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Cassandra-Episode 57

You can’t imagine the suspense in the air as Chinedu and I made our way into Cassandra’s family house. Of course my heart pounded furiously while my head did some last minute calculations as we made our way to the quiet house. Chinedu on his part was very loyal but fearful. .

‘’I hope you are not going to shoot anyone. Please don’t do it’’ he begged as we made our way to the living room. I smiled to myself, wondering what was probably going through his mind.


Cassandra’s mother luckily recognized me, saving me the pain of going through a long introduction. However Cassandra’s father failed to recognize me and I had to introduce myself all over again to him .

‘’so what really brought you here. We weren’t expecting you?” the old man asked, flashing a smile to put me at ease while his wife watched on. I kept quiet for some seconds before shocking them with the words that came out of my mouth.

‘’you see, your daughter Cassandra messed me up. She duped me. She made believe she was in love with me and duped me of my hard earned money. Before I continue, I need to tell you that I don’t believe your daughter is actually a student . Maybe she is using that as a cover to dupe men like me. She derives joy in jumping from one man to another when her mates are in school studying to better their lives. Anyway it isn’t my business anymore. I’m here to collect all your daughter duped me. Since the beginning of the year I have been spending not less than twenty thousand naira on her head every month. I equally paid her hostel rent, plus the large sum of money I gave for her birthday. The list is quite a long one. Here, take a look at this paper, I wrote down everything I spent on her, from day one we met’’ I said calmly, offering a piece of paper in which I wrote down account of every dime I spent on Cassandra’s head to her shocked mother, who took the list, read it and gave to her husband who read it and jumped up with shock. I doubt if they have encountered or heard about the kind of stunt I was pulling that calm afternoon.
‘’four hundred and fifty thousand naira! ‘’ the old man exclaimed with great shock. Chinedu instantly stared at me with disbelief.

‘’yes and I was kind enough to remove some unnecessary expenses from the list. Now listen; I want my money before the end of this year or your daughter won’t be free to celebrate the new year’’ I threatened and stood up.

‘’my phone number is equally on that piece of paper. You have to hurry fast because the year is almost over’’ I added, smiled and walked out with Chinedu, leaving the old couple extremely stunned. They couldn’t even call me back nor did they try to negotiate a settlement with me.


‘’holy me!, you got balls brother’’ Chinedu screamed as soon as we were in my car. I smiled and breathed deeply.

‘’I pulled it off very well, didn’t i?’’ I asked. He shrugged, unable to find the suitable words to use on me.

‘’but seriously isn’t what you just did a childish behavior?. Do you think Cassandra’s parents will simply run around and send you the money?’’ he finally asked after some seconds..

‘’you can think whatever you feel like. I’m already mad, so anything I do now is out of madness. Let’s just wait and see what happens next’’ I replied softly. He shook his head in disbelief, saying nothing else.

Deep down I felt a little bit of relief. I felt a little surge of happiness. Yes seeing Cassandra’s parents very shocked made me happy and I sure was ready to continue with my stunts.


I returned to my apartment around 8pm that fateful Sunday very tired and sleepy. I was about taking a shower when my door bell rang. I lazily headed to the door, wondering who could be visiting by that hour. To my surprise I saw Cassandra standing on my doorway with a nervous smile.

For some seconds I couldn’t believe my eyes.

To be continued

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