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Cassandra-Episode 50

‘’so why did you travel to Lagos without telling me?’’ I couldn’t help but ask Cassandra immediately we settled down in my sitting room. She breathed and frowned.

‘’I traveled to Lagos because of money issues. I went to see my cousin who promised to help me with money for my practicals. You already know how difficult things are for my family. They hardly send me money and you hardly send more than twenty thousand Naira monthly for me. Moreover you haven’t sent me a dime this month and I didn’t want to disturb you because I know you have lots of problems to take care of. You really have been doing your best for me. It’s just that my department is a very difficult one. We spend a lot in , materials , practicals and text books. As a lady I also have to take care of myself. I’m really finding it hard to survive. Believe me’’ she poured out seriously while I stared at her not knowing what else to say. Her words, her composure , her appearance all looked too innocent. For a minute I couldn’t say a word as I studied her with my eyes.

‘’seriously I’m really in need of help. The year is slowly coming to an end and I still have lots of pending assignments to submit. I badly need all the help I can get’’ she added as tears quickly appeared in her eyes, unsettling me. I swallowed hard, very shaken and completely stunned. She slowly opened her handbag and brought out a wrap of Naira notes.
‘’this is all I got from my cousin. Just fifteen thousand Naira. I just wasted a week for nothing’’ she muttered, looking up at me.

‘’but, but how much exactly do you need and what do you need the money for?’’ I stammered curiously.

‘’we are having practical’s every Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays .They all involve money because we source for materials ourselves. I really have missed some of them and I have a lot of catching up to do which equally involves more money.’’ She added softly.

‘’so you mean my sister spends this much in school?’’ I asked suspiciously, quickly calculating how much I spent on my sister before she got married.
‘’I hope you know your sister is now married. I think her husband is in the best position to tell you how much she spends, moreover you cant compare when we were in our first or second year with now. Mind you your sister equally is under optometry and not pure medicine. I hope you understand the difference?’’ she slowly explained, getting me angry with the question.

‘’are you trying to insult me or what. Yes I didn’t attend any university but I know things. I can defend myself anywhere any time’’ I barked. She slowly touched me, smiling deeply.
‘’I’m very sorry. I never meant to insult or make you angry. I adore you for who you are’’ she apologized softly, calming me with the apology.

‘’but seriously , you really need to help me. I know you can afford helping me. You are a very generous person and God has been blessing you in return. Please don’t let me go back to my school in tears. You are all that I got now. I’m nothing without you. Please Dave I need your help’’ she pushed on and on.

‘’how much exactly do you need. How much will be enough for you to cover your practicals?’’ I finally asked, when her pleas became too much to ignore.

‘’just fifty thousand Naira. I will add it to the one I have and I promise never to bother you again for the rest of the year.’’ She quickly replied as her eyes brightened hopefully.

‘’I’m currently not financially strong like I used to be, but I will try to help you out. Just don’t disappoint me in the end’’ I softly said to her.

‘’oh dear Lord. Thank you Dave. You are one in a million’’ she screamed joyfully, throwing herself on me.

We ended up making great love all through the night and d--n , the girl was really super energetic. She fired me up with great energy, leaving me gasping as I asked for more. And yes she fed me with more.

‘’do you still want more?’’ she asked after the fourth round, caressing my joystick as i tried to catch my breath.

‘’oh Cassandra!, you are just too much’’ I gave up weakly, leaving a smile of satisfaction on her face.

Cassandra left on Friday morning with my fifty thousand Naira and after she left , I told my friend (Chinedu) all that happened between us. He really was amused as I narrated how we made love all through Wednesday night.
”if that girl doesn’t kill you with her demands, she will definitely kill you with her body” he joked.
‘’there is no doubt Cassandra is a very sumptuous lady. There is also no doubt that medicine is a very expensive course to study but I really think her demands are getting too much. She isn’t in a private university and I don’t believe her school will allow their medical students to spend the way she’s telling you’’ he said intelligently while i nodded in agreement.

‘’I guess I should call my sister and ask for her help. The only problem with it, is that she’s heavily pregnant and I don’t want to put her in harm’s way’’ I breathed as I dialed my sister’s phone number.
‘’hey big bro, what a surprise. I cant believe you are the one calling’’ my sister greeted happily as she answered my call.

‘’I need help. I need you to get someone to watch Cassandra for me. Preferably someone close to her’’ I said without replying her greetings.

‘’hmmm that can be arranged very fast. I guess your eyes are now opening. Anyway just give me two weeks. I know Cassandra’s close friend who will snitch on her for a little fee. Just hold on for two weeks’’ she promised. I smiled and hung up.

‘’it’s done. We only have to wait for two weeks’’ I said to my friend, who smiled,
‘’so what if it turns out that you are being played. What will you do?’’ he asked seriously.

‘’I will kill her. I can’t live to see a girl like Cassandra dupe me and get away with it. i will die of heartbreak if i don’t take vengeance’’ I breathed strongly, leaving Chinedu gasping with shock.

‘’that’s a strong choice of words brother’’ he breathed.
‘’yes and I will do it’’ I promised, exchanging strong glances with him..

‘‘But did i really mean those words?”


To be continued

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