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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 12


I want a home- Episode 12

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

Why are you here?” Lord Nathaniel asked and raised his gun at Steve.
“I’m here to tell you I’m not with the drive Lord Nathaniel, get over with this and stop chasing me around” Steve answered him confidently.
“If you are not with the drive Steve, then who has it?” The drug lord nodded twice and asked, he moved more closer to Steve and made a smirk before Sunny interrupted and walked up to whisper some words to the drug lord.


Vivian walked out from the elevator with two other women behind her at the 7th floor of the company building. She took a look at her phone worriedly and returned it into her purse after two minutes of staring at the screen, unsure of what to even do with it.
She walked directly as usual into the large noisy office already filled with those working and those gossiping. Some were even making calls at work and some were doing sorts contrary to the company sought. Its wasn’t like the company was on break or having a celebration but everywhere seemed tight. She ignored the whole activities and walked on.
“Hey miss Vivian” some of the women greeted and she greeted them back as she walked towards the entrance that led to her office before Charles ran up to meet her immediately he caught her glimpse at Steve’s empty desk.
“Hey Vivian, good morning”
“Hey Charles, good morning” She greeted back and stopped walking when he rushed ahead her.
“I think I need to see you right now Viv, we need to talk” he added commendably.
“Talk !! What do we have to talk about? I’m not in the mood to talk right now, sorry Charles” she replied him almost instantly nonchalantly.
“Where is Steve? I’m sorry but I can’t keep deceiving the cops anymore, I’m not comfortable with this whole damn thing.. I meant I need to ensure my safety” He countered stammering instantly raising his voice and stopped, stressing the word ‘Where’.
“Keep your voice low man, I’ll see you in 20 minutes goddamn it” She shouted back at him when some of the workers gazed at them.
“I’ll see you in 20 minutes” She whispered again and walked pass him into her main office without waiting to hear his apologies.
She entered the office and met Margaret already on seat.
“Hi Viv” Margaret greeted immediately she walked inside and closed the door behind her.
“Good morning Margaret” she said and walked towards the position of her desk.
“Good morning. How have you been bestie? I heard your parent already went back”
“You heard !! From who?”
“Your aunt told me Vivian, I called her when you weren’t answering my calls yesterday” Margaret answered and stand up after pressing the space button on the keyboard to stop what she was doing on the computer.
“Oh !! That’s correct. Sorry I missed that” Vivian apologies and took her seat after dropping her hand bag on the desk.
“You could have gone with them like they suggested Viv.. I meant take a break, free some space, be free with yourself” Margaret said slowly as she walked close to her desk
“Oh common Margie, a break from what?”

“A break from everything Vivian.. You are absolutely not in your best sought of interest for goodness sake”

“And who said I’m aren’t Margie? My goodness, I have a job here, do you expect me to just leave like that?” Vivian raised her voice.
“Vivian what is going on with you? You’ve been acting so weird lately and you just go to unknown places without telling me or anyone. What is wrong?”

“Margaret There is nothing wrong, okay. I just need you to trust me”
“Trust you on what Viv? something is wrong, what are you not telling me?”

“Margaret I said nothing is wrong, how many times are you gonna really asked me such question?”
“Viv you have to tell me the truth, what have you done?”

“for God’s sake Margie, I said nothing is wrong”

“Nothing !!”

“Yeah nothing”

“hmm. Vivian I’m just saying whatever is going on, please be careful. Charles.. I meant Charles told me everything”

“What !! He told you what?”

“Yeah he did and I don’t understand why you want all of that kept away from the cops and anyone, including me. Vivian you were kidnapped by Bad people and you wanna hide it? I mean.. Why?” Margaret asked with her hands raised in confusion and stands from the desk she had seated when Vivian did.

“Listen Margaret.. Listen to me” Vivian countered and moved closer to her before the door opened distractedly without a knock on it and one of the men workers walked inside.

“I’m huh sorry for interrupting. Miss Vivian, the director called on everyone for a meeting” the intruder said, referring to both of them.

“A meeting”

“Yes ma’am, he called for everyone to assemble in 5 minutes” he answered Margaret who rephrased.

“Okay, thanks Wade, we’ll be there soon” Vivian said impatiently and faked a smile before the door closed after Wade nodded.

“Vivian whatever it is this is, I think we need to figure it out now” Margaret announced immediately the door closed.
“There is nothing to figure out Margaret, this is clearly absorbed and you can’t understand okay?”
“understand what Viv? Do you even know the gravity of this? Margaret asked but she gave no response, she heaved a deep breath and began to walk out of the office.
The whole meeting walls met an heavy echoes of clapping fingers as the whole staff clapped before the director continued speaking again.

“Yeah. And a very good job to our sales team and the tech team, they really made the deal a magnificent one, especially from Steve Jones team” the director added happily and smiled as the whole office was filled with laughter and the clapping continued and sounded louder before its reduced again when he added more.

“And where are the team workers? Simply identify yourselves by raising your hands wherever you are please” he urged and the whole staff turned to each one of them as they raised their hands, including Charles.

“OH that’s good, that’s our magnificent sales team that had never failed to push this company forward. A round of applause for them please” the director said and the clapping continues before he spoke again.

“Unfortunately, Their supervisor, Steve Jones is not here right now due to one or two reasons relayed to some of us but be rest assured our new deal will be closed by the same sales team successfully and they will surely lead us to success”

“Vivian” Margaret whispered beside her as more claps sounded following each and every word of the director as the meeting continues.

“What !! Isn’t he gonna appreciate us too?” Vivian asked.

“Oh common !! Are you even listening Viv? See. We need to figure this out now, I can help you out, we need to sort it and not endanger yourself with dangerous people. I mean don’t you see its ridiculous to?

“Margaret we are in the middle of a meeting for God’s sake, I need you to keep quiet and let me listen” Vivian whispered back where she stood and began to walk out from the hall admits the crowd before the Director sighted her ahead.

“Miss Vivian” He called out as the whole staff attention were fixed behind.

“I need you and Charles to wait behind while the rest of the staffs can returned to their various offices. So gentlemen and women, I’d see you on the catch for success” He ended his speech and more claps followed as they all returned to their various offices while Vivian and Charles wait behind.


Steve suddenly stepped on the brakes crazily without minding the fierce rate of his speed from the Audi RS5 car immediately he drove toward the position of the last tree in the garden. The impact of the tires on the dried leaves made some unpleasant noise due to the screeching tires of the car which finally came to an halt instantly.
He opened the driver sides and came down from it, he looked left and right of the whole area for traces of anyone or anything contrary but nothing was amiss to him, the old building was always the same way he left it. He couldn’t believe he was visiting his real home after so many years, a place he was breed before he lost his parent and the same place Lord Nathaniel took him up from, a place that brings him lots and lots of different memories and sorts he never wants to remember ever again.
He finally walked towards the entrance door after 3 minutes of staring at the old building that has gave him quick remembrance of his past instantly and blew off the dust on the key holder of the door after another two more minutes of staring at the knob and looking all around the door way. He cleared off the webs on some part of the door and brought out the keys to open it immediately.

The first room from the entrance absolutely looked deserted like he expected it to be immediately the door gave way, everything was exactly the same way he left it so many years ago, nothing changed. Just as he took more steps inside the rooms and took enough time to look around the dirty dusty rooms, he noticed a strange stand behind one of the corridors.

He brought out his gun hurriedly when he saw the fast movements of someone’s shadow and fired a quick shot at the direction without wasting time to deliberate or contemplate before Detective Cougar suddenly appeared from the corridor after the third shot he fired.

“Steve Jones” he called loud.
“Detective” Steve called back without pointing the gun down.
“What are you doing here?” he finally asked the detective after 17 seconds of silence between them.

“How did you get in here?” he repeated another question with confusion.


“There are five main entrance to the facility and two main exit, the others here are secret doors only few of Uzza’s men even knew. The property belongs to Abdul Rauf himself and he used the building only once sometimes ago during a drug crisis, no other person knows about the secret doors except Benjie and the two of us from the control room” Tom explained more better on the map placed on a large rectangular table Margot and Vladimir with some of their men could vividly see
“Where are the real points of the cameras?” Margot interrupted him.

“The cameras are all pointed here” he showed and pointed out to her before continuing.

“Abdul Rauf was a rich man, not only did he installed cameras in every corner of all his secret building, he also installed a powerful security system called the ‘X’, which can attack any unknown enemies even before he would have to attack with his trained men and bombs to destroy the whole building incase of any uncontrollable situations”

“I’ve heard of this weapon called the X, only extremely rich lords could afford it” Vladimir joined the discussion.

“Yes you are absolutely right, but I think we wouldn’t even have to penetrate the building if need be” Tom interrupted Margot who was also about to say something.

“Yeah. Uzza will be leaving for New York city in few hours with only four of his best trained men, we’ll easily attack him from there”
“Hmm. New York city, I heard the car he moves with is bulletproof” Margot pointed out.

“Yes, its truly bulletproof and would be hard for anyone to just penetrate due to its security system but its absolutely gonna be easy to handle since you gat us. This is what we gonna do” he whispered.


“See guys, whatever it’s happening or going on around you, I want you to figure them out quick” The director added before Wade could reach out to them.

“Excuse me director, there is someone here to see Charles” Wade, one of the workers announced after the director stopped talking as Charles turned to face him.

“Who is it?” Charles asked.

“A woman, she said she needs to see you urgently” Wade answered.
“A name, don’t she has a name?”
“Mary Rose ! That’s what she said”
“I think you need to go, we’ll continue this meeting later. So if you’d excuse me then” the director said and began to walk out from the meeting hall.

“What do I tell her?” Wade asked after the director finally walked out.

“Tell her I’ll be there in 5 minutes” Charles answered him and turned to Vivian who had been silent all through the discussion.
“Vivian, I think we need to talk now” he added as Wade also walked out.


“So what’s the plan?” Steve asked the detective after the whole forms of his explanation.

“Its still the same plan Steve.. I and Louis will..”

“I’m sorry Detective but I think I’m done helping you. If you wanna arrest Nathaniel, I think its better you do it upfront and find ways to help yourself out by finding another man. I’m done with all of this, I’m sorry” Steve suddenly shouted interrupting him. He moved back and turned to face another direction quickly, he touched his forehead and placed his left hand between his waist as he felt a sudden sharp headache.
“I think you..”

“I said I can’t help you anymore Detective, I just said no.. It’s a No to whatever it is you want” He shouted louder interrupting the detective again.

“Detective all I wanted is to have a home, live peacefully and have children, a home I can build with a woman and a life I’ll build accordingly to what I love. I also wants to live as a peaceful citizen of this country, no more guns and weapons, no more taking cover from bullets, no more killings, no more running, no more risking my life. I want to grow old happily with children and grandchildren. I’ll would definitely not have you compromised all of my plans, decision and future. So please get out of here and stop tracking me up and down”

“Steve, we could sort this out, I think there’s some sorts of mistakes…”

“Please get out of here, I said get out of here and stop following me around. Get out of here now” He shouted more louder at the detective.


A Dartz black vehicle was right in the middle of two fast moving cars containing Uzza’s men. Two of his best men were in the same vehicle he was seated and another two in the vehicle in front of them while the vehicle behind them only contained four other neutral men.

Uzza brought out his phone and visit the mobile dialer to make a call. He used the search icon to search for Christopher James and dialed after its showed.

“Hi James. How are you?” he greeted and asked in an American accent even though his Afghanistan tongue was all a roll up and his words were slower speaking with the American man who answered the call at the first ring.

“Yeah. I’m on my way to New York city now” he answered the question James asked over the phone.


“That’s his car at the middle of the two vehicles, the guards with him are armed even to the teeth and none of those cars can be penetrated by a bullet. What’s your status?” Tom said into the connected phone.

“All clear, The men are in position Tom. They are waiting for your signal” She answered him and finish off the second pilot, she sent a kick into his knee and twisted his whole head backwards, thereby breaking his neck.

“We are clear.. In full control of the plane” She added into the phone.

“Good. I’m about to hack the car security system and separate the whole three cars now, they are almost crossing the lane ahead the under hedge bridge”

“Yeah. Do it” Margot ordered.
“Alright, here its goes” Tom uttered and began to input some commands on the laptop beside him.

The first car in front the one Uzza was seated was almost coming to an halt to obey the traffic lights and the second car behind following the whole full of cars in the direction as the traffic light uttered them to stop for pedestrian in a little seconds, but just as the whole light turned green.

Something contrary happens.

To be continued


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