start plane.
The three of them entered the plane and Uzza made to sit down before the entrance to the plane closed.
“I want a fast flight straight to New York city now” Uzza announced in an order and sit down before Benjie walked to the pilot stands and the guard with them dropped the briefcase containing the money Uzza told him to arrange when they were leaving earlier.
Margot turned to the man they were both disguised as the pilot at the second stands when she heard footsteps behind them. She dropped the control headphone on her head quickly and stands immediately.
The first bullet she fired went directly into Benjie forehead and another went his belly as she hold unto his body, firing more bullet on his belly till she let go of his body. she adjusted the silencer on the gun without wasting more time and walked out from the stands, she fired three shots into the belly of the only guard immediately she rushed out and fired a quick shot into Uzza’s left shoulder before she took off her glasses hurriedly.
“Where is my drive Uzza” she called in anger While Uzza stared in shock. It took him more than 34 seconds before he realized what just happened as he winced in pains from the bullets.

The day was getting gradually dark and everyone at the company already left work for their respective places except few members from the audition team Vivian supervised. The rest of the full day wasn’t pleasant at all and was an hectic day for her.
She finally decided to stop what she was doing after three hours of working to check out the phone that won’t just stop ringing, she inhale and exhale as she picked it up to check the caller.
There were more than 15 missed calls displayed on her phone and all was from the same caller.
She adjusted her sitting position immediately she saw the contact and sprang on her feet. She quickly redialed it.
Uzza wasn’t ready to take it lightly or easy with Margot despite the pain from his shoulder when he attempted to take the gun from her. He grab Margot’s hand unexpectedly and easily immediately she shot and smashed his forehead on her face as the gun fell from her.
“So this is it old woman huh? You didn’t die in that explosion?” he shouted ridiculously in anger and sent a kick into her belly without letting her have any breathing pace. He rushed at her instantly before she could try take the gun and sent several punches into her belly.
“You.. are.. damn.. old.. witch” he cursed slowly as he sent more punches into her belly and face following each word.
Margot tried as much as possible to attack him back but he seemed more agile and had more upper hand than her. She felt stupid enough to have allowed him grab the gun tactically and easily like that from her hand as the plane moved.

She tried to resist him from pinning her head on the side of the window but he had more strength, he sent more punches on her face and every part of her body and finally smashed her head on the window before two loud sound of gunshots followed.

To be continued


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