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Cassandra-Episode 53

‘’just take a deep breath and calm down brother. Don’t get yourself worked up’’ Chinedu calmly advised immediately after I narrated all my sister said over the phone to him.

‘’I do wish I can just close my eyes and forget about Cassandra. I just wish there is something I can do to make all these problems go away. I’m really devastated. You can’t imagine the pain I feel right now, believe me’’ I cried solemnly.

‘’how I wish I can be of more help. Seriously Cassandra is something else’’ my friend breathed with concern. I looked down with great pain.

‘’I will try to forget her. I will try to push her to the back of my memory’’ I promised myself but then it was just mere words. It was just a promise made with a confused mind.

I couldn’t help but think of Cassandra no matter how occupied I was over the days, and as much as I tried hard to get her out of my head, I found myself thinking about her more and more.

A week slowly passed by without me speaking to Cassandra and yes I used all the strength in me to restrain myself from calling her and surprisingly Cassandra on the other hand never bothered to check up on me. However, as the second week slowly wrapped up I couldn’t restrain myself any longer and I found myself calling the girl I swore never to call again.

Yes I was ashamed of myself as I dialed her number but the pressure and urge to hear her voice was stronger than the shame I felt for myself that very moment. It was just as if I was under a spell and of course I was under the spell of love. Cassandra was the girl I invested my heart, my feelings and my entire soul on. I was yet to reclaim myself and it was something that seemed impossible at that moment.

‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed as soon as she picked up my call. I couldn’t help but notice that the voice she answered with was devoid of the usual tone and softness that always followed it. It was as if she already knew that I was aware of her games. Perhaps it was my feelings that made me reason towards that direction. Perhaps I was right with the reasoning.

‘’hey Dave, good morning’’ she greeted.

‘’I’m fine; I’m really very surprised that you failed to check up on me all through the previous week. You never bothered to call my line even for once’’ I slowly complained.

‘’I have been busy with school’’ she answered.

‘’I really want us to see this weekend. How possible will it be?’’ I asked.

‘’I don’t think it will be possible’’ she quickly answered.

‘’how about next week?, Even if it’s just for few hours?’’ I asked but she surprisingly turned me down.
‘’I will be very busy. I don’t think we will be seeing till the end of the year’’ she replied and hung up without giving me the chance to say another word. I quickly dialed back her phone number but couldn’t get across to her because her line was engaged with another call.

I felt extremely bitter as reality slowly closed in on me. There wasn’t any doubt that I was scammed with love. My case was just a hopeless one.


The month of November unceremoniously ended with Cassandra neither visiting nor showing any atom of care towards me and as December slowly dragged by I became more desperate and erratic. I still found it hard to stop thinking of Cassandra and each passing day left me more emotionally weak and empty.


‘’I think you should find a way to settle with Nora, since by the look of things Cassandra is already done with you’’ Chinedu was forced to advise when he couldn’t keep quiet any more.

‘’no brother, I’m not yet done with Cassandra. But I really do need your help. I can’t just let the girl go scot free. I must find a way to confront her. If it fails to work , then I will have no choice than to take my case to her parents’’ I poured out in desperation.

‘’and what’s your aim with this plan?. I don’t get you’’ he breathed with eyes wild open.

‘’relax and trust me brother. I’m really not thinking with my head this time around but I have a target’’ I answered while he shrugged, probably wondering if I was going mad or already mad.

‘’but how about Nora cant you just make up with her?. I think you still have a chance with that girl’’ he added softly, searching me with his eyes but my face fell instantly.

‘’Nora will never accept me back, not after knowing that I came back to her just because Cassandra played me. Moreover I haven’t seen Nora since the day I went to her apartment with my mother. Besides She made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with me when my memory was still fresh in her head, talk more of now that her wounds has healed. I’m just a failed man brother’’ I opened up.

‘’well just give it a try. Visit her tomorrow with the intention of seeing your son. Who knows things can still work in your favor’’’ he encouraged me and just like he suggested, very early the next day I headed to Nora’s house like the biblical prodigal son who returned to his father after squandering his wealth but unlike in the bible, I knew Nora wasn’t going to welcome me with happiness.


One look at me that fateful morning, a scornful smile appeared on Nora’s face. It was just as if she read all my problems with just one look at me.

To be continued

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