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Cassandra-Episode 54

‘’what on earth are you doing here?. Haven’t I warned you countless times to stop bothering me?. I guess you do need a restraining order from the court after all’’ she fired angrily, blocking the doorway with her body. I stared at her, not knowing what to say to calm her down. There wasn’t any doubt that she still was very angry with me. .

‘’Nora I didn’t come to fight with you. I came in peace. I came to see my son and equally know how you are faring’’ I muttered, forcing out a smile to push my words but Nora was far from being sympathetic or should I say understanding. It was just as if she was waiting to pour out her anger on me over and over.

‘’I’m very much okay, same as my son. Please don’t bother about him. I have told you numerous times that you are not welcomed in my son’s life until he grows up to decide for himself. As for now, I’m deciding for him and my decision is that you stay away from us. Moreover you are the person that needs all the care and attention you can get. Just look at you. Just look at how pathetic you now look. You look so thin, so withdrawn and so unkempt. It’s very unfortunate that you now look like a skeleton while the girl who obviously put you in this condition is currently having fun with another man down the street’’ she poured out furiously, equally sighing rudely. I gasped as her words hit me like dynamite.

‘’Yes I saw Cassandra this morning with her new lover. I went down the street to buy things for my baby minutes ago and ran into them enjoying each other’s company in full view of the whole neighborhood, chatting and laughing shamelessly. She pretended not to see me and I equally ignored her. You have to get your acts together and move on because the Cassandra I saw this morning is definitely done with you and now frolicking with another prey. I guess you have learnt your lessons already’’ she added, leaving me totally devastated as sweat drenched my entire body.

‘’so Cassandra is in town and yet she found it hard to spare an hour to see me??. D--n’’ I cursed as the pain in my chest grew out of proportion. I felt like crying that moment. I felt so terribly bad and humiliated. I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

‘’how do I handle this shame?. This heartbreak?. What do I do?’’ I wondered, while Nora smiled with satisfaction as she saw how worked up I was.

‘’don’t ever show your ugly face here again, unless you are coming to present your wedding invitation with Cassandra to me. By the way, the doctor enjoying your Cassandra lives in the green duplex, two houses away from here. The house by your right when heading out’’ she added with a mockery tone before shutting her door on my face. An action that infuriated me greatly.


I had no choice than to pick up my miserable self and head back to my car. I was close to tears. My hopes, my dreams all looked shattered. I couldn’t help but wonder the type of story that would soon spread concerning me. I knew just like how the story of how I abandoned Nora spread, the story of how it all ended with Cassandra would soon spread, making me the laughing stock of the whole market community.

I knew Nora would like to get back at me by spreading the story with no holds barred.

Minutes later, I found myself stopping my car in front of the doctor’s house with no clear intention in my head. I just had no plans. I just didn’t know what I was doing. I just was emotionally wrecked.

I parked my car, sat inside and stared at the building for hours, while my head boiled as my heart pounded furiously. I just didn’t know what to do. I equally couldn’t control my feelings. I was just lost and hopeless. I needed to calm down but there was nothing to calm me down. I was nothing but a sore loser.


I sat in my car for close to two hours when I saw a young girl, walk out of the building. My heart froze as I stared at the girl who was no other person than Cassandra.


’ I screamed with a very loud voice without stopping to think for a second. I jumped out of my car furiously, surprising the girl who froze with disbelief on seeing me.

To be continued

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