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Cassandra-Episode 52

‘’seriously what do you plan doing with Cassandra if your fears turns out to be true?’’ Chinedu asked as we enjoyed each other’s company on Friday evening at his house. Yes it really was three days after my visit to Nora’s house but all she told me were still very fresh in my memory.

‘’I don’t know brother. Is it a crime to love?. Is it a crime for someone like me to wish marrying a graduate?’’ I poured out in frustration. My friend shrugged, saying nothing.

‘’The irony of it all is that I’m still very much in love with Cassandra. She has this way of making me feel special. I just don’t know how to confront her. I equally don’t know what to do if all the stories about her are real. I don’t know what to do with that girl. I have invested a lot in her. My money, my heart, everything. I can’t just walk away and start from where?’’’ I cried.

‘’that’s one thing about relationships that I’m scared of. Finding someone you love is not easy and when you eventually fall in love, you may end up loving the wrong person or being in a relationship with a girl sharing you with two or three guys. Believe me most of the guys out there don’t know that their girlfriends are sharing them with other guys. Sixty percent of girls’ double date nowadays, another twenty percent is just waiting for the right opportunity to double date and just twenty percent of girls can be trusted but then they are very difficult to find. Most times the good girls are the ugly ones. Just five percent of beautiful girls can be hoped on but please don’t quote me’’ he lectured while I swallowed hard.

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‘’but I thought it was poverty that makes most girls to cheat?. But in Cassandra’s case, I gave her everything she asked for. You can’t imagine how much I spent on her head, both the accountable and non accountable expenses. How can I just walk away as if nothing happened’’ I breathed.

‘’I don’t see the reason why you should be lamenting. You are yet to catch her red-handed and your sister is yet to give you any news. Just calm down and let’s see how things go’’ Chinedu added intelligently. I swallowed hard and shook my head. Losing Cassandra would leave a terrible blow on my body. All the time and energy I wasted on her would then be a thing of the past and a big waste. Starting a new life would definitely be very difficult. Moreover Nora no longer wants anything to do with me and I equally can’t go down on my knees , crawling and begging for her forgiveness.

‘’dear lord, help me. I’m tired of remaining a bachelor. Don’t let me do something nasty out of desperation’’ I prayed inwardly, hoping for the best. Just that moment, my phone rang and it was my little sister calling.

‘’Good evening Big brother. I have gathered all the information about Cassandra you need’’ she said excitedly. My heart instantly froze.
Even though I was dying to know all of Cassandra’s little secrets, I equally was very scared of what it could do to me.

‘’can you believe that Cassandra introduced one doctor Chris Eneh to her friends as her fiancée. I guess you haven’t met any of Cassandra’s friends talk more of being introduced to them?’’ she quickly poured out, leaving me gasping for breath while chinedu watched on with great concern.

‘’she met the dude some years back when he did his youth service in the school clinic. I think they lost contact or something but according to her friend, the guy appeared around May of this year and since then has been having a good time with her. He always sends a car to pick her up anytime he needs her presence. The guy is working at federal medical center Owerri and I heard they are very serious with each other’’ she summarized and hung up, leaving me so dead with the revelation.
‘’oh God!’’ I gasped as my heart stopped beating for some seconds. The pain was just too much.

I almost fainted.

To be continued

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