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Cassandra-Episode 61

I finally returned to my apartment a bit relieved and happy. I really was lucky Nora took pity on me and contacted her cousin to help me out. The young lawyer asked me to call him as soon as the police got involved in the case; setting my mind a little bit at ease, all thanks to Nora.

However just like I expected, Cassandra’s father wasted no time in calling me again. This time around he called with a very unusual request which I was obliged to accept.

‘’Mr. David, are you really sure you have nothing to hide concerning my daughter’s disappearance?’’ he had asked, when he called the very next day.
‘’Oh yes ‘’ I answered quickly, wondering what his next words would be.

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‘’very well then, I will soon be in the city of Owerri to search for my daughter. I will call to tell you where to meet me’’ he added calmly. I accepted without any hesitation even though deep down, I was a bit skeptical of the meeting. I kind of felt he could use the opportunity to get me arrested but then I knew I had every reason to meet the old man.


After careful thinking, I decided to let my story out in the public, I decided to have someone cover it for me, so that people could read, learn and understand, especially ambitious traders like me; men who had little or no education, because I sure knew that I wasn’t the only man facing such situation .
I decided to give you (coolval) the opportunity to listen to my story and perhaps play a role in it. I felt my story could spread with your massive audience all over Africa.

However as I was getting ready for our appointment early today, I got a call from Cassandra’s father asking me to meet him in front of the old Mr. Biggs building along Okigwe road by 9am. I had to hurry to meet you so that I could be done with my story before meeting the old man.

‘’That’s my story so far. Cassandra is missing. Her parents are suspecting me. I’m very innocent but my actions in the past could put me in jail forever if Cassandra isn’t found. I really don’t know if this is all nothing but a game being played by Cassandra to scare me or if she is actually missing. You got to help me bro. please accompany me to meet the old man. I can’t meet him alone. I could have called Nora’s cousin to brief him of the situation but I felt it isn’t wise disturbing him in this stage until I’m sure of what Cassandra’s father is planning to do with me’’.

‘’I hope you can spare the time to go with me. It equally will give you the opportunity to be a witness to my story…. I Can’t believe I’m starting the new year with such problem’’..

season 1 conclusion

Val’s side of the story

Listening to Dave’s story really got my heart melting tremendously. Yes he made quite a lot of mistakes but that shouldn’t warrant him to pay for a crime he didn’t commit. Looking from a critical point of view however, the young man showed the motive to harm Cassandra before her parents and friends, which I knew could be all the police needed to pin the girl’s disappearance on him. But then his story kind of made me a bit drawn to him, it just looked as if I was already part of it and so I was willing to follow it to the end.

‘’I think we should go meet the man. It’s almost 9:30am’’ I finally breathed, taking a quick look at my watch. Mr. David smiled happily, got up and breathed deeply. I grabbed my jacket and together we headed out to meet Cassandra’s father.

‘’I will leave my phone in the car in case something happens, because I’m having a very bad feeling about this meeting. Nora’s phone numbers and that of her cousin are stored in there with their respective names’’ David informed me as soon as we got to the spot he was supposed to meet Cassandra’s father.

‘’there is the old man’’ he slowly breathed, pointing to a man who was making a phone call under a big tree beside the building.
‘’God help me’’ he prayed, alighted and headed towards the man while I followed him cautiously but before we could get to the old man, about six policemen pounced on us from nowhere, grabbing us strongly.

‘’yes that’s him’’ Cassandra’s father breathed furiously, pointing to David who struggled helplessly to free himself from the tight hands of the law. The policemen quickly released me while throwing David into a waiting police SUV which pulled up that moment.

‘’you are going to stay in jail till my daughter shows up. I pray you haven’t killed her yet’’ the old man screamed as David tried to plead with him.

‘’Val I’m very innocent, please call Nora, call her cousin. Please follow us to know where they are taking me to’’ he begged like a dying man muttering his last request.

I watched with a broken heart as the police sped away with David. I needed no telling that I have gotten involved in the action I never dreamt to be in and unbelievably the things that happened afterwards turned out to be more compelling and dramatic than the story he just shared with me…

‘’Dear Lord be my strength’’ I prayed as I went after the policemen..

watch out for the season 2 


The action only gets hotter in season 2 as more discoveries, gunfights, unbelievable dramas and heart compelling scenes takes over the day.
Is Cassandra dead or alive??, will David come out of this in one piece. Will he ever survive to love again??. Can the real love of a woman work wonders in a man’s life??.

What is stronger than the love of a woman??.

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